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Ugandan Prime Minister: ‘Areas will suffer’ if donors cut aid over anti-gay bill

  • Robert in S. Kensington

    Too bad. It really annoys me that these former colonies demanded independence and decades later, are still expecting handouts, gay tax pounds going to countries which discriminate and penalise their own gay people. I don’t think so. Let the very wealthy churches send them aid since they were the ones who helped spread oppression of gay people.

    • GulliverUK

      Oh Robert, you are so insightful, yes, the churches caused this, let them fund the difference. Brilliant post.

  • Christopher Kay

    I think you mean 65.8 million pounds… that little decimal makes all the difference.

  • Cal

    Yeah, people will die because of your barbarity and now it’s Norway’s fault? You know what to do if you want that money! It’s so simple!!!

  • Mike Dalgarno

    I’m confused, wasn’t it just last week that he was saying that he wants nothing to do with the west, as it’s their fault homosexuality is being accepted as the norm.

    Now he’s threatening that cutting aid will cause people to suffer.

    A bit hypocritical that criticises the west but will keep their hand out when it comes to money!!!

  • Rumbelow

    Uganda is getting a learning experience in how very expensive indulging homophobic prejudice is for all concerned … and on so many levels.

  • GulliverUK

    They said they could do without it, and that they didn’t want it if any strings were attached, so this doesn’t make any sense. They can re-direct some of the billions they’ve squirreled away in slush funds controlled by the President and government ministers. We’ve kept these despotic dictators in power for long enough. We’re actually part of the problem here – we’ve kept their leaders in power by providing funds rather than their own leaders sorting out the real problems of corruption, which siphons off aid money for private jets, nice houses, etc. Aid should go via NGOs only, and then only to NGOs which can fully embrace full equality. IF a country has a law against people who are gay, and those people cannot access services, then services should not be provided to anyone. Revolution, and it is revolution which is needed, must come from within the country. The people must rise up in an African spring and reject dictatorships, reject authoritarianism, and reject inequality. I DON’T want my taxes going to fund dictators, or countries where there are discriminatory laws.

  • Mark

    I imagine the ‘areas that suffer’ won’t include him and his cronies’ Swiss bank accounts….

    • James!

      Not swiss banks uk banks and the property market takes dirty too.

  • Truth

    Perhaps you should have considered that possibility before introducing your disgusting and hypocritical victimisation of your own people.

  • Colin

    Gay people are suffering over your horrific Bill. The solution is in your own hands!

  • That There Other David

    He’s a bit old to only be learning now that actions have consequences.

  • Steve Williams

    I am not racist but observe attitudes. It seems to me that this ancient attitude keeps his people firmly in the trees in the perception of the West. God actually doesn’t care what he thinks, God left instruction that he is the judge so why is this country supposing to make the rules? If gays are evil, God will punish, if not, all is good. It’s just like any religion, more interested in power than anything else.

  • Charles

    What do you expect when you create a law that encourages the extermination of a minority. A minority that happens be born this way from birth. Also a law like this can be applied to anyone because there is no litmus test or medical test to indicate a person’s orientation. This means that anyone disliked by government officials or the general populace can be persecuted for life and even killed. As the saying goes one bad turn deserves another. may the blood of the innocent be upon these people’s heads.

  • Gary D. Sargent

    Well, they were warned about that bill but they want to do what they want to do. Now they’re whining that it’ll pose a hardship if we withhold funds. As far as I’m concerned, the deal is non negotiable. Since they’ve wholeheartedly embraced the so called “Christian” values that the bigoted fundamentalists have indoctrinated them with, let those same fundamentalists provide them with the money they need. I’m sure the ultra conservative churches, in the U.S. will be more than willing to give til it hurts…NOT! They’ll go, wringing their hands, to the government, accusing it of denying those poor people their human rights by cutting off the aid money. And they should be asked, in return, about the human rights of the gay Africans who are being hounded, beaten, jailed, and murdered. What of their human rights? To paraphrase their Bible; as you do to the least of mine, so do you unto me. Let’s see if they have the courage of their convictions and the cash to back it up.

  • Christopher in Canada

    You can be sure that the “suffering areas” will not include his larder or bank account!

  • Chilidawg

    waaah, waaah, waaah

    cry me a river, Uganda.

    Musveni is the ideological heir to Idi Amin.

  • Lawerence Collins

    If I lived in Uganda now, I’d be willing to die, so that one day there’d be equality. I’d be the one telling other governments to keep their money. The current regime in Uganda must be outed!

  • Pet

    Poor people in real need of help have been dying for decades in Africa. All the money the governments get from the Western countries goes to the men of government`s Swiss accounts. Now these men have added another group to the suffering: the gays. Sorry guys, but either you change the law or no money for your bank accounts.

  • highonhope

    A leading Ugandan MP is supposed to be taking the law to the constitutional court to challenge it, fingers crossed

  • Rehan

    Mdabazi: “If this money does not come you can imagine the consequences … failure to perform on the side of government.

    Eh? So the government’s failures will be down to foreign money being withheld?

    “We have shown that we can stand on our feet.”

    Evidently not.

  • wildseas

    You were warned of the consequences that your antti-gay bill would have and you chose to ignore the warnings. So don’t now come on with the bleeding heart routine because of your errors. I am sure the money in your bank account would more than cover any deficits. Go away, back into the dark ages. You have got what you wanted so stop complaining.

    • Keith

      The gay brigade are the biggest bleeding hearts of all. They were warned about AIDS in the 80s yet they still whinge about how this plague is destroying lives, as if they did not know that homosexual sex cannot be practiced safely, even in monogamy and with condoms there is always a risk
      unlike hetero sex with mutual monogamy in marriage and abstinence until then.
      Did you know that HIV is 50 times more likely in gay males than their heteronormal counterparts?

      • CocteauT


      • Truth

        Errrmmm no – you are totally incorrect.
        In Africa, HIV / AIDS is … and always has been … a HETEROSEXUAL disease. So your assertion about infection rates are simply untrue.

        • keith

          Stupid person. How many ‘out’ homos are there in Africa compared to actual homos. Furthermore, homo males ARE 50 times more likely to have AIDS than than male. However, I maintain that loose morals wilfully practiced will bring about such plagues and diseases, deservedly so if practiced knowingly.

          • Michael Grima Seychell

            you should crawl back to the hole you came out of idiot.Millions of african heterosexuals have died from AIDS

  • Roku

    Donor countries have been warning the Ugandan government since at least 2012 that aid will be tied to human rights going forward. The UK stopped direct governmental aid last year because of mass corruption. Why not use the millions in aid from Ireland that ‘disappeared’ to fill the aid gap? Ah yeah, you cant, you already spent it on luxury houses & extravagant lifestyles while the people remain one of the poorest in the world. This is what happens when you scapegoat a minority to deflect from the obscene corruption of Museveni & his MPs. This is what happens when you trade a draconian, populist bill to shore up your failing power.

  • Jon

    What can you do? Stop the apartheid in your country ! Bigot

  • TomSatsuma

    Many people here getting mixed up with the President and Prime Minister.

    It was the President who signed the bill, the Prime Minister who made the latest comments on aid.

    I don’t know the Prime Minister’s stance on the bill…

  • Jones

    Well that is EXACTLY what we want, so you can realise how wrong your views are. Like your President didn’t listen to us we won’t listen to you whinge.

  • JD

    Tough – evolve or rot

  • You can bet that he won’t be suffering.

  • Ray123

    Ask the evangelicals. I’m sure they will be happy to make up the difference.They would probably be happier funding bigotry than funding good works.

  • doug

    Is he bragging or complaining? I wonder.

  • Michel Schauenberg

    Great, asking the west not to interfere, but still want’s our money.

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    Fake man, trying to put the blame on LGBTQ people. THAT IS WHAT his words are about !

  • Paul Cowling

    ‘Areas will suffer’ if donors cut aid over anti-gay bill, Well Mr Prime Minister, live and let live we are all human beings


    Actions and consequences. Maybe he should have thought things through a bit before displaying his stunning leadership qualities. Its bad for the Ugandans who are affected, but apparently there is widespread popular support for this nasty bit of law.

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    Well you didn’t want our aid. You said you were perfectly happy without money from us westerners. You can’t start playing the victim after you yourself have victimised people. By all accounts this new law is supported by the majority of people in the country so I have very little pity for people who want to discriminate others then cry at the outcome of their actions. Cry me a f***ing river

  • He wants the world to care more about his people, their rights, than he does.

  • wadeisin1971

    They have brought this upon themselves and now the whole country will suffer the consequences. The lesson here is that you cannot “snub your nose” at the world while abusing the human rights of any group, including homosexuals, without losing global support.

  • Danny

    you want to imprison us, you want to murder us, and you want us to give you our money; hehehehehehe cant finish what I want to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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