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Video: Children join in with chants of ‘do you take it up the arse, faggots’, at football matches

  • Brett Gibson

    What do you expect? It’s a football match where the average IQ is 40. A chimp on acid could behave better than some of these men.

    • andy

      so its OK to abuse football supporters as low IQ… it is not!

      • Brett Gibson

        Sentences start with a capital letter Andy and ‘it’s’ has an apostrophe in it.

        I hardly think me commenting on the ‘general’ intelligence of football goers amounts to abuse.

  • lee

    they have the right letters FA because Fcuk all is all they have done -they invite homophobes to sit on committees, they have failed to tackle any football biggots be they players fans or managers. It a total disgrace.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      True, Lee. See my suggestion elsewhere in this thread.

  • Truth

    Is anyone really surprised? This is what happens when the issue of compulsory sex-education is treated with such silly, childish shock-horror and religious schools can opt-out. Homophobic bullying begins in the playground. Unless it’s tackled there … and tackled robustly … it will continue to be a problem in society. We really do need to grow-up over issues such as these and stop pandering to ‘religious sensibilities’.

    • Colin

      Good points but to me it starts in the family before school. Sex education should be honest, fully explored and communicated honestly to ALL children. Get rid of faith schools.

      • frederigoxcz305

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        • chrisj

          No she didn’t.

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    It’s rather appalling that adults are teaching their kids these chants and even encouraging them! I know it may or may not always be direct, but obviously using that kind of language in front of young kids is going to rub off on them. It’s disgusting that in this day and age, the there are people that think this kind of behavior is ok. There is no place for homophobia in football. Much like their shouldn’t be racism. For too long people have been able to get away with inappropriate language and attitude in football. I don’t get the mentality to be honest. My parents raised me better than that. Not that I go to football matches. I hate football but my parents would never condone such language. I’d have been slapped for it!

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      There is a particular low level of parent who thinks it his or her duty to teach their children that we homosexuals are the scum of the earth. I’ve been amazed to observe in primary schools children as young as six or seven demonstrating sheer HATRED and detestation of homosexual people. The poor things were simply repeating the beliefs of the parents they love and upon whom they are totally dependent.

      • Keith

        It is wrong to teach that people are disgusting. For instance,I hate no thief but I hate stealing.
        In the same way, many with a properly aligned moral compass detest homosexuality but not homosexuals.

        • Bobbleobble

          You cannot separate homosexuality from homosexuals in any way that allows your second statement to be even remotely plausible.

          As for your moral compass, I suggest it needs realigning.

          • Keith

            Homosexuality is a behaviour, homosexuals are people. One can detesst a behaviour. Shame I have to explain such an elementary concept.
            As for morals, I stand on the side of the creator, on authority do you stand in order to make the bold assertion that your morals are the right and mine wrong?

          • JohnM

            Do your morals also extend to the ban on interracial marriages (Genesis 28:1, Leviticus 19:19, Deuteronomy 7:2-3) and bringing back slavery (Exodus 22:2-3, Leviticus 25:44-46)?

          • Keith

            As always, the loudest bible critics have never read the bible. The Israelites were advised (not orederd) not to marry from nations that worshipped false gods, nothing to do with skin colour.
            Marriage between any race was allowed if the partners agreed to follow Israelite moral law, ie gentile converts. Moses himself had a wife that was not an Israelite, idiot.
            As for slavery, you are clearly unaware of the terms of Hebrew slavery which was mostly voluntary (except for prisoners of war which we even have these days) like a job agreement after which a slave may leave or stay with his master which many did. Slkaves were to be treated humanely, not whips and chains which you likely believe due to ignorance.
            You have failed to mention the source of your own apparently unassailable moral guide.
            I await!

          • Douglas Stewart

            Slaves are men and women who are the property of their masters and denied the full rights of free people, however humanely they are treated, whatever the term set by their masters and however voluntary the slaves might have been in accepting their status. Also, In the modern world it against international law to to treat prisoners of war as slaves. Slavery, though once believed to be acceptable, including the times of the ancient Hebrews, in the modern world is wrong – full stop!
            Holy scriptures, of any kind and without reference to their historical context and modern interpretation, are an unreliable source of moral guidance.

          • Keith, plague free and moral

            You know as much about Hebrew slavery as you do about human rights which is zero.
            Who are you to deny an autonomous person the right to become a slave should they wish? From which authority do your moral ideas originate? A man, a woman? A group of people? which group and which higher authority confirms that they have it correct and from where do they derive their authority to impose their values on others?
            There is no higher source of wisdom than the creator or are you one that believes things are not created and have no first cause, ie just popped into existence uncaused and from nothing?

          • JohnM

            I’d like to remind you that the Bible was quoted for centuries as a moral source to justify slavery and to ban interracial marriages. Many Popes have made pronouncements that slavery is the natural order of things and that the slave trade is compatible with Divine Law – the last one by Pius IX in 1866 *after* Lincoln’s emancipation declaration. It is just that these days a civilised society has moved away from racism and slavery so these particular aspects of Bible teaching have been widely ‘re-interpreted’ or conveniently forgotten. I will certainly take no lessons on morality from someone who mouths platitudes from what is euphemistically called “The Good Book”.

          • Keith (another bites the dust)

            The bible certainly has been misrepresented by racists and often by deviants such as yourself to say that Jesus condoned homosexuality. However these spurious claims are easily refuted, or perhaps you can show me the bible passage where God cammands slavery or where he commands cruelty to slaves.
            I note again that the question of where your morals originate has been avoided. What is the problem, I have repeated ly asked you to qualify the statements you make regarding morals and you cannot. You lose by omission.

          • Christopher in Canada

            His morals are none of your concern. If you want to be religulous, to echo Bill Maher, that’s your choice. It does not make him any greater nor lesser than you if his belief system is not of your choosing, and your opinions are moot. If you want to be a self-righteous sheep, fine, but don’t expect any help if a wolf comes.

          • Keith, mtjheoral & plague free

            THis morals ARE my concern if he is trying to impose them on me and tell me mine are the wrong ones on a public forum
            He cannot answer and this matter is not your concern since I was not addressing you.

          • Trish Anderson

            I understand Keith, and it is up to him what he likes or dislikes. As long as he treats everyone with respect and keeps his opinions to himself, does not get on a podium and try to convert people to his way of thinking, he should be respected too. I am gay, to love another gay person includes having sex with them as in human beings we show our love for each other in many ways, including sex. This is none of Keith’s business as what he does in his bedroom with the person he chooses to express his love to is none of ours. The problem is that as a gay person, I am hated, not for who I am, as almost all of the people who hate gay people don’t actually know any. I am hated for being different from them! This is prejudice, full on and prejudice produces hate, violence and a litany of other serious problems. I do not hate you for being straight, you were born that way. Do not hate me for being Gay, I was born that way too.

          • bob

            Now I know you’re just trolling. Nobody is twisted enough to advocate slavery.
            I invoke Poe’s law.

          • bob

            All gods are false gods.
            The worshippers of Olympian gods were also completely certain that their gods were real. Now those religions are extinct. Not a single worshipper left among man.

          • bob

            Yes. Your morals are wrong because god does not exist.
            Even if you had reached the right conclusion (which you haven’t) it would be for the wrong reason.

          • Keith

            Please explain then which are the right morals and from which authority do they originate? If you are saying mine are wrong, you must explain why yours are right otherwise it is merely a disagreement of opinion, on your part. Saying I am wrong does not by default make you right.
            So come on, who is the correct moral guide when people’s opinions differ on homosexuality and other things such as abortion, recreational drug use, greed etc?

          • Rumbelow

            Poor homophobic Keith needs another compass to locate his moral compass it is so hopelessly lost.

          • Foolish Old Bastard

            Keith is a good example of how you can be gay and a Christian. Listen to him.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Do football clubs REALLY have a will to deal with this problem? If they do, then why don’t they demonstrate it!

    For example, why don’t football matches begin with a powerful public address, an announcement given by the captains of both teams from a microphone in the middle of the football ground, an address against homophobia, and even a warning that if any homophobia occurs during the course of the match then the match will be abruptly terminated. Why not?

    Plant a number of monitors throughout the stadium and let it happen. One or two occasions of homophobic fans having their afternoons scuppered as a result of their own behaviour would well and truly teach them the lesson and warn them off future occurrences!

    • barry

      What a great idea; so many now think that they are able to behave as they like and say what they want, and nothing will be done about it.
      Your idea will let everyone know that homophobia will simply not be tollerated – and the ones who were shouting out this filth will be blamed for the match being stopped.
      I bet they don’t stay around to justify themselves after this happens!
      So come on, F A – take heed of this and do something about it!

  • James

    Think there should be more support from footballers. It is pretty clear that if a game stops, the crowd would stop. Rather ruin the game for the supporter than giving footballers the bad name. Its time footballers start dictating the game and not the supporters.

  • Narrow

    I don’t find this shocking really, I think people have become acustomed to the fact that football fans can be incredibly stupid and half the time probably don’t even know what they are saying, I really don’t think this was motivated out of hatred, I think this comes out of the “DIS WIL B FUNNEH GUYZ” kind of mentallity and any attempt to silence these people will make them louder because “THIS PISSES THEM OFF HUR HUR HUR LETS DO IT MORE! DIS IS FUNNEH!” or “HOW DARE THEY RABBLERABBBLERABBLE LETS BEAT THESE PEOPLE UP…JUST BECAUSE!”

    To me this also seems like the attitude children take, they follow crowds they don’t really think about what is being said, but I suppose if kids do think about the words used and what the message is then It can be a problem, because one section of society is generalized….but isn’t everyone generalized when your a kid?

    ….Or maybe i’m talking out of my arse, I don’t know I’ve avoided football and it’s fans for ages.

  • Darijen Zornaen

    …well, I don’t feel surprised really because these children do this only because of their arsehole parents, telling them it’s so bad and shameful to be Gay and also you have the damaging insults which then follow…

  • Sparkyu1

    Looks like something Fifa’s new equality board should be concerned with – oh wait, they defend homophobia, not fight it.

  • dave

    There was quite a lot about racism in football on BBC children’s TV last Friday –

  • soapbubble

    Totally disgusting. These so-called “parents” should have their children forcibly removed from them and taken into care. Despicable people.

    • bob

      I don’t see why not. The state is already paying to raise them.
      At least this way they’d have a chance in life.

  • Foolish Old Bastard

    Can’t see how you can stop this kind of thing, regrettable as it is. It
    goes with Brighton, whether we like it or not. At least while they are chanting
    they are not hitting. That worries me, especially if the clubs are punished.
    Scapegoats will be made.

  • Jones

    I would not blame the children as they are likely to sing along and copy adults whatever they sing, when they do not realise the meaning of what they are singing. But it does create a problem as they will begin to think this is acceptable language to use.

    The FA must act and I propose a ‘yellow card’ for fans too. If they are found to be using any sort of language which is inappropriate racism, homophobia etc then they should be refused entry to any football game across the country for a specified amount of days.

    I’m sure lots of people are put off going to watch football at a stadium because of this behaviour – it is hurting not just children’s innocence but local businesses too.

  • Christopher in Canada

    Imagine, men enjoying the bodies they were born into in all ways they can…
    You have to feel sorry for str8 men – their sex lives are only one-way and they are never sure if she’s faking it or not. Str8 men apply a misogynistic connotation to being one who “takes it up the arse” – this is spite of the supposed equality of the genders in modern society.
    The worst thing to happen to the gay male community has been the delineation for the last generation or so into the bad str8 paradigm of TOPS (connotation: better) and BOTTOMS (connotation: lesser than and worthy of insult). Personal preference is one thing, but having someone declare their position only boxes me into a role I may not feel like playing at this moment. I have plumbing for anything, and I resent anyone who tries to limit my range of expression. Being a gay man is a rare gift that enables me to Run Up That Hill, Kate. To be free to explore both sides of one coin is what it’s all about, as far as I’m concerned. Anything less is just that: less. Cups that are half-full do not interest me. We need to reclaim the pride and wonder at being able to be entered by a man, as much as we seem to value the act of entering. (I use words that will not be asterisked out by the Pinknews censor!) You can be sure I’m thinking in much more basic terms!!

  • kenthomes

    Folks….stop feeding the trolls like Keith and allowing them to hijack the conversation. Just ignore them….they will never change.

  • postopgirl

    I look to the day when a tv programme will actually tackle transphobia within football, it is rife, believe me, I have given up attending football matches for that very reason

  • dave

    Email address for reporting racist/homophobic hate –

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