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Media outlets report fake story that Ugandan President’s daughter came out as gay

  • Jones

    As harsh as it sounds a personal case to the President could have the ability to repeal a law.

    • GulliverUK

      I so wanted that story to be true, for him to finally get it, to understand. He’s just not bothered to understand and get to know people who are gay. But he’s old and coming to the end of his reign – been in power for 28 years, and everything is against him. His whole game now is to provoke massive nationalistic sentiment in Uganda, with him as Jesus Christ, the savior, to elect him again. They are already mentally sub-normal. Any society which keeps the same politician as Prime Minister, in power for so long, is defective, or an authoritarian dictatorship – democratic voting is just a farce. Even now, this whole episode, orchestrated by US Evangelicals, has the Ugandan people as pawns, played by them, played by Museveni. A few weeks ago Museveni said he didn’t want to sign it, it had no validity, no quorum, then they said they would support his election ONLY if he signed it. So, he signed it. He did what every politician does, he bends in the wind. Museveni has signed it and put all the credibility on scientists advice – although that advice was doctored (evidence on the net). He gave a get-out clause that if new evidence proves the scientists wrong —- and ALL the politicians wrong (!!!!) — they will review the law. He’s a bigot, but not stupid. The BMA has written to him – I can only imagine the statements in the next few days – he will dismiss this as ‘Western Imperialism’. :(

      • RoyWatson

        “They are already mentally sub-normal,” he said without any sign of awareness of the irony of using exactly the same kind of pseudo-medical hysterical rhetoric as Museveni himself.

        • GulliverUK

          Fair point, and I do appreciate you pointing that out. I should have used better language – perhaps I should have called them “vermin”, as he called people who happen to be gay !

          I had meant to get across that their thinking on these issues are defective, uninformed, not well-developed. It’s not unlike thinking on homosexuality in many Western countries in the past century, even in the last 30-40 years in the UK. They aren’t gay, so they don’t think about what it’s like to be gay, about injustices, about whether things are fair, or cruel. I literally just came across Brian McNaught two days ago, and he’s got a useful video encouraging people to think what it’s like to grow up being different.

          There are people in the US and even in the UK who think the same as they do, but those people either are lazy and haven’t thought about things in an objective way, going through the arguments in detail, or they are, for whatever reason, only able to see their own point of view. There will come a time when the majority in Uganda will see things the way we see them now, but what happens to LGBT Ugandans in the meantime? They just cannot wait a whole lifetime for tolerance and acceptance.

          • Dewey

            Thanks for sharing that amazing video GulliverUK! I loved it and I had never heard of Brian McNaught neither. :)

  • Onionita Bryant

    Miss thing. We know it’s fake. Heteros have no sense of how we do. It is an Onion piece worthy of a couple of laughs in the middle of all the ridiculousness of Ugandans following closet-bound religious crumbcakes.

  • Ronald

    This satire on the Ugandan situation is more acerbic

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