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US journalist: ‘Gays are sore winners’ for opposing Arizona bill to legalise anti-gay discrimination

  • Colin

    So it’s about winner’s and loser’s is it! What a prat…who hasn’t a clue. Human rights first. Some journalist! Phew…..

  • Jones

    Does he work for Daily Mail USA?

    • frederigoxcz305

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      • Bikerman

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      • Yesh U R

        My Aunt Fanny got one with a canary down her knickers.

        • Truth


  • Mark Y

    What a vile man. And they give him airtime. Sad.

    • It’s the only way Fox remains credible in the eyes of the illiterate Republican loons in the US. There are a lot of right wing radicals in the USA, and Fox is basically their circle-jerk.

  • Iain

    George Will also doesn’t believe that it’s appropriate for adults to wear jeans, so bear that in mind when deciding how seriously to take him on any other topic.

  • Tim Hanafin

    Wrong headed thinking at its most adept.

  • Christopher in Canada

    I refuse to give him any credence.

  • Steve_R

    Perhaps it is an “absurd” example to give because people of religion still wouldn’t understand the message it conveys. In the movie “Wedding Wars” gays in all walks of life go on strike for equality being denied them by the “state governor” in his campaign speech.

    Whilst it’s unfortunate this movie becomes a parody of many established
    stereo types, it also ironically high lights we are everywhere and by our absence can impact life in every walk of life and workplace in both unimaginable and amusing ways. It’s unlikely history will ever record a “gay strike” but the impact in the movie is food for thought!

  • Truth

    He strikes me as the sort of person who would have held exactly similar views over racial equality. Once a bigot ……

  • JD

    Oh Shut up you rancid old fool!

  • Gerry

    Yeah, right. Back to the fifties… ‘No Dogs, No Coloureds, No Irish’.


  • As soon as I saw “on Fox” I knew…

    Seriously, you can’t expect anything else from this right-wing propaganda “news” network. This is the same corporation that openly insults its own viewers by depicting them as sheep on Christmas cards, and the audience doesn’t seem to understand it!

    The network completely lacks credibility, and their audience is a dribbling mess of barely literate fools who don’t even know when they are being taken for a ride.

  • Constance Cummings

    I’m a little sore, Mr. Will. But it’s not from eating cake!

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