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House of Lords debates suicide rates among LGBT young people

  • Colin

    Poor Lad. RIP.

    How many of us were bullied and called fag at school. Really it should not take much of a study to work out the need for recognition of gay lifestyle as normal and it be promoted as such in schools. The religious lot especially catholics still today refuse to live in the now, with there false version of human family that does not exist.

    Looking back my days at school were clearly the point when I became “careful” about who I was. It has affected my whole life. The state must be free of religion. State first, state teachings first, then religion if we really must.

    I have 2 gay nieces who both I’m pleased to say had me as a role model when recognising they were gay. There schools never acknowledged gay relationships or lifestyle.

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  • Jones

    You know why they are so high? Because there isn’t the education there. The compulsory sex education bill was a promising start, a bill which this very same House of Lords shot down a month ago.

  • Truth

    Most homophobia is rooted in religion. May I suggest the FORTY unelected bishops in the House of Lords address the problem of bullying by firstly acknowledging the role of religion in suicides and denounce what is taught in the name of ‘god’ as complete and utter tosh?

    • Jones

      May I suggest that they are removed from the chamber and no religion is represented.

      • Truth

        I’d like to see the whole thing disbanded. How we have the nerve to lecture the world on the merits of democracy while we still endure this anachronistic, unelected bunch of landed gentry, government cronies and failed MPs, is the height of hypocrisy.

  • GulliverUK

    Condemnation is not enough, we need action. All three major parties SAID, they PROMISED, they would tackle homophobic bullying of LGBT in schools. So far, I have seen, NOTHING.. ZIPPO, ZILCH.. F%$k all. In fact, almost immediately upon getting in to government Gove made things much worse. Clause 28, the non reporting of bullying and harassment, no record keeping, no action by heads of Academies and private schools. We need FULL reporting, FULL recording of all harassment of students, FULL reporting of hate crimes within schools. This is like the Catholic church, keeping things hidden, dealing with things internally, when it should be referred to the police. Every school, no matter who it is run by, absolutely must be recording these crimes, and they are crimes, and transparent action — for everyone to see. And do you even remember those schools who prohibited discussion of anything gay – the UK ‘don’t say gay’ in some schools, in their SRE guidance? It was reported in Pinknews, government said they would investigate – what was the outcome? I didn’t hear anything after the initial outrage. And what about Justin Welby? He promised he would introduce anti-homophobia in Church of England schools, route out homophobia. Has he done it? NO, as far as I know.

    I’m livid.

  • Mark

    Fine words perhaps, but not one of them referring to the purple-robed elephants in their midst, those Bishops with blood on their hands whose shrill homophobic screeches greet every attempt to give dignity and equality to the LGBT population….

  • Jan Bridget

    Here is a channel 4 news item about Ayden.

  • David Greensmith

    If they want to talk about the source of homophobic bullying then the Lords need look no further than the bishops sharing the hall with them.

    • Truth

      Absolutely right, David. Most homophobia stems from religion. If religion didn’t teach that being gay was a ‘sin’, there would be no taboo about homosexuality. Mindless homophobes use the words of self-appointed moral guardians (the ‘clergy’) as justification for gay hatred. So, remove the source of the taboo (religion) and you remove homophobia. Simples!

  • wildseas

    More and more and more and again more non stop positive education about the LGBT Community is vital for the safety and well being of society. The lack of education lies at the feet of the government who must take responsibility for the appalling suicide rate amoung our young LGBTs. Football homophobia is a good example of the complete ignorance about the LGBT Community that is being taught to children who subsequently become or perhaps take part in the anti-gay wolf pack mentally, that results in bullying gay young people at school. Lifestyle and sex education must be as much a part of the school teaching system as is English and maths and so on. Precious lives are being lost by apathy and a lack of courage to act against suicide. Suicide is not an option and must never be.

  • F Young

    One of the points that needs to be mentioned is that anti-gay bullying is a heterosexual issue too.

    Canadian research estimates that about half of the targets of anti-gay bullying in school are heterosexual.

    Conversely, heterosexual students benefit from school policies against homophbia. Canadian research shows that binge drinking is lower among male heterosexual students in schools that have anti-bullying policies that explicitly deal with homophobia.

    Everybody wins.

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