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British Medical Association condemns ‘bad science’ used to justify Ugandan anti-gay law

  • Christopher Kay

    Can we read the full letter anywhere?

  • Gerry

    And what’s Britain doing? Sweet FA, except for Ukraine.

    • Paul’s

      What exactly would you like them to do? Invade Uganda?

      • Gerry

        How about banning travel by all members of the Ugandan government to all EU countries? No luxury shopping sprees, kids at private schools etc. That would be a good start, and very easy to implement.

        Britain could and should also lean heavily on the Archbishop of Canterbury to use his influence on the Christian evangelicals who are largely responsible for stirring up all this hatred.

  • Jones

    The President called upon scientists to prove that homosexuality was not a choice and that they are born that way. Next minute he signs the bill after seeing ‘evidence’ from Ugandan scientists.

    I suppose these are the same scientists who have proved pigs can fly?

  • Colin

    Well done Vivienne for doing this and thanks for the support. 3 million people are at risk there.
    We need more bodies such as the BMA and countries to challenge Uganda and demand the law is repealed.
    I cannot understand why the major religions have been silent on Uganda and Nigeria. Shame on them but more, it reinforces my belief that they are selfish money grabbing irrelevant bodies, that we must work towards getting removed from any sphere of influence.

  • Rumbelow

    Of anti-gay Ugandan government leaders,
    “Oh! what a tangled web we weaveWhen first we practice to deceive!”
    (Sir Walter Scott)

    Their lies and disinformation about gay people require more lies and misinformation to prop up the previous lies, Bahati, Museveni and their faux scientists are really deep into the liars fantasy world now and isolating themselves from the civilised world.

  • MOA

    Bad science?? There was no science.

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