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Survey: One in three LGBT people believe they can’t foster or adopt

  • RBrown

    Jacob Tas, new ‘interim Chief Executive’ – congratulations.
    I am sure that you’ll be able to steer AfC towards a more enlightened attitude in ensuring LGBT couples are able to foster and adopt more easily. Well done for working with New Family Social once again.

  • James Campbell

    This must be remedied as soon as possible. Thousands of children are in need of good, stable homes and loving parents and many never achieve this dream. My experience. working with children & families, is that LGBT people make excellent parents and can understand as well, if not better than other members of society, what it means to be rejected and marginalised.

  • Ian

    Is Pink News aiming to rival the Grauniad’s reputation for typos?
    “More than a third of LGBT people believe their sexuality is a barrier when considering adoption or foresting, a new study has revealed”.

  • Jones

    Society is the barrier, which hasn’t been fully destroyed yet. We haven’t got equal marriage yet (in reality) so I suspect it is going going to take a while before LGBT people feel comfortable.

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