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US: Boy Scouts of America loses Disney funding over exclusion of gay adults

  • Daniel

    It’s heart-warming to see that increasing organisations are sitting on the right side of equality by withdrawing their support for other organisations that are continuing with out-dated practices. No doubt some religious-influenced sheep will cry foul.

  • Cal

    As far as I know, Disney have been pretty good on GLBT rights for many years now. It was not always so but their attitude in this matter is exemplary. Good for them. Other benefactors must follow their lead.

  • Gerry

    Well done, Disney !

    Let’s hope there will soon be some official recognition of Gay Day at Walt Disney World in Florida.

    It’s a fantastic must-see event, but so weird that it’s still never mentioned in any way by WDW. It’s The Dumbo In The Room…

  • sJames6621

    when you kick them in the gonads, oops i meant pocketbook the conservatives hearts and minds will wake up.

  • Brett Gibson

    Excellent and so they should have their funding cut! It’s great to see that big corporations are finally behind the gay people which reflects the opinions of society as a whole.

  • And wait for the usual hypocrisy from the Republican crowd, screaming that it’s “not fair” and it’s “discrimination” for WDW to do this. Strangely, those same Republicans will also be preaching about a homophobic business having the right to discriminate against LGBT people by funding anti-gay laws – a certain US fast food chain that sells mostly reconstituted Chicken bits springs to mind!

    Just watch, while the nutty Repubs cry fowl over us boycotting their homophobic companies, they’ll organize their own against WDW because of this.

    Republicans are the most hypocritical creatures, the most simple minded and delusional set of people I have ever encountered.

  • Mike Dalgarno

    I wonder if the Mormon Grandmother is going to release another blog where she highlights this as proof that Disney is about ‘turning our kids gay’?

    • Riondo

      In the name of consistency, she ought to accuse them of trying to turn kids into mice, dogs and ducks who talk and wear hats and gloves.

  • Jones

    Scouting in the UK is thriving because we have opened up to everyone and discriminate against no-one. Scouting is meant for all, BSOA need to recognise this as a key principle.

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