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UK Minister: Taking a ‘subtle approach’ failed to stop Uganda’s ‘abhorrent’ anti-gay law

  • Truth

    Appeasement never works as Chamberlin found when dealing with that nice Mr. Hitler pre-WWII. Positive and decisive action against homophobic countries is imperative. They need to understand their behaviour is totally unacceptable in an increasingly civilized world.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Cameron of course believes in dialogue/engagement, neither of which have worked, code for ‘do nothing’. About time our government grew a back bone and took tough action especially since much of the homophobic laws in Africa are a result of our colonial legacy.

  • Rovex

    Well Duh! When does subtle ever work on Africa?

  • dave

    Good to see that a politician has accepted the reality of the situation. The same applies to Russia but, of course, it’s now too late to boycott the Sochi Olympic games.

    • Peter Duncan

      Not too late to boycott Coca-Cola and MacDonalds until they realise that they must not allow their brands to in anyway be associated with a homophobic country

  • kane

    ‘…I’ve also invited Stonewall and the Kaleidoscope Trust to meet with me early next week to discuss how they and their international networks can help…’

    stonewall? really?

  • Cal

    Thanks Lynne. Always on our side.

  • Pete

    Read on the Ugandan “Observers”papers site,all the gay stories and the readers comments,i have to say it`s a nation obsessed with gays,but not in a positive way.Seems to me the American evangelical preachers have succeeded,in brainwashing the nation with their bilge.

  • Rumbelow

    They seem to respond to praise and being patted on the back and being told they are doing good, the evangelicals praise them like this for doing God’s work (as evangelical’s see it anyway).
    Perhaps we need to praise and reward those who show tolerance much more, pat them on the back and support them, provide them with resource materials and funding, make them feel and know they are doing the right thing, rather as the extremist evangelicals have been doing, because they have been very successful in Uganda.

  • Peter Duncan

    There is great resentment in Africa against the West apparently imposing its will on African sovereign states. A reality which has to be taken into account. Africa does accept Western ideas which resonate with its perceptions, hence the success of the American Evangelicals. The Homophobia was already there. We do think for ourselves in Africa even if our thoughts are the wrong ones. I don’t think quiet diplomacy will work. Whatever is done it will take time, decades – no instant answers. Wilberforce started his anti-slavery campaign in the 1780’s it was 1834 before it was finally abolished in the British Empire.

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