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UK Council for Psychotherapy: Gay conversion therapy is harmful and constitutes abuse

  • Rumbelow

    A very welcome and clear statement.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Now sit back and wait for the wrath of that vile harpie Andrea Minichiello Williams, Anglican Mainstream and other hate groups.

    • Rumbelow

      Yes, they are the face of Christian dominionism in UK and it’s not a pretty sight. What they are careful not to directly advertise is their very extreme long-range agenda towards a strict “Christian” theocracy, they also like to hide their strong links to US anti-gay group The Alliance Defense Fund from which they get training, advice and and presumably funding, and Anglican Mainstream’s links with listed anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council.

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    Nothing new here, but it is very OK to have this repeated ! These hate-groups, you have them in all countries, even in my peaceful Norway, must consider to stop this “cure-nonsense” once and for all. Politicians must give a clear and strong message-in The UK as well as in other parts of the civilzed world.

  • Riondo

    I am glad that they have condemned it (though quite frankly I think all ‘psychotherapy’ is scientifically suspect), but I still think an outright legal ban would be illiberal and effectively unenforceable. ‘Healing prayers’ and other such guff will always carry on. I I think anyone over 18 who submits to this sort of thing uncoerced should be free to do so, but anyone claiming the power to ‘cure’ for money should be jailed. I also think that subjecting anyone under 18 to it should be a criminal offence, as should, for example, threatening to end someone’s employment or to make someone homeless unless the ‘therapy’ is accepted.

  • one.second

    If they take your money to convert you, you should be able to sue them for fraud.

  • Truth

    Seems ludicrous that dog ownership is regulated by law but anyone can legally f*ck with your mind. If there was no negative taboo about being gay, people would not feel the need to seek out a ‘cure’. So, remove the taboo – problem solved. And from whence does all anti-gay rhetoric stem? Religion. More should be done to prevent religion’s incitement to hatred. It teaches people to self-loath and consequently creates untold psychological harm.

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