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This British soldier mocks a beaten gay teen in the most horrific way possible

  • Rovex

    Ah so he is one of THOSE gay guys! A rough shag..

  • Gaz Wkd

    Please be assured this is not the typical response from squaddies.
    He’s just disgraced the uniform and the service and I’m pretty sure if he had a career in mind with the forces it’s about to come to an immediate halt.

    • frederigoxcz305

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  • ursus

    Hmmm…. reeks of a closet case I think

  • Brett Gibson

    I most certainly don’t speak for all armed forces, but I do believe some of them are psychopaths and that’s why they choose to go into this profession. There was some statistic (I don’t remember) I think it was that about 10% of prisoners are ex-army.

    I kind of feel sorry for the guy though because I think there is some deep-rooted self-hated going on. Must be awful to hate yourself.

    • Gaz Wkd

      No more so than some of the great British Public. In fact I’d say there’s far more psychopaths on civilian street ;)

      • Brett Gsibon

        Of course but 10% of prison population when squaddies make up less than 1% of the population.

      • I would have to disagree with you there.

        It’s generally accepted that the military attracts those who desire a position of authority and dominance over others, afforded by a uniform (the same can be said of Policing, and even security).

        In addition to that, those who are more willing to accept orders without question are favoured. That requires a certain level of psychopathy and the loss of Human empathy.

        The military is never a good place for someone with a rebellious attitude, a questioning mind or someone capable of critical analysis of any given situation, at least not below the middle to senior ranks.

        A good military has men and women who don’t stop to ask about the morality or ethics of their actions, they accept orders and do as they are told. This kind of mindset naturally leads to a loss of control and an increasing inability to feel empathy.

        There are numerous studies about this, from the end of the second world war onwards. They all seem to suggest the same things – many people are inclined towards a position of control over others, and they seek it through involvement in the military, and those who do seek it often experience a loss of empathy with other Humans under extreme circumstances, far more easily than the average person.

        • Major J R Hartleys RTD

          Utter tosh

        • Bored of Stereotypes

          Not a place for a questioning mind or capable of critical

          How on earth do people make sense of rapidly evolving and
          chaotic events in conflict zones if they are incapable of independent thought? Few guys for instance will blindly follow when it’s their life at risk.

          From Lance Corporal up the Army develops varying levels of analytical ability in order to support its philosophy of ‘Mission Command’ that requires personnel to understand the aim, but develop the plan and get on with it.

          You don’t last long in a conflict if you can’t analyse, even if your grammar isn’t worthy of an author.

    • FactLink

      You’ve got cause and effect backwards there Brett – the reason ex-soldiers are over-represented in the prison population (Uni Leics study estimates between 3-10% of prison population) is usually because of their experiences whilst they were in the army, not because they’re psychopaths.

      The reason for incarceration is frequently PTSD-related crimes or because they’ve managed to emerge from the military completely unprepared for civilian life, according to the study at least.

      • Brett Gibson

        125,430 in the army 63 million in the country that’s 0.19% of the population.

        According to the Guardian there are now 8,500 former servicemen in prison, making up almost 10% of the total prison population. Therefore making a person in the army around 50 times more likely to be incarcerated. That can’t all be down to ‘PTSD”. Let’s face facts guys, the army attracts nut cases.

  • Dany Zack

    Why is there an Ulster Banner behind them in the picture?

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Just one of the rotten apples at the bottom of the barrel. Hope the army sorts it and takes necessary action given that it has achieved second place as most gay friendly military in the world. I bet he’s either BNP or UKIP too.

    • Gareth

      Not sure I get the UKIP reference? EDL and BNP fine, but I think tarring UKIP with that brush isn’t overly fair

      • Barry Scarfe

        If he is with the EDL then he is in with the wrong crowd since the last time I looked they had a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender section. The BNP if it had any political nous would have an inclusive approach to the LGBT section of society but they don’t and would prefer to lose votes to UKIP who are just the ultra-Thatcherite loony wing of the Tory Party in exile.

  • Helen Wilson

    I think its more about the ignorant homophobic views of Northern Ireland’s chavs than the army to be fair.

    • Proud of my gay son and of NI

      I beg your pardon? Generalising much? I’m from Belfast and am proud to have walked with the LGF in the Manchester Pride Parade with my husband, our gay son and his brother. Think before you say that sort of thing or you’re falling to the same ignorant level.

      • CharliePhoenix54-46

        Not only that, but I know this asshole, and he’s from Blackpool, not Northern Ireland. Not saying he’s not a chav, of course, he is a right -to use his word – wrong’un. I’m from Blackpool but live in Belfast, I love both places and neither should be viewed by this idiot’s actions.

      • Sarah Simpson

        Why? Are you a chav? Think before you give a knee jerk reaction.

    • heisvile

      He’s from blackpool nothing to do with northern Ireland

      • Major J R Hartleys RTD

        He is not typical of the blackpool Teenager or young men

      • johnie89

        The gay teen was from Blackpool…. We don’t know where this homophobic degenerate is from. It would not surprise me if he’s from Northern Ireland…. The place is a bible belt.

  • Halou

    Does anyone else want to have a go at correcting his spelling & grammar?

    • TampaZeke

      It would take all day. Who has that kind of time to waste on such a prat?

    • David Leigh Taylor

      Not enough red ink in the world

  • Bonkers bankers

    I’m more astounded at his massacring of the the English language than anything else. I don’t think one can take anything this intellectually challenged goon says seriously. empty vessels make the loudest noise.

    • Adan

      Hear hear!

  • Lord Haw Haw

    It’s the strangest of phenomena. Soldiers routinely take part in what is
    clearly homo erotic behaviour off duty, but when they actually come across the
    genuine article, they want to beat him. No place for gay men there. whatsoever

    • Gaz Wkd

      Your an idiot and completely ill informed, gay serving personnel run into issues with homophobes far less often than most other places. Our equality and diversity policy is pretty rock solid.

      • stutz788

        As an ex-squaddie (’75-’87) I can state that you get “waste of rations” like this all the time.
        On a contact and a firefight goes down, you don’t give a tinkers on the sexual orientation of your oppo, just wither he has your back covered.

        I envisage a short, sharp march into the CO’s office (sans headgear) followed by a visit to the Chief Clerk to collect his travel warrent home in his near future.

        The modern British forces don’t need or want throwbacks like this now-a-days.

      • Lord Haw Haw

        Yes, for the trades servicemen. If you think the Infantry. No, I’ll stop there, you know what comes next.

        • Gaz Wkd

          Again your ill informed and misguided

          • Lord Haw Haw

            I salute your optimism. By the way, the word you are looking for is “you’re”

          • gazwkduk

            I couldn’t give a damn about you being a grammar Nazi, it isn’t optimism – it’s first hand experience from a serving soldier.

            However I love to point out hypocrisy, in your first comment after a full stop it is usually good grammar to start the word with a capital letter.

          • Lord Haw Haw

            Thank you for the grammar tip.

    • David Leigh Taylor

      I’ve been an out gay soldier for seven years don’t comment on something you know nothing about

      • Lord Haw Haw

        Brave boy. Tell me, do your mates still shoot at you occasionally.

        • Lord Haw Haw

          A bit naughty, but you have to laugh. From my cousin, WOII retd.

          The CO was showing a new officer around. They pass a shed, and can hear grunts and moans coming from inside. The CO said that was where the mascot lived and said that his single gay soldier was his handler. the officer stuck his head
          round the door and said ‘ugly stinking brute alright’ and the CO said yes, but the goat seemed to like him. ‘Goat, I didn’t see a goat’. ‘No he’s at the vet’ said the CO. ‘Then what’s the man doing in there on his own’ asks the officer. ‘He lives there said the CO, as I said, he’s gay and the men don’t want him in
          with them’

          • Gaz Wkd

            Ah the ever dependable internet troll..

            Note for others.. don’t feed the troll..

          • Lord Haw Haw

            You lose your sense of humour then. If we cannot laugh we stop being human. Nobody laughs on this site. Is this where we are heading, gloom ?

      • Major J R Hartleys RTD

        Well done David Leigh Taylor for standing up for your beliefs – tell your story on here so the doubters can see that the British Army strives to be the best of the best – as do the other 2 Armed Services. Well done Chap – I salute you.

    • Jock S.Trap

      Sorry but this is generalisation something we rightly get angry about when the religious nut says something about the LGBT community.

      I know plenty of people in the forces who are either gay themselves or not and absolutely fine with it.

      You comment is both offensive and just plain wrong.

      Some soldiers may well feel like how you describe but certainly not all or most.

      They tend to have more important things to deal with like protecting us all.

    • Bored of stereotypes

      As a gay soldier, I’m simply glad to know this is an anomaly,
      which disappoints straight soldiers as well as gay. I also know that the Army
      is likely to take this much more seriously than most employers, who’d claim it was nothing to do with them.

      Ten years a gay soldier, never a problem. Some banter, but
      only as much as I give them.

  • Major Boner

    The Army isn’t too choosy about who it recruits nowadays, he’s clearly as thick as pigshit.

    • Major J R Hartleys RTD

      Major Boner, I can assure you that the British Army takes its recruitment very seriously. Potential recruits go through a variety of tests, assessment’s, and selection process’s prior to being attested into the service. However like any organisation there’s always one bad apple. No matter how rigorous the system and the recruitment selection process – odd ones do get through, they talk the talk you see. Fortunately in my 22 yrs I only ever came across two that were dubious and in my recruit training time – I ensured they were CT’d – cease training as not suitable. The British Armed Forces endeavour to be a equal opportunity employer and there equality and diversity programme is second to none. We don’t tolerate bulls of any description they are weeded out in the training process and CT’d – we are experts at spotting the type. Sadly this Muppet got through.

  • What an arsehole!
    And the headline writer needs to lay off the sugar…

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Vile individual. Well done, Pink News, in contacting the Ministry of Defence and ensuring that they deal with this person. He needs a very long course of appropriate education, some appropriate form of community service, and prolonged monitoring and supervision. He mustn’t just be thrown out. He needs to be taken in hand.

    • Jay

      I contacted the police and the MOD about this animal yesterday after my son pointed
      it out to me.
      We are a proud military family,my husband served for 15 years.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        Well done, you, Jay! I’m impressed. I’m sure others here will be too. Good for you! (If you get a chance encourage the MOD not to chuck him out, but to re-educate the blighter. It’ll take a long time and be hard work, but it’s the best way forward.)

        • Liberty ૐ Mahalakhsmi

          Yes. I agree that he shouldn’t be kicked out… that would just make him more bitter and seems like an overreaction to me…we shouldn’t be surprised that a squaddy is aggressive and argmentative… however, he definitely need to be disciplined…some time peeling potatoes , cleaning loos and doing night sentry duty might help… as well as some education and training.

  • Craig

    He’s obviously a very bright lad and an asset to the British forces!! NOT. I’m sure he’d be dealt with a lot more harshly if he’d been racist in his posts.

    • gazwkduk

      He will be treated in just as severe fashion, the forces don’t stand for any discrimination these days. If you have something factual to say then fair enough, otherwise your spouting utter b*****t.

      • Craig uk

        Grown up. The proof will in the pudding…..let’s see how and if he’s reprimanded or just if it’s brushed under the carpet. I do have first hand experience and yes discrimination does still go on so entitled to an opinion…

      • I think it’s a little disingenuous to suggest that discrimination in the UK military is a thing of the past. It seems like extremely wishful thinking.

        • rimstone

          He never said there is no discrimination he said the military don’t stand for it anymore. Reading and understanding are 2 different things for you I guess.

          • Discrimination exists where it is allowed to continue unchallenged. The fact that it exists in the military even in 2014 proves that it has not been challenged and dealt with properly, if it had been it would no longer be a problem.

            Some do stand for it, that is the problem.

          • gazwkduk

            Discrimination exists in all walks of life for gods sake. The military do challenge it, they challenge it more than most.

          • Paul

            I know that the Royal Navy takes the toughest possible line on it.

          • Paul

            It is thought by some to take at least 50 years to chance deep rooted attitudes.
            The armed forces have had anti discrimination rules and regs for perhaps twenty years. The general population longer than that and discrimination is by no means done away with; not by any means.
            You’ll always get a few loose cannons in any organisation.
            I can only speak for the Royal Navy where discrimination is fiercely challenged and the organisation is probably among the most inclusive.

          • Bored of stereotypes

            Discrimination exists in all walks of life. The Army is quick to act when it is discovered, after all nothing will disrupt a team, who are dependent on each other in actual life and death situations, than people not being themselves.

            As a gay soldier, I’m simply glad to know this is an anomaly, which disappoints straight soldiers as well as gay. I also know that the Army is likely to take this much more seriously than most employers.

  • Cal

    Wow! Class A pig.

  • Liam

    F*ck me, the army must be desperate for grunts.

  • Daniel

    Hardly a surprise when the pack mentality kicks in. Sadly these sorts of people are all too common in all walks of life; resulting from poor education, too much anger, and very little common sense.
    There is nothing wrong with this objectionable human being having this abhorrent viewpoint, but he also must realise that his comments will have consequences.

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      Ah remember when he was 17 and his mummy use to follow him everywhere, bless, and because I have a gay son he believed I was a lesbian and daubed it all over the street where he lives and what did the authority’s yep NOTHING

      • Liberty ૐ Mahalakhsmi

        My sympathies… that’s difficult. I wish you and your son happy times.

  • It’s depressing to see just how many illiterate morons the British Army employs. These men couldn’t get a job serving people in Lidl, and yet here they are “defending” our country. Heaven forbid we ever actually need them to defend this nation from attack, they probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between London and Llandudno!

    I look back on all the EDL nonsense we had and boys like this were a common feature, ignorant to the hilt, uneducated, supposedly “serving” our country… It’s a shame that so many decent serving men and women have to have nutters like this freak working alongside them.

    I wouldn’t trust this tw@ to use a kettle, let alone a weapon!

    • Craig

      Absolutely brilliant!

  • Murray Wentworh

    Hoops there it is.

  • Helge V.Tiller

    Trace him, charge him, jail him !

  • Rob

    Not only is this waste of a space actually trusted with a firearm but I do wonder how he manages to dress himself in a morning? If he is a current member of the armed forces I sincerely hope that he faces a court martial for bringing the army into disrepute!

  • Pet

    I would like a thorough investigation to be carried on. If this is really, but really against the law, and if he did it, he should face the consequences of his behaviour.

  • TampaZeke

    Wow, I expect that kind of English from rural West Virginia but not from the Mother Country!

    • They know how to fix their problems, too, and do it with much more elegance. Here, in the US, my friends would be thinking about grabbing some cases of beer, loading themselves into a pick-up truck, and have a large, noisy, street brawl.

      I know someone over there in the Special Forces (SFSG, I think) that has a soft spot for anyone being bullied. It has something to do with a hatred for unfair fights, being especially protective of defenseless Gay men. On one occasion, as I was staying at his place for a few weeks to get a tour of London and Brighton, within an hour after reading about a young Gay man having been beaten in a town he had grown up in, he vanished for a few days to “help a friend”. I didn’t put his sudden need to help someone together with the Gay-bashing, until we were watching the news the evening he returned, they said the police found the perpetrator after a few tips. They found him in his flat, apparently after “having received the worst end of a pub fight”.

      It could all have been a coincidence, but I do know that there is always someone bigger, stronger, smarter or faster than yourself. Always. One day, the bullies will realize we truly are everywhere; not just the teen choirboys, but their big brothers, too. Vigilantism is barbaric and wrong, but having a guardian angel until the laws catch up to society, can be comforting.

  • kenthomes

    When people join the army….they join to be our thugs and killers overseas. Unless you are defending your own country from your own shores, you are murderers for hire. Sorry if they truth hurts. Military and police officers are attracted to authoritarian positions, where theyc an get away with murder, because they are ” the law”.

    • Gaz Wkd

      We don’t at all, actually look at the diverse career options before spouting leftist bollocks

    • Bored of stereotypes

      I know I joined to gain experience of problem solving and management in geopolitical and environmental conditions more complex than the city, where the impact of solutions delivered was genuinely life changing, sometimes life saving, rather than just enhancing.

    • DJ

      No, I’m afraid you’re being very silly & as Gaz Wkd said, you spout ultra- Leftist bollocks. Most people join the forces to fight for Britain,see the world, get a trade (An accountant, Environmental Professional, Dentist, Chef,Graphic Designer, etc) get life experiences, get into competitive sports like athletics, shooting, etc. People join the police for a secure pension & some actually care a lot about law & order & making a difference. However some people deserve a beating or two, but that’s a different argument altogether. You are just a numpt & people like you are all the same . Perhaps if National Service was reinstated you might have seven bells knocked out of you.

  • Edgar Carpenter

    Some of those tweets are out-and-out crazy. Whether from drugs or just physiology, his brain is misfiring pretty badly.

    That’s not just someone with ignorant opinions. He needs help as much as he needs a reprimand – otherwise he’ll hurt himself and/or someone else, and probably soon.

    • Paul

      The UK armed forces have random drug tests so perhaps it’s not that.

  • Phil

    i bet you wouldn’t see this kind of shameful display in the royal marines. professionalism

  • matt

    I think steven Fry hit the nail on the head.

  • Sara Jevo

    I’ve been with a few soldiers and all of them were chust lovely guys. Super sexy, too. Glad I didn’t come across this little jerk.

  • Mark J Smith

    Sadly typical ill-educated moron. Also, has anyone noticed that In one of the photos he has no tattoos, yet in the shower pic he has a tattoo sleeve and chest tattoos?

  • Marty

    It was rather concerning that people were liking his comments.

  • jessicaaaa

    i hate it when people do this i mean people can like whoever they want and its not our buisnesss

  • Mike

    Is it just me but is the suggestion given here that he might just like playing with other boys dingle dangles? Confuzed!

  • Mike Dalgarno

    Like every large organisation, whether a life assurance company, the police or even the army…there is always going to be ‘bad eggs’.

    Just unfortunate illiterate excuse of a soldier is one of them.

    I do find this machoness of ‘straight’ men kissing and getting naked in showers extremely confusing though. It’s a little hypocritical that one of them should be homophobic or should that be so far in the closet he is visiting Narnia?

    • Barry Scarfe

      Whilst some people are homophobic and biphobic because they are just plainly ignorant and don’t understand the issues, others are that way because they are trying to suppress their own same-sex attractions and are ashamed at being homosexual or bisexual and so seek to repress them by projecting their own self-loathing onto others who are openly homosexual or bisexual. I would say about 80% or more of homophobes or biphobes are closet homosexuals or bisexuals. The ones who are violently anti-homosexual or anti-bisexual definitely have issues with themselves.

      • Mike Dalgarno

        Exactly ;)

  • heisvile

    His ex girlfriend isnt even 16 yet hes a vile beast

  • Steve D

    From a promising career in the army, to the dole, not exactly the sharpest tool in the box, as for his command of the English language, spelling and grammar, he will find it very difficult getting another job, not to mention explaining why he was expelled from the army in the first place

  • Truth

    This all seems to confirm my belief that ‘The bigger the homophobe – the bigger the closet case’.

  • Major J R Hartleys.

    I served 22 years in HM Forces and this Clown is not typical of the normal serviceman or woman. I have no doubt that the Royal Military Police Special Investigations Branch are having words with this young idiot – I expect him to be charged under Section 70 of the Army Act Conduct un becoming a serving member of the Army and charged under section 19 of the Miss use of the telecommunications act 1985. I would expect if found guilty by a summary Court Marshall – that time will be served at the military Corrective Training Centre at Colchester – and its harder than any civilian jail. The Warders /instructors there scared the life out of me, and I was only going to question one of the inmates. I have read his face book pages and his old one. This lad is a disgrace to the uniform – a disgrace to his parents, and a disgrace to himself. I have no doubt that if found guilty he will be dishonourably discharged from the Army.
    The Irony of the whole thing is that he originates from Blackpool – the very same town as the young man who was attacked in Preston, thankfully he and his type are not typical of the young men in the town. TOTAL DISGRACE DEAN VENTURE.

    • Major J R Hartleys RTD

      Retired by the way 6 long years.

    • Liberty ૐ Mahalakhsmi

      Is it possible he was spouting hateful homophobic bile in order to hide his own sexuality from colleagues? Those kissing and showering photos are rather suggestive. Obviously, the Army should follow whatever rules & punish him as appropriate… but maybe he needs therapy not a discharge?

  • lewis

    Two words, Dishonourable Discharge.

  • RaunchHox

    “We’re boys of the service, we’re at your service”, quiches all round.

  • soapbubble

    He should be discharged at once, and then sectioned. Nutter.

  • Daniel

    Disgracing the uniform should be a punishable offence. Along with the homophobia – they should be removed and shamed as an example to those who dare’ to operate in such a way.

    • stutz788

      It is.
      Section 69 of the Army Act…
      “Conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline.”
      Could get him under Section 70; committing a civil offence
      (basically it’s a military offence to commit a civilian one.)

      IIRC any combination of fine/demotion/up to 2 years detention/dismissal for each section and if dismissed loss of end of service benifits plus your discharge book will reflect the reason why… Not exactly stellar for furture employment prospects.

  • Bill Nedra Bill

    People like him cannot be trusted with a gun.

  • Johnny

    The bigots who attacked that young man are scum and so is that soldier.

    But the young man who was attacked identifies as bisexual, not gay as the article says. Every time bisexual people are reported as gay it contributes to bisexual erasure and its particularly frustrating when this is done in LGBT media. Bisexuals get attacked over their sexuality too and this often goes unnoticed.

    I emailed pink news about it a few days ago and I was disappointed to get no response. Any publication can make a mistake but I had hoped that pink news would have been more responsive to issues of erasing and ignoring bisexuals.


    This clown seems a bit confused, and deserves more pity than condemnation. Perhaps he should adopt a pseudonym in future, Richard Cranium perhaps.

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