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Blackpool teen has teeth smashed and face pummelled in alleged homophobic attack

  • Jem James

    Horrible and sad. I hope you’ll recover soon, mate. Homophobic and racist scum are everywhere ! I hope groups like Anti-fascist Action punish these bigots !

    • MJ

      There’s no indication he was attacked because he’s white. At least not yet. So the “racist” part is jumping the gun.

    • The Silky Manager

      AFA are just as savage and violent. You never fight hate with hate.

  • Christopher in Canada

    No one has ever satisfactorily explained to me why str8 men feel the need to run in packs and beat up gays. We are not competing with them for women – you’d think they’d welcome the greater opportunity. Why????

    • Because it covers up their uncomfortable feelings of idle attraction.

      Sort of like turning on your radio and hearing Sinitta, who you secretly rather enjoy but can’t possibly admit to, so you put on your old Iron Maiden album really loud to drown out the sound of Sinitta. Instead of just turning the radio off. But you can’t turn the radio off because you really do like Sinitta, so you just have to do the ear-drilling Iron Maiden thing instead.

      • Rumbelow

        That’s an interesting way of describing it but I get your drift.

      • Paul

        Nothing wrong with a bit of Iron Maiden… fact I’d prefer listening to them over Sinitta but hey. We don’t all like pop and dance music!

        Back on subject it’s disgusting to see this is still happening. My heart goes out to him :-(

    • Truth

      “Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case”. These mindless, cowardly bullies are simply projecting their inner self-loathing onto those who represent that which they fear most in themselves; ie. same-sex attraction. Why do you imagine SOME people are homophobic – violently so in many cases – and others aren’t …..? “The bigger the homophobe – the bigger the closet case”. People who are comfortable in their sexuality are NEVER homophobic.

      • Barry Scarfe

        Some people are just mindless bigots but there is definitely more than a grain of truth in what you say. These people may be bisexual and by doing this disgusting and repellent act want to ‘prove’ to their 100% straight friends and to themselves they have no same-sex attractions. It is such a shame that even in 2014 there are people in society who just can’t accept the fact that sexuality in humans is a diverse thing and that not everyone is straight.

    • Weakness and animal mentality. We like to think Humans are “not animals” but we are. We exhibit animal behaviors all the time, and we never think about the things we do as being comparable to animals.

      Wearing makeup is no different to an animal displaying colour to attract a mate. Baboons behinds are really not too different to women wearing lipstick.

      Cutting and styling your hair is no different to birds preening their feathers and displaying their wings for potential mates.

      Dancing in clubs is no different to animals displaying movement to draw attention to themselves for mating.

      Even having friends and family around us is really no different to any other pack animal on Earth, survival in numbers.

      In the same way, some animals attack members of their own group when they are deemed to be “other”. Most of us are more intellectually aware and able to see this for what it is, refusing to follow the herd. These neanderthals responsible for this attack are significantly less developed than the average Human.

      They are basically what one might call “savages” amongst the Human race.

      • Rehan

        some animals attack members of their own group when they are deemed to be “other”.

        Spot on.

    • Previn Karian

      The sadistic side of group psychology – cowardice, fear and group identity-belonging gone wrong…

  • Pet

    It’s got to stop! This kid will have both spiritual and physical scars for the rest of his life, not to mention the nightmare it must have been to be attacked and beaten up like this. Where’s the police?

    Priest, ministers, imams, rabbies must be very proud seeing the result of their loving religious message to the world.

  • Matt

    How do we know it was because he is gay?
    Was he drawing attention to himself.? Attack no excuse but how so we know it’s gay related?

    • Andrew Button

      there’s no excuse for this and he didn’t deserve this either, you are effectively saying he bought it on himself by being himself

    • Truth

      So, if he was acting camp, he deserved it? With THAT logic, you’d better be VERY careful which bars you frequent … and make sure you talk in a deep voice. (You sound like a sad ‘self-hater’ to me …)

      • Matt

        Being yourself has responsibility. Can a bank robber be himself and then cry when he too is attacked? Too quick to blame others. This needs look at further before the homophobic card is banded about. Not self hating, just fed up of the card being played all the time. Both gay and straight shouldn’t flaunt, and don’t do public displays of affection.

        • Jay

          Hogwash !

        • Marianmoreorless

          Matt, can you please explain why you believe that the homophobic ‘card’ is being played and why you have chosen this site of all that you could have to argue that public displays of affection justify violent attacks? Is this what you are saying?

        • Being a bank robber is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE. Being effeminate, “acting gay” or just being yourself has NO BEARING on anyone else.

          Do I have the right to physically attack you and threaten your life if I think brown-haired people are “offensive”? How about your shoes, your jeans and your jacket, if they make you “different” to the majority does that mean you can be assaulted?

          You are one seriously messed up person. I sincerely hope you seek counseling of one kind or another, you need it.

        • Jack

          Did you just seriously compare being gay and proud to being a bank robber and proud?

        • Andrew Button

          Why is it always somehow “flaunting” and PDA has to be referred to? There’s no exclude for what happened. It’s honophobic scum that are to be blamed and not the person who experienced this cowardly evil attack

        • John

          Interesting that bank robber is the comparison you pick. Robbing banks is a crime and bank robbers aren’t born that way and can reasonably expect to be arrested and imprisoned. Being gay isn’t a crime and isn’t a choice. Gay people have no reason to expect to be beaten up for being what they born as, any more than women, ethnic minorities or disabled people do – or do you think that black people flaunt their ethnicity and invite racist attacks?

        • Andy Millan

          Matt, you really are an a$$h0le aren’t you?

        • thelostdot

          Your justification of criminal behaviour shows you as a criminal – you lack respect for law and the will of the people.

        • Lee

          I think i understand what Matt is trying to say as this attack did happen after a night out/night club and many a fight takes place due to the idiots all being drunk. It isn’t neccessary a homophobic attack but on the over hand it could be….. Either way the poor lad has taken a kicking and the police should be dealing with it..

    • That There Other David

      What do you mean by “drawing attention to himself”?

      I urge every LGBT to start taking self-defence classes. Whatever floats your boat, but learn how to fight back. It’s only once these thugs learn that anything they start will result in them coming away worse off that they’ll let us be.

    • The notion that people might “deserve” to be violently attacked for something as arbitrary as how others perceive them is shocking, you should be ashamed of yourself for even making that connection.

      It’s like suggesting a woman “deserved” to be raped for waring a short skirt.

      It’s absolutely sick and twisted.

    • thelostdot

      Your apologies for a nasty thug are shameful and make you shameful.

  • Lord Haw Haw

    It’s the pack mentality alright, and not as if often claimed repressed homosexuality of the attacker. Those in the pack strive for ascendancy and respect from their mates, and they will use physical prowess to impress. It’s seen in all mammals who pack. It was you this time, tomorrow it could be a football fan of another team. Anything which sets the victim apart from the pack. They’re not that fussy, but they won’t consume their own. In future as a gay man, don’t draw attention to yourself. I expect someone
    will say, no, be proud of what you are and tell the world. But that person won’t
    ever have been beaten up to the extent you have.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Richard Scott Kennedy, I feel so sorry for you, but what’s clear is that you are going to get through this, and you’re going to be all the stronger for it. Very few people would have the clarity of mind that you have shown in the message that you posted with that photo. You are strong and what you have written is 100% CORRECT. Just get the teeth sorted and carry on. Don’t be cowed. You’re going to be a winner! (And by the way, in getting those teeth sorted, spare no expense: get the best caps going, the exact colour-match to your remaining teeth. Remember, you’re going to be dishing out a lot of winning smiles in the future to a lot of very lucky people!)

  • wildseas

    This is totally unacceptable and contemptable. I am so sorry that you went through that, Rich. This sort of thing has got to stop and greater effects must be made to ensure and guarantee the safety of all in the LGBT Commuinity with immediate effect. The government must take a long very careful look at what is happening to us as individuals and as a community. Actions speak louder than words. I pray you get better quickly, Rich.

  • andy

    I would ask people not to rant on here but to take the positive step of writing to Lancashire Police and imploring them to take this matter very seriously….not sit on the fence saying they are not sure it is a homophobic attack. The victim seems sure it was and thus the Police should accept that.
    It is important because if the attackers are caught, the offence is more serious if it is motivated by hate.

    • gaz

      So by your reasoning then a female that says she was raped should be treated completely believed that she was raped, yet it doesn’t happen as only a small percentage of rape allegations end in a conviction and a lot are proved as false allegations. No offense meant to any females btw.

      • thelostdot

        The number of rape convictions in this country speak for themselves and are shameful. No other crime has such a low prosecution rate – shameful misogynism is alive and well in you!

      • andy

        No. I’ll try to spell it out in simple words – rape by definition has a doubt about the area of consent. Within the area of hate crime much is based on what the victim feels is hate. That is whether the victim believes he (or she) was targeted because of a gender, race or sexuality trait.

    • thelostdot

      I have written to Lancashire police in the past about such things. Unfortunately they are narrow minded and living far in the past. See the assault on the train. I left Blackpool a month ago. had to go back for a time unfortunately. Blackpool likes criminals and is criminal friendly, so you are wasting your time a bit unfortunately.

      • andy

        no you are not wasting your time in lobbying the people involved (narrow minded or not). Wasting time is writing on here as I would hope all readers of Pink News understand homophobic issues.

      • Mary Jones.

        the lost dot- this didn’t happen in Blackpool Richard was assaulted in PRESTON. Yes Blackpool has had homophobic attacks, but that dosnt excuse these mindless morons, Gay men and women should be able to walk down the street – fear and violence free. I IMPLORE you to follow the other posters advice write to the police insist they investigate this matter – and to Clive Crunshaw the Police and Crime commissioner. Shout it out loud.

  • gaz

    What’s the proof it was a homophobic attack? I have read the report and it states that several people attacked him, yet the only person named is a soldier. Who’s to say the guy wasn’t just drunk and started the fight in the first place? None of us were there so have no right to blame or judge anyone tbh. Just thought I would throw my pennies worth in as I have known the soldier involved for many years.

    • thelostdot

      Probably is homophobic behaviour, that is more likely is than isn’t. Why are you so desperate to say it isn’t. Your justification for the most vile, nasty and low behaviour shows you in a poor light. Cindemn the criiminals not their victims or nobody will want to know you!

    • andy

      The victim believes it is a homophobic attack. That therefore is the starting point. Simple!

  • charles in Canada

    No one has the right to assault another for being who they are. As a straight man, I find hate against gay and bisexuals to be abhorrent. Richard do not let these sub human bastards win. Hold your head high, show them they cannot stop you. And remember, for every twisted creep who hates, there are more like me who love you for who you are. I maybe an ocean away but I love and support you be strong

  • Stephen

    I’m a regular visitor to Canal Street where I can be myself and i love it, but it’s easy to forget that Canal Street is a bubble outside of which stuff like this happens. This lad has shown a lot of guts in bringing this to everyone’s attention and in being himself. We all need to do a wee bit, challenge homophobia.

  • Thug

    Dress manly, behave manly and there will be no problem with thugs, homo

    • Toby James

      Then what happens if the thug’s girlfriend fancies you, Thug? Or if they think you’re ‘posher’ than them? Or if you support a different football team? etc etc. There’s always a reason for a thug to pick a fight. An unreasoned one

  • Ian

    Absolutely disgusting. The ones that did this need to be brought to book quickly and re-educated.

  • Jack

    This makes me so ashamed of Preston. I go out in Preston city centre all the time and I’ve never ever encountered even a bit of homophobic behaviour. Just goes to show that you never know what can happen in places you think are safe. I wish people would stop bashing the Lancashire police though. They do some absolutely fantastic work in helping to tackle hate crime; my boyfriend is a special officer around Preston and he’s always telling me about all the work they do to combat cases like this from happening. I hope this guy gets better soon!

  • Chris

    Kudos to Richard for sharing this; I hope his pain, both mental and physical, soon fades.

  • MJ

    I’m skeptical of his story, but…we’ll see. (Anyway, what is the description of the alleged attackers ??)

  • mattD

    Sadly it’s a pack of lies. He fell face first on to the pavement, with nobody near him and decided to get some attention for himself by pretending he was assaulted by a group of men. Thanks Richard for setting our cause back. Hopefully you’ll grow up sooner or later.

  • Kevin McNicholas

    Just so you all know… this lying little waster has made it all up. Police are not looking for anyone. Kennedy has retracted his statement in the light of video evidence showing him falling over in a drunken stupor and smashing his own face on the pavement.

    Violence is always wrong, but this is a case of ‘cry wolf’. Due diligence people.

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