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Map shows worst places for LGBT people around the world

  • danlev

    You guys might also enjoy a website I launched this week: — it’s a collaborative LGBT rights website that shows maps of LGBT laws.

    • Jean – Paul

      Most informative and user-friendly. Thanks, Danlev.

    • Pet

      Thank you, danlev.

      Shame data are not acurate. In come cases where it says unknown is very well known.

      • danlev

        The information on the site is crowdsourced, so you are welcome to add the laws that have no been added yet! :)

        Also, information is being verified as more people use the site. Since it just launched a few days ago, there’s still lots to verify.

  • Russ T

    No suprise these places are all third-world sh!tholes. Thankfully we will never be visiting any of them.

    • kane

      is that royal we?

    • Karen


  • Jones

    I would hope that within a few years we can achieve decriminalisation of homosexuality in most places in the world but at the utmost abolition of the death penalty for homosexuality worldwide.

    It comes no surprise to me that the countries who are killing gay people are the ones who live by the scripture, word for word.

    • Dtnorth

      Indeed. That poisonuos book is coated in 2000 years of blood.

  • Jordy

    I like Afghanistan is on the list. BTW, if you haven’t seen it Google up the Dancing Boys of Afghanistan…Shame!!!

  • Rehan

    This is a deeply peculiar map, suggesting (if I’m not mistaken) that Indonesia and Mali are in the same category as the UK and the rest of Western Europe. And I’m sure that can’t be right.

  • anonymous

    It’s spelled Mauritania.

  • bob

    I do like a nice coloured map.

    Next I’d like to see an over-lay of religiosity vs. state acceptance of homosexuality.

  • EES

    Help to sign: prenume=1st name; nume=last name; oras=city; tara=country.
    You’ll receive a mail and have to click on link to confirm
    Also can search “vrem parteneriat” on Google and translate the site into your languange.

    • Bendik

      Signed and shared!
      Would you please be kind enough to translate the petition to english and make sure more people will be able to support this important case?

  • Daniel

    It would be nice if the western world cut ties with these countries and treated them with the same abhorrence as Apartheid was treated. Sadly knowing the oil/gas hold that the Middle East and Russia has over the same countries, it’ll never happen. Shaking hands with the devil.

  • Pet

    Have you noticed that the only three countries in the American continent Belize, Jamaica and Guana are former British colonies?

  • Brethmas

    Why is Europe grey “unclear situation”?
    Homosexuality is not penalised in any europoean coutry.
    More: in most of them, it is specified in law as an agravation of penalty in case of insult or agression, just like ethnics or religion…

  • Thoth

    Oh well, they just forgot NK?

  • Mike

    backward thinking religiously bigoted outdated places; nuff said!

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