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UK: Man has part of ear bitten off in homophobic attack

  • Cal

    Monsters. Hope they get caught. Though, bizarrely, ear biting doesn’t always get taken seriously in the courts.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Another pair of younr British men showing just how civilised they can behave after being out and about in the charming evening “cafe culture” of towns and cities. I see in the Guardian today there’s a British scientist who’s developed an alternative to alcohol that gives you the high but doesn’t promote aggression! (AND it doesn’t give you a hangover either.) I wonder if he can build-in an anti-homophobic compound as well.

  • Brian Lee Morrison

    Mike Tyson better have a good concrete alibi!

  • Kq

    Lol. Biting someone’s ear is pretty gay if you tell me :p q(^_^)D

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