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Secondary equal marriage legislation passes House of Lords

  • Robert W. Pierce

    It was a wonderful debate, far better than the one in the Commons Committee earlier in the week. Lord Jenkin is a sweetheart!

  • Jess Key

    “Baroness Liz Barker tweeted that the Lib Dems had promised to monitor the trans spousal veto, which was not included in the England and Wales Act, but which was included in Scotland’s bill.”

    Actually, this was the complete opposite way around. Spousal veto HAS been included in the England & Wales act, but was removed from Scotland’s bill.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      I think she meant that it should not have been included in the England/Wales bill. Baroness Northover intimated that this part of the bill would have to dovetail with Scotland’s so I suspect it ‘s going to be dropped later on.

  • Cal

    Hurrah! Getting there.

  • Dewey

    thank you Lord Jenkin for keeping us CP couples in mind!

  • PaulBrownsey

    “The secondary legislation needed for same-sex marriages to commence in England and Wales have passed in the House of Lords.”

    Dy try to get your head round the grammar here. It should be “has passed”, not “have passed”, because the subject is the singular noun “legislation”.

  • David Greensmith

    The spousal veto is yet another example of discrimination against trans people. Disgraceful.

    • sJames6621

      cheers look athow scotland passed M 1`05 to 18 – 6 to 1. the world changes/

      • David Greensmith

        We need to get it removed. Same sex marriage was a big success, but there is still quite a way to go before we get true marriage equality.

  • EES

    Prenume=1st name; nume=last name; oras=city; tara=country.
    You’ll receive a mail and have to click on link to confirm
    As can search “vrem parteneriat” on Google and translate the site into your languange.

    • Dan

      Signed, best of luck. xxx

  • TomSatsuma

    Pensions pensions pensions.

    ‘It would be expensive’ is no excuse for inequality.

  • Joel Busher

    Plato said that homosexuality
    is an outrage, a violation of nature. Acceptance of this unnatural act is a
    turning of society upside down. We see this turning upside down today.
    The ancient Spartan’s demonstrated that the spirit of homosexuality is a
    predator, pedophile spirit. We see this today as advocates of this
    transgression are now encouraging cross generational homosexual sex; sex
    between adults and children. Scripture says it’s a capital offense, an
    unspeakable transgression. When the spirit of homosexuality takes over a
    community, justice is completely perverted. God left a warning to the nations
    that allow themselves to be corrupted by such a spirit: Sodom, Gomorrah, and
    Pompeii were all destroyed by fire for the sin of homosexuality. A community’s
    attempt to encourage and legalize this perversion will result in God’s wrath in
    the nature of fire and utter destruction. The hope of the nations and for
    the protection of children from state sanctioned rape is the enacted
    justice of God. People do not have to act out their sinful passions. Jesus
    said, “deny yourself.”

    The ancients considered chastity a virtue and godlike. If you’re caught in this
    sin call on the name of the Lord for your release, and be saved from the coming
    wrath of God. I endorse Article VIII to
    the US Constitution that makes God’s law American law.

    Plato writes in his Laws,” the
    crime of male with male, or female with female, is an outrage on nature and a
    capital surrender to lust of pleasure.”

    gay political activism that is corrupting American children in the public
    education system beginning in kindergarten will not stop until the death
    penalty is enacted for the crime of homosexuality. God in His wisdom instituted
    this punishment to protect the family especially children. It is the duty of
    sensible Americans to put God’s law on the US Constitution. Article VIII to the
    Constitution makes God’s law American law.

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