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NYC pastor: ‘Pervert’ Obama is ‘releasing white homo demons to scoop up all Black American men’

  • Rumbelow

    Oh dear, another black, loony-tune, racist and homophobic “religious” bigot, I’m so embarrassed for him.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. I would like to buy him a one way ticket to Uganda where he can join his …. black, loony-tune brother in hate, President Museveni.

      • simonzee1

        It says a lot when a comment like that gets 16 likes. Pfft!

    • Jeffrey Jones

      Another black one?
      For every black one, you’ll find a 100 white looney-tune homophobic bigots. Just look at Pat Robertson

      • Rumbelow

        Thank you so much for pointing that out.
        But this is another racist black one unfortunately, apparently only white men are homo demons so it beats me how they will take the black women’s men?
        I suppose the “stolen” black men would go, “My boyfriends a white homo demon but I’m not a homo demon because I’m black.”

        • Jeffrey Jones

          I would take what that pastor said with a grain of salt. Calling white people homo demons is just the words of another religious nut case trying to bring on board more blacks thru hating on other groups. Just ignore the creep

          • You should listen to his other rants. The man is delusional.

          • simonzee1

            I agree Jeffrey Jones but take a serious look at the loonies commenting on this site calling for people to be sodomised…annhilated or thrown into prison for daring to express a comment that is not in concert with gay groupthink. This guy however much a looney is entitled to free speech. If he is such an idiot why give him the platform. Having said that Lively is a legend for his contribution.

    • simonzee1

      Be embarrased for the bigots on this site.

      • Rumbelow

        Oh give it a break, you may be another apologist for racist, misogynistic, homophobic, scaremongering “religious” bigots who happen to be black but Jeffery Jones got there 10hrs before you.

    • Rumbelow

      “Manning was born on February 20, 1947, in Red Springs, North Carolina. He grew up in the town, which was then segregated.
      He picked cotton and tobacco as a boy, and took a bus to New York the day he graduated from high school.
      He became radicalized in the 1960s and said he was driven by his hatred of white people.
      As a younger man, Manning burgled homes, mostly on Long Island.
      Between 1969 and 1974, he said, he broke into as many as 100 houses, and once threatened an associate with a loaded shotgun.
      He spent about three and a half years in prison in New York and Florida for burglary, robbery,larceny, criminal possession of a weapon, and other charges before his release in 1978. ”

      • Steven Gregory

        Sounds like nothing much has changed, other than he’s found a tax-exempt haven for his thievery and bigotry.

  • john lyttle

    That’s some good old-fashioned crazy!

    • wildseas

      I think he is on something…glue maybe, because he is stuck on his bizarre theme…or even a mixture of something….definitely some kookoo substance.

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    Oh I’m going to New York in a couple of weeks with my boyfriend. Maybe we will pop round and see how many black men we can turn. Sounds like a fun game. I’ll make sure we wear something really gay and revealing whilst grinding to Madonna or something. You know us gays… We just LOVE to steal men from women. lol… Clearly this man is a little bat $h*t crazy!


      have fun there in the village ware something warm,,, there are lots of gay bars for you to go to. Tys on Christopher St is a fab bar go in say hi and buy a beer pick up the mag by the front door look in the back and you will find all the gay bars, if you want to go dancing try the Monster bat its by the christopher st subway it has a down stairs dance floor have fun and say hi to New york for me

      • Lee W Dalgleish

        I probably won’t get to any of the gay bars. My other half isn’t a fan of the “scene” in London so he probably won’t want to do it in New York either. I like going out in Soho occasionally for a catch up with mates but don’t go often. Neither of us can dance either so that’s out of the question. lol. I know he wants to go to Ellen’s Diner? They sing songs and dance around while you eat. looks quite interesting

        • LADY TANYA

          have fun whatever you do,, if you are going up the empire state building go up an hour before sunset to see the city in light and dark,, there is a cafe up there to get a coffee and cake ,, have fun

    • simonzee1

      Yeah like your comments.

      • Liam

        You really need to work on your comebacks. Seriously, why on earth are you on a gay news site?

      • Lee W Dalgleish

        Lol only just noticed this feeble comment. Just looked at your post history which speaks volumes…

        • simonzee1

          I have to keep it short. My main point which has got into all your heads quite rightly by me reflecting on the juvenile posting is that you all should cringe in having your second coming out as anti-religious bigots. All of you sound like perverted human beings in defence of your strange naturephobic ideas. Its as if nothing in life matters but gay sex. Very abnormal…annatural…weird.

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            It’s called sarcasm mate. I was responding to the ridiculous comment made by the pastor. Clearly you are a few slices short of a loaf by this second attempt at a “come back”… Nature phobic is another one of those words bandied around by the bigots and religious homophobes… Much like “Christophobe” and “Heterophobe” … You’ll also find homosexuality has been observed in at least 1500 species thus making it VERY natural. Now. I might suggest that next time you try a little harder because so far you are failing miserably

          • MJ

            Why are you coming to NYC anyway ?? I thought all you Brits here looked down on the U.S.

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            What an odd thing to say. I’ve been to America 4 times. I’ve been to Canada 5. Why would I not go to NYC? That’s a rather sweeping generalisation to make. There are some American attitudes… Usually the religious idiots who spew a load of nonsense but we have those in the UK too. I like America. I loved NYC the last time I went

  • Stephen

    Well done Pink News – keep giving free advertising to extremists.
    Why is this regarded as ‘news’?
    This really is an appalling website .
    Is there ANY quality control on the stories printed.
    The copy and paste merchant of this article is the worst offender.
    Whenever the name Joseph Patrick McCormick appears you just know that the article will be completely rubbish and stolen from a US site.
    Sack him. He is dragging this website down.

    • Rumbelow

      It’s good to know who your enemies are and how pathetic they are in case they derive an undeserved mystique from the cover of anonymity.

    • Lee W Dalgleish

      Stephen it’s better to know what is going on than to ignore it. If you don’t like a story or don’t want to click on it then don’t read it. I don’t mean that rudely by the way and I agree with Rumbelow’s comment. ignoring these people just makes them feel like they can get away with it. At least by highlighting it, someone could see this or other stories like it and highlight what is wrong to the people doing it. I’m not saying they will listen. Some are so rabid they ignore logic but by making these stories public, something could possibly be done to prevent it continuing

    • In all fairness, this “advertizing” isn’t helping any of them. They’re clearly mentally ill, and no sane person would want to associate themselves to such lunatics and fanatics.

      With every re-posting of these idiots nutty ramblings, they are diminishing in power, not gaining followers.

    • Cal

      @Stephen Calm down, dear

  • Truth

    If white people were using this kind of language to stir-up racist hatred there would be an outcry. WHY is it being tolerated? Because it’s being done in the name of religion by someone who has awarded themselves the title ‘Pastor’? Do we put up with it because it is a black man saying it? WHY? ‘Surely, the US obsaessive defence of ‘Freedom of Speech’ was never meant to protect incitement to hatred … which this CLEARLY is. Reading it, I felt as though I’d be transported back to the 1960’s when the KKK were spouting similar filth about ‘the blacks’. It is INTOLERABLE that the persecuted have become the persecutors and Obama / Congress should be doing far more to stop this disgraceful situation ….

    • Jeffrey Jones

      You kind of started out OK….then you got stupid. This man’s rant has nothing to do with Obama. And of course white people use language far worst than this….just look at Ted Nugent’s racist rants

      • Loren Fykes

        I don’t think the writer is saying the rant has something to do with Obama. The person is saying that legal action by the administration or Congress should happen. That the President or Congress should be doing something about this kind of hate speech.

        • Jeffrey Jones

          I don’t know what country you live in, but speech like this is protected in America. The president can’t do anything about it. The Congress is controlled by a different party (the GOP) that has been VERY obstructionist. So they never would go along with what Obama wants anyways

          • Truth

            That is precisely my point. I live in the UK. We have laws against ‘incitement to hatred’. This covers religious hate speak. Freedom of Speech comes with great responsibility. Unfortunately, in the USA, religion seems to have carte blanche to say exactly what it wants, however disgusting and hate filled, without any repercussions. That, in my opinion, is wrong because it leads to ludicrous situations like the Westboro mob.

    • Pierre Gardin

      The KKK still exists. Don’t need to fire up the DeLorean.

    • Pattern-chaser

      It’s tolerated because freedom of speech (freedom to insult and inflame) is rated more important than racism in your country. If you don’t like it, change it! Here in the UK it wouldn’t be allowed.

  • Pet

    So according to this brainless, but dangerous child, every black man is potentially a gay man (ready to s*ck a white d*ck). Interesting standpoint on men of his own race, though!

    And by the way, the two most promiment and amazingly good-looking gay men at this very moment in the States are black: Michael Sam and Jason Collins. I guess cute white Robbie Rogers turned them.

  • Jordy

    The poor dears are losing, and coming out of the Crazy Closet.

  • Narrow

    I know this should be offensive to some people but I find this rather funny, the absolute paranoia of these people is hilarious, he thinks gay people have super powers that allows them to hypnotize straight people or something and turn them gay.

    This is too ridiculous to take seriously, it’s obvious boogeyman tactics.

    • Eugene

      Of course gay people have super powers. I made you gay, didn’t I?

    • simonzee1

      Not rediculous just mis communicated but he is right on active perversion.

  • CHBrighton

    And take no notice of that ‘Dr’ title. He awarded his PhD to himself from his own ATLAH Theological Seminary, an unaccredited educational institution.

  • David in New York

    Unfortunately, this cannot be written off as the ravings of a crazy, ineffectual idiot. The members of this group subject their kids to him and his ravings. – we know that some of those kids are gay, and even the straight ones are being so poisoned. Can’t just ignore it.

  • David

    I’m reminded of the old maxim “Its always the quite ones” well in homophobia it seems to be “always the loud ones”. The mind boggles at what really floats this guy’s boat. Such verbose objection of homosexuality is usually accompanied with one “perversion” or another.

  • Jones

    Homosexuality was around long before Obama was ever in existence, you vile man.

  • @Mike-uk2011

    It’s not just homophobic, it’s also racist.

  • Cal

    Oh, I see! So the fact that so many black families are fatherless is nothing to do with their culture. It’s the Gay’s fault. Gee, I’ve been mistaken all this time. So the Black men who aren’t in prison can’t commit to relationships BECAUSE OF THE GAYS. Got it!
    People actually leave their homes on a Sunday morning to go listen to this backward buffoon “preach”. They’ll all be muttering and wailing “Hallelujah, Oh Lordy, Yeah Jesus” etc. In New York!!! WOW!

  • Neil

    I’d LOVE to have the irresistible powers of attraction that this deranged idiot thinks I have.

  • kane

    ah yes, only in the land of unlimited free speech?

  • RoStudios

    That’s right. ..I’m coming for your baby daddies. ..and I am bringing the Naddy Ice and XBox!

  • I’ll bet he’s a regular on the AboveTopSecret forums too ;)

    I find it fascinating that these mentally ill lunatics seem to think men can be “turned gay”.

    Once again, proof if any were needed that the religious have significantly lower intellect than “normal” people like us.

    • simonzee1

      You mean crazy normal like a name called

      • Do you know what a domain name looks like? And do you realize you spelt it wrong even though it’s right there in front of you to read?

        Like I said, bigots and homophobes often have extremely limited intellect, thanks for proving me right in so many ways.

    • Truth

      The only way he can assert with such confidence that people can be turned gay is if he thinks HE could be turned gay. Otherwise, how can he possibly know? Maybe he IS gay but has suppressed it …….

  • one.second

    I haven’t laughed so hard in weeks! :D
    Rofl, this man truly is comedy gold.

  • Daniel

    Not only is this pastor being homophobic, he’s now thrown racism into the mix too. Given that he is old enough to remember the Civil Rights movement and the oppression of the Black community in the US, it’s almost astounding that he then uses the same rhetoric to condemn white men and homosexuals.
    It’s always very pitiful when someone has so much hate in their heart and cannot live. Seems the fellow missed the entire point of the religious nonsense he’s trying to “teach”.

  • Felipe

    Damn!! He found out about our devious plan to take all those delicious black men to us! Hurry, to the Sodomitemobile!

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    “Of the few black men that are left, they are being scooped up by white homos”! Well, my, oh my, these “white homos” sound like hellish demons indeed! Where have they come from? What do they look like? Thank goodness this “homo” has never seen one! They “scoop up” black men, yeah? They just “scoop ’em up” with the “black men” completely unable to resist? These “white homos” sound like MONSTERS! I’m thinking “Dawn of the Dead”, “The Thing”, “Alien”, and “Night of the Living Dead”!

  • Jock S.Trap

    The more they treat the more they clearly are becoming the New Nazis.

    Blatantly homophobic, disgustingly sexist, deeply racist… what next?


  • MOA

    first thought: is he afraid of being tempted?hahahah

  • simonzee1

    That’s the beauty of free speech. I hear more stupid talk from peopleon this site so have a good look at yourselves. Don’t look at the splinter in anothers eye when you have a log in your own.

    • Rumbelow

      Shouldn’t you be on your knees praying or something simonzee1? What are you doing on this gay comments board?

  • D for Dexter

    Who gave that NUT-case a doctor-rate. shove that “Dr.” up your A*s

    • Truth

      He gave it himself… from his own unaccredited university ….

  • Michael Finnegan

    I’m old enough to remember when all the black men were gonna leave their black wives for white women. Never thought of myself as a gay white demon before, and I played a lot of D&D in my day. That would make an awesome character class.

  • shocking

    Stupid is what stupid says…… I guess I do not know where the scripture is that says Christ actively worked towards passing laws against gays, even allowing for murder. Interesting to note that scripture says, “They will know we are christians by our love.”

  • The Kitty Channel

    My week isn’t complete unless I’ve read a headline containing the word “pastor” (anywhere in the world), because every time he does it (whichever particular sponge-brained homophobe it happens to be) it provokes a storm of outrage. Keep up the good work, cheeky chappies, you’re helping to steer us towards tolerance, secularism, and inclusivity!

  • Cal D.

    To call this fool “Dr” is a bastardization of the word. I would wager his so-called “doctorate” was obtained from the bogus, totally without accreditation, school that they foster as a educational institution.

    • Rumbelow

      Yes, Manning holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from his own ATLAH Theological Seminary, an unaccredited educational institution.

      • Cal D.

        Thanks Rumbelow but in his case I would also characterize “Doctor of Philosophy degree” and “Theological Seminary” as BASTARDIZATIONS.

  • James Campbell

    This “Dr.” with his phoney degree from a pseudo place of “learning” is a joke and I really wish I could laugh, but it is comments like this which feed the fire of homophobia many miles from whare it started. Some may be able to shrug off his words as so crazy that no one will take them seriously. I can confirm that some will take his words and repeat them whilst translating their self-styled righteous anger into violence. I have yet to experience a week when there are no cases of homophobic bullying brought to my attention with a referral to deal with the aftermath of a traumatised (often physically injured) teenager. I treat the bullies too if they can be identified and how they excuse their behaviour would make paint blister.

  • Dewey McGeoch

    And here is MY response to Mr. Manning:

    • Rumbelow

      That was great, thanks Dewey.

    • Christopher in Canada

      Winifred, why am I suddenly thinking of the wonderful Wayland Flowers and his puppet Madam?

  • bettyspinks

    He’s the one who thought it up. It’s his fantasy. He’s praying a gay white man will come seduce him.

  • Helge V.Tiller

    100% an idiot, 100% a fascist, 100% a “devil”. Have I forgotten something ?

    • Spinner123

      100% nuts?

    • Rumbelow

      Yes, he spent 3.5 years in gaol for burglary, robbery,larceny, criminal possession of a weapon, and other charges before his release in 1978.

      Since then he’s obviously found a new way to steal money from people through his “religious” scam.

  • Mike

    I might be a white homo but I wouldn’t want to run off with him, daemon or not!

  • Mark Weems

    And how do you react and what can you say about this? Just one more ignorant delusional person in the pot of ….millions (?)!

  • Whatthehell

    As a Black Gay Christian Male living in Harlem I’m out raged. This is the kind of thinking and teaching that is killing our community still in 2014. I pray he finds his soul…

  • Danny Anderson

    Yall I have been in the south all my life . We have one of him in every town You just have to ignore his crazy ass . What how many members does his church have 50 ? . Its all good they will die out .

  • Nathan Merrill

    I enjoy how this is simultaneously hilariously racist and hilariously homophobic.

    I especially enjoyed the idea that they would turn gay because white guys have credit cards.

  • Girl, please

    He’s useless and always looking to attach himself to some controversy for publicity. Ignore him. There is nothing here. We’ve other work to do. Don’t waste your time on these types.


    God must get so embarrassed having fruitcakes like this on his side.

  • Bent Pin

    black women are running out of men because the white homos are taking them. I just can’t get around this question – Why can’t a black woman get a white man? Does this pastor have an issue with hetero mixed marriage?

  • White Homo Demon

    “White Homo Demon”- what a cool name for an avatar :-)

  • S Patrick

    As we’ve all seen those who protest the most usually have the most to hide. James Manning wouldn’t be the first preacher to be in denial of his own homosexual urges, and he certainly won’t be the last.

  • Steven Gregory

    So according to this mental giant, the heterosexuality of Black men is so fragile and the pull of white homos so irresistible that Black women have no hope of holding onto their men.

    I can live with that.

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