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John Kerry compares Ugandan anti-gay law to apartheid and anti-Semitism

  • Lennard

    Kerry has a point. Perhaps we should take Uganda’s anti-gay law and substitute the word ‘gay’ for ‘jew’ and then compare it to the infamous Nurnburg laws…the similarities will probably be very disturbing:(

  • Rumbelow

    Absolutely, it is a kind of Christofascism, David Bahati who drew up the law and promoted it is in thrall to the US evangelical mafia group “The Family” and is a prominent member of the “The Family” in Uganda.

  • Truth

    If anyone dies in Uganda as a result of this vile law, those who introduced it, voted on its adoption and sanctioned it should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity. This abhorrent situation, where people are being persecuted simply for being who they are, cannot be tolerated. Religion is not – and must NEVER be – a licence to trump human rights. Believe what the f**k you want but you cannot be allowed to use your belief to persecute and harm anyone. Otherwise, it is akin to Hitler using ideological ‘belief’ to wipe out a whole race. Sobering to think that black people would also have been on his extermination list as ‘non-Aryans’……

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    “You could change the focus of this legislation to black or Jewish and
    you could be in 1930s Germany or you could be in 1950-60s apartheid
    South Africa.” EXACTLY! So glad that such a high-profile figure in the world has stated this truth. Now, hopefully, it’ll give other high-profile figures the kick they need to follow suit! But better still, the kick they need to hit the Ugandan government HARD so that this legislation is repealed.

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