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Corrie gay kiss scene sparks complaints to Ofcom for being ‘sexually suggestive’

  • ChrisQuinton

    I don’t watch the soaps, so all I can go on is the picture. If it had
    been a woman wearing a bra being kissed by a half-naked man, would there
    have been complaints? Nope. So as far as I’m concerned, complaints
    aren’t justified by anything other than bigotry in this case.

  • Brett Gibson

    These complaints will have come from some 69 year old who frequent the local nut house (church) every Sunday. It’s 2014, I guess the only comfort is these people won’t be round for much longer.

    • andy

      Brett… don’t class all 69 year olds with negative comments. I was one who fought for the rights you have today, along with other old uns!!! You would NOT have the freedoms you have today..if we had not fought the battles and risked daily imprisonment.
      Don’t write us off so easily… after all with may one day. get old.

      with love

      • Truth

        Quite right! The world has a VERY short memory …..

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        Andy, he wasn’t talking about everyone over 60. He was talking about those over 60 “who frequent the local nut house (church) every Sunday”. And I think he’s probably right.

    • barry

      Brett – As a churgoer who is fully accepted as a gay man within my church and approaching my 70th birthday, I find your comment extremely offensive. You are guilty here of Ageism and Religious discrimination, both of which are as odius as homophobia.
      You really must learn to think before issuing comments which you consider to be “smart” – because they’re not. You come over as an ill-mannered and rude man, which doesn’t do you any favours.

      • Brett Gibson

        Well accepting gay men into your church is against the bible. Further perpetuating the fact that Christians pick and choose which parts of the bible they believe in, leaving me with absolutely no respect for its followers.

        In any case I was not referring to all old people or all Christians, I was merely pointing out the 99% probability of these complaints coming from older people who identify as Christian or indeed Islam etc.

        100% of gay people’s problems stem from abrahamic religions. It is religion, after all, that is the cause of the daily nightmare for the 100s of millions of gay people across the world today, so really you don’t have a leg to stand on in this argument.

        Religious people ARE the problem. End of.

        • Mikey

          Well, spewing from ignorance isn’t the best thing either.
          There’s not a word in the bible about homosexuality. So you cannot categorically state that “accepting gay men into your church is against the bible”. It’s simply not true. There are plenty of open and welcoming denominations for LGBT people. Some even perform legal weddings for LGBT people, in countries where the law has caught up with the 21st century.

          There are also plenty of denominations who read the bible as a series of metaphors and tales, from which one might glean some understanding about living in a society.

          I won’t disagree with you that among LGBT people’s worst enemies are religious organizations.
          But not ALL of them are. Some have been staunch allies through thick and thin.

  • JD

    All that tells us is at least One Hundred of Corries viewers are backward neanderthals – How would Ofcom respond to complaints that a slave kissed her master before the bloody ‘watershed’ ?

  • Andy Millan

    Seems like 100 assholes need to get over themselves.

  • Narrow

    …Well what in the world is wrong with being sexually suggestive? people need to grow up and stop treating sex as some kind of “bad thing” we can’t talk about, like it will destroy our way of life even though everyone does it, and the people who don’t are really missing out.

    It’s not like once people can atleast speak about it in a healthy manner without being shamed by the “good people” everyone will suddenly turn into massive perverts, most people aren’t obsessed with sex… and I thnk I should clarify I don’t see anything wrong with being obsessed with sex as long as the person isn’t obnoxious about it.

    Anyway sorry for my tangent, whats so sexually suggestive about a kiss? if theres alot of groping around and bare skin I can understand but just a kiss? really? is this the idea that somehow gay people want nothing but sex and everything they do is related to sex again? probably.

    Extra: Completely missed the part of the article that said it was topless, I derped, anyway I still stand by my point that there’s nothing wrong with being sexually suggestive.

    • Rumbelow

      What they probably really objected to was that the kiss suggested same sex romance, they hate to think we gays have romantic attractions to each other.

  • Cocteau

    Corrie was created by a gay man. Get over it.

  • Alcam

    Only “a few complaints” ? the UKIP vote is slipping…

    More to the point would be: Did anyone complain of Todds character transplant?!

  • Mat. XD

    Who cares about “sexually suggestive” anymore when it comes to the media?!
    “Sexually suggestive” content has been part of day to day life for decades; there’s likely to be more “sexually suggestive” moments in the adverts in Corrie’s tea break than there is in an entire episode of the actual show!

  • Rehan

    As I believe it was followed by the two characters heading upstairs to the bedroom, why on earth should it not be “suggestive”?

  • Andy Millan

    I did not see the episode myself (not being a fan of soaps) however it seems that things are getting better, a few years ago there would have been a lot more complaints and a lot less coverage and ridicule of those complaining. Obviously we still have some way to go but hopefully there will come a day when scenes like this get 0 complaints.

  • When people are offended by a kiss between two consenting adults, there is something very wicked going on. That is a psychological sign that those people have serious unresolved issues they are hiding at all costs. They ought to seek professional help. Homophobia is a serious illness.

  • Jock S.Trap

    Clearly some people have too much time on their hands, so they can try to be professional whingers.

    I say to them… get a life and stop using everybody else’s!

  • Ciaran

    Clearly homophobes not one ever complained about Peter and Tina snogging each others faces off before the watershed did they? Nope because it was a man and woman and they can be as sexually suggestive as they like can`t they because its the patriarchal socially constructed norm isn`t it that we MUST all conform to. Well I`m sorry homophobes social constructs and gender role binaries are not biological not natural not found in the animal kingdom or in our nearest ancestors sexuality is a spectrum and not everyone is heterosexual like not everyone is white not everyone is blonde or brown haired.

  • That There Other David

    LOL. Good job these people don’t tune in half an hour earlier for Emmerdale isn’t it? The only reason that bunch stop bed-hopping for five minutes is to have a glass of red wine (nobody in Emmerdale seems to drink beer unless in the pub).

  • CJ Barrie

    I know this may seem obvious from my perspective (a Gay Man’s perspective), but I just can’t ever understand why anyone could be offended or driven to make complaints against something so natural being portrayed in a Soap Opera.

    I don’t watch any of these shows, because they don’t interest me – it’s ‘hightened reality’ based fiction. Nevertheless, it is still based on REALITY, and in reality exist Gay Men, Lesbian, Transexuals, Bi-Sexuals etc…

    Only recently, Coronation Street lost one of it’s most popular character’s, Hayley, who was Male-to-Female Transgender. I do remember her arrival on the Street being controversial and quite groundbreaking, but overall was handled quite well by the writers and welcomed by the viewers, too.

    I struggle to see why there should be any controversy regarding sexuality and gender, both in fiction and reality. Like I said, I don’t watch these shows, but I’m glad displays of love or affection or passion are being shown in popular TV programs.

    I just wish these shows would give their LGBT character’s a bit more depth and complexity, without reverting to the same old crap about them ‘being confused’ and having silly affairs or experiences that just cause yet more confusion or complaint from either side of the spectrum.

    To be honest, I wish there wasn’t so much pressure and intensity placed on ‘THIS IS THE PART WHERE THE GAY CHARACTERS KISS’ – It should just be a natural thing. Because in reality, it is a natural thing. Give me an hour and I could write a completely natural, yet dynamic episode for Coronation Street or any Soap for that matter.

    If any writers of Coronation Street see and and understand this message, I would love for you to create honest LGBT characters, possibly played by honest LGBT Actors/Actresses. Also, please create these characters in order to actually break down walls and not reaffirm stereotypes that most of us are trying to shake off. And finally, PLEASE stop making your LGBT characters ‘confused’ by their sexualities. This is doing absolutely nothing for the ‘community’.

    Cheers! :D

  • Sarah O’Rourke

    And Peter and Tina furiously humping on the living room floor isn’t sexually explicit? This is no more than thinly veiled homophobia.

  • John

    The water shed is 9pm….

  • Truth

    I wonder how many complaints they received over the numerous murders, fights, brutality, cruelty …. hmmm? Anyone who experiences sufficiently disturbing emotions on seeing two men kissing should ask themselves …. WHY? Is it perhaps connected with some form of self-hatred? Are you perhaps projecting your inner-angst about same-sex desire in the wrong direction? “Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case”.

  • Danny

    Good for Coronation Street, like East ender’s they show life as it is; yes gay women and gay men can be attracted to each other and love each other. The complaints were from narrow minded homophobic bigots. I have only one sentence to say to these bigots, “Move over darling, were here to stay.”

  • Darijen Zornaen

    ..I truly cannot believe peoples stupidity. Why, in the first place is it wrong to show two men or women kissing in front of children?? It’s about time we ‘humans’ so called adults’ started addressing the real sexual identities of people, or we as a race will not move on…FACT!

  • doug

    Its only lasted a couple of seconds, if you blinked you’d miss it.

  • Liam

    Oh no! Not suggestive! Somebody might watch it and know that sex exists.

  • Clay Poupart

    I have a complaint: Why would the only pretty girl and almost the only good-looking man on Corrie both be chasing after THAT guy? Strains credulity to put it mildly.

  • Darijen Zornaen

    …you really are so awful (the human race.) I saw that extremely quick frame of what might be called a kiss, by Todd and Marcus, and it made me quite angry because I cannot believe how anyone could get upset just that!!! GO GET A LIFE….

  • Jones

    Sexually suggestive? Obviously these people have never read the Daily Mail.

  • Could it be that the majority of Corrie fans are also sexually repressed older people?

    This isn’t Hollyoaks, it’s Corrie, the audience is not the same and there will be a greater number of “older” people watching it.

    It might be unpalatable to state the obvious, but it’s true – older generations are generally reluctant to accept change, and they will kick up a fuss about things like this because they either don’t understand it or they’re just “set in their ways”.

  • Joakim Hillgren

    Isn’t any ‘deep’ kissing suggestive? Old with young, ethnic minority and caucasian, first page celebs… the list is endless! Get over it!

  • Mike

    I seem to remember John Barrowman giving Chris Eckleston a kiss in Dr Who; no one seemed to mind!

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