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Comment: Young LGBT people need greater support on issues around sex and relationships

  • Jones

    The best place to start is to have some teaching of homosexuality in sex education lessons; not forgetting bisexuality and transgender. If children are told at a young age that this sort of thing is normal then perhaps it will stop the ‘silent holocaust’ which is young teenagers committing suicide because they think they are wrong.

  • Christopher in Canada

    As well, gay men especially need sex technique education. During late adolescence into young adulthood, it took me five years and three lovers to learn that receiving anal could be more than a teeth-gritting exercise – because I met someone who taught me that two men could reach orgasm TOGETHER, mutually, at the same time, by working together, rather than the “you first then me” model I had assumed was correct previously. Sex ed is NOT reproductive ed! By the way, he was also the best kisser I’ve ever met…!

  • wildseas

    I stand to be corrected on this one but wasn’t there legislation going through the EU Parliament that made it ‘mandatory’ or at least obligatory for teachers throughout the EU to give a lesson/lessons on the positiveness of the LGBT Community?

  • AdrianT

    Keep up the good work Meghan.

    Compulsory sex and relationship education to standards set by professionals who know what they are talking about should be a no-brainer. No chance with Mr Gove running the show.

  • Paul – Canada

    The reason we gays send nudies to each other is because there’s less of us, and when we’re in between dating, we’re all on the same page about casual sex. Unfortunately we’re not all on the same page about safe sex. STIs were the least spoken about subject at school… but instead they should have a good few “PHSE” lessons devoted to them (that and pregnancy)

    (P.S. Originally from the UK)

  • James Campbell

    I agree with the report, but add that intersex young people need the same sensitive support too.

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