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Arizona Governor vetoes bill that would sanction homophobic discrimination

  • D.McCabe

    This is good news for those in the state.

    However, my concern is that those who originated the bill will try again somehow.

  • Lennard

    Wow, if Mitt Romney is against it that must mean this bill is beyond pure evil…glad it got vetoed, but it’s still a shame a bill like this made it this far:(

  • Truth

    It is unbelivable that laws of this discriminatory nature are still being proposed in this day and age … OVER ‘BELIEF’. If they were proposed over something tangible it would be bad enough … but over RELIGION? Please, people, let’s get real and grow-up! Childish superstitious beliefs should be left in kindergarten with Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy. They should certainly not be being used to persecute people for simply being who they are ….

  • Cal

    I wish her speech had been more condemnatory of the bigotry behind the bill. This veto will be a shot above the bow to other states like Missouri who are trying to bring in similar nastiness.
    Shame we had to wait so long for PN to publish this story. Time difference notwithstanding, news broke 12 hours ago.

    • Maryland Kid

      Missouri ain’t passing that bill. The Governor is a Democrat, and he’s been fairly supportive of LGBT rights. As for her speech, well, I’ve kind of gotten the impression that Jan Brewer has been motivated more by economic concerns and public image in this whole affair. Then again, I’ll admit that I’m kind of biased. I’m still holding that appalling anti-immigration legislation that she signed against her.

    • She’s a Republican, that’s all we need to know.
      If it were not for the money these religious loons would miss out on you can bet she would have signed that hateful bill in a heartbeat.

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