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Peter Tatchell: Travel ban should be imposed on Uganda’s homophobic leaders

  • Josh

    Now THIS is a good idea. Cutting aid to those in need won’t affect leaders and could be counterproductive.

    • David Greensmith

      Let’s get rid of this myth that the law in Uganda has been passed on an unsuspecting, unwilling public. It has been passed precisely to fan the flames of homophobia in the general population and gain popularity. Those in need should think twice about biting the hand that feeds them. I’m happy to donate to charity where it improves people’s lives. I’m not happy at all to have my taxed fund homophobia.

  • Rumbelow

    Totally agree with Peter.

    “The legislation was written and promoted by David Bahati, a member of the Ugandan Parliament. According to scholar and writer Jeff Sharlet, Bahati—who has said he wants to “kill every last gay person”— is a core member of a secretive network of American evangelical Christians called “The Family.” The Family sees its aggressive, worldwide evangelism embodied in the saying, “Jesus didn’t come to take sides; he came to take over.” The organization has also referred to itself—proudly—as “the Christian Mafia.” For over 75 years,its goal has been the “consecration” of America to God. But facing defeat in the American culture wars, The Family and its ilk looked elsewhere—including to Uganda.”

    • Tim Hanafin

      Excellent info. Thanks for the valuable link. Very useful.

    • Truth

      Does America have ‘incitement to hatred’ laws similar to ours in the UK? If so, why haven’t these ‘loving christians’ been prosecuted under themt? Surely, the constitutional right to freedom of speech was never intended to be used in this vile way by religions … spreading hatred and division to the uneducated and ignorant?

      • Steve_R

        Unfortunately, it seems that the Constitutional right to free speech is not only upheld by the courts, they have even issued rulings that people like WBC (who we know monger hate) have a right to free speech and have even gone as far to award them damages in certain cases. (a quick Google will reveal a disturbing history on this)

        • Truth

          I’ve always believed freedom of speech comes with great personal responsibility. The American obsession with preserving it has its merits, I suppose (WBC looks increasingly mad …) but I do wonder if the mood would be different if, for example, pastors were advocating killing all black people ….

  • Anne

    Aid comes in many forms: multilateral aid, bilateral aid and aid given to NGOs. Many governments have stopped bilateral aid i.e. aid given directly to the recipient country. However, I think that a more insidious use of overseas development aid is when the aid is given to an Overseas NGO for poverty reduction programmes which are often delivered by evangelical organisations in partnership with International NGOs. For example Tearfund’s partner on the ground in Uganda is the Assemblies of God (American Evangelical Church). This church demonizes homosexuality (see their website) and yet Tearfund delivers its development programmes through them and continues to receive funding from governments in Europe.

  • Jean – Paul

    Thanks for the valuable insight, Peter.

    /// The bill was passed without a quorum and it was not on the Parliament’s order of business. It is unlawful and invalid. ///

  • Lennard

    I think the guy is spot on in bringin Joseph Goebbels into the discussion. Had Goebbels been around today, he would definitely have admired the tactics used in Uganda.
    I think a travel ban sends the right message, even more so than cutting aid, as that mostly affects people who are blind rather than…well, evil.

  • Colin

    Totally agree. Well said Peter.

  • Truth

    I sincerely hope some investigation is being done into the finances of these people. If they hold foreign bank accounts their assets should be frozen.

  • max

    Interesting to read,as some commenter on here suggested,the comments ,on this story,on the “Ugandan Observer” papers website.While theres a lot of homophobic comments,as you`d expect(which do get voted down!),theres also common sense comments.

  • doug

    ‘Governments around the world should impose a travel ban and assets freeze….’

    Valentino and Karl Lagerfeld, ect, could also impose a ban on their wives. There is something so iron there.

    • doug

      I mean ‘ironic’. (Too much Grouse!)

  • Ray

    Maybe a travel ban for folk who write vile things like this ? :
    “…The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of NINE to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy.

    “While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that NOT ALL SEX INVOLVING CHILDREN is unwanted, abusive and harmful.” Peter Tatchell

    What happened to the Pink news article about Ian Dunn ? It’s been deleted ? Why ? :

    ‘An award given to supporters of gay rights may be renamed following allegations that it was given in honour of a man who advocated for the legalisation of paedophilia. MSPs Margaret Smith, Lib Dem and Patrick Harvie, Green, were given the Ian Dunn Award for their activism for gay rights. Allegations that Dunn, a leading gay activist who died in 1998, also co-founded the Paedophile Information Exchange…’

    Tatchell wrote Ian Dunn’s obituary : ‘“a pioneer for lesbian and gay human rights, remaining a central figure in the battle for homosexual equality – in Scotland and internationally – for 30 years”.

    Dunn was a founder member of PIE .

  • ric

    Well, Peter, you can’t just pick the easy target to fight on this still homophobic globe. If ever a travel ban is imposed on Uganda, why not apply it on all leaders from Muslim countries and regions where homosexual is still illegal and maybe subject to death penalty? It puzzles me that gay right movement, up to today, is still a white liberal movements that deliberately ignores the gay rights in the most suppressed society: Muslim world.

  • Ian Erickson

    Why are we giving any credence to Tatchall who has pushed for a lowering of Age of Consent, and affiliated with the nefarious PIE group?

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