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Jason Collins’ shirt commemorating murdered gay teen tops sales in NBA online store

  • Pet

    A quick search on the net takes you to all the main papers, tv station and radios in USA and all of them have the name of Matthew Shepard next to JC and the NBA. Jason Collins brought the kid to life again 16 years after his brutal murder. Hat off Jason.

  • JonHall

    Jason Collins is a class act!

    • Connor Larkin

      Please, no more he is ‘class act’ or classy guy–so déclassé.
      It’s so cliched and banal mostly used by Sportswriters or limited vocabulary challenged churls.

      Why not, he is ‘gracious’ or considerate or simpatico as alternatives?

      • SCVMalcolm

        or how about FAB-U-LOUS!!! Gimme a F’n break!

  • SCVMalcolm

    “a ten day deal”??? R ya sure???

  • Jim Fields

    having read the comments and have a strong dislike for the internet nazis .. telling us what not to post .. just let me say this Jason Collins is a class act .. and if you dont like what I post dont read it .. this man has moved what the crazies like to call our “homosexual agenda” up a couple more steps . and he honors Matthew Shepard .. and his memory

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