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Texas gay marriage ban is unconstitutional, rules judge

  • chazza

    I feel truly sorry for gays living in the US Bible Belt. Their views are stuck in the middle ages, the way gay people are treated there is more reminiscent of Uganda than a Western democracy

    • Bluespiral58

      Equating Uganda to the US south is unfair to Uganda gays who face death or life imprisonment.

      • lukefromcanada

        at least they can move away from the bible belt to a more progressive state, gay Ugandans have to flee their home country and there is no guarantee that they will not be deported from wherever they end up.

  • Yesh U R

    Fortunately the religionists who are splashing around at the crazy end of the pool are watching the water drain away now fast and faster. It is a joy to watch as the secular and legal is cutting down to a proper size the delusional, homophobic buy-bull bashing cross carrying haters . They can believe any crap they like but they can no longer impose it on everyone else, and that’s what is driving them to distraction. Wonderful!

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