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Video: Ugandan President: Homosexuals are ‘disgusting’ and Obama should ‘respect African values’

  • That There Other David

    This is the same man who was pretending right up until last week to be undecided. Now we see the real face of him.

    • Suzzette Crawford

      Hypocrite! that’s who he is! maybe he is one of those men that marry young African girls and kept them as sex slave.

      • Truth

        ….. Or … far more likely, is a self-loathing closet case.

  • Truth

    Should the international community EVER have been doing business with someone as utterly ignorant as this? If this is the quality of leadership and these are ‘African values’, perhaps Africa is best left to its own devices and, when times get tough, they should turn to each other and not to us for aid. We simply cannot allow imbeciles like this, who have absolutely no respect for human rights OR their own constitution, to be accepted as part of the civilized world.

  • Rehan

    That slimy ignorant creep Museveni himself provides the perfect illustration of ‘disgusting’.

  • Quentin Jersey

    He means respect Christian values imported from Europe and forced upon Africans by colonial powers and their missionaries. It is the height of ignorance to claim that “whites introduced homosexuality to Africa” NO whites taught Africans that homosexuality is wrong.

    • Truth

      … and white American Christian evangelists are STILL doing it ….!

    • CRW

      It is patronising to assume that Black Africans are only against homosexuality because it is what some white missionary told their great great granddad.
      Black Africans live in the same world as White Europeans, they make their choices on what they like or don’t like the same as everyone else. They aren’t mentally incapable of making up their own minds just because they are Black.

      • Rehan

        Black Africans live in the same world as White Europeans

        I don’t get the impression that, in general, they have quite as much access to education as white Europeans.

      • Truth

        And what, pray tell, do you suppose has influenced them to ‘make their choices’ to discriminate against gay people in this disgusting way if it isn’t religion?

      • Kieran

        It’s not because they’re black it’s because they’re Christian, religion has a nasty habit of destroying common sense and free thought, hence they can’t think for themselves because they follow the vague guidelines of a religion that not so long ago was being used to enslave them.

        Subsaharan Africa was far more tolerant towards homosexuality than Europe, in France it carried the death penalty until decriminalisation during the French Revolution in Zulu culture it was part of the norm. There were no laws against homosexuality until the age of imperialism and the spread of Christianity.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        Regardless of their history, their current circumstances, and their level of education, the fact is that Africans today are entirely responsible for their own behaviour. They have choices, they have decisions to make, they have challenges, and they need to rise to them, just like everyone else has to. They’ve been given all the encouragement that ought to have been necessary for them to make the right decision. So, Uganda’s politicians are fully and completely responsible for this iniquitous piece of legislation. And if it results in lynchings and murders and rapes and suchlike: all of those politicians will be responsible.

  • Paul’s

    To paraphrase; do not interfere…we can run our own country (but keep sending money and aid). It is sad to see so much of Africa let down by corrupt incompetent leadership and millions die because of it.

    • Truth

      Mandela and other intelligent, educated Africans feared exactly this scenario – that chaos, war, dictatorship, destruction, etc. would eventually permeate the whole continent. Seems they were right …..

  • GulliverUK

    Uganda has broken international law, in treaties they have signed up to, their own constitution, and charters they’ve signed, promises they’ve even made to donor countries. They must be expelled from these treaties. It’s absolute rubbish that they can just do what they want, they cannot be part of a world community that upholds certain standards, rights, freedoms, non-negotiable treaty obligations cannot be signed up to, then ignored.

    And if I was the president I’ve be very clear that there must not be any witch-hunting, any incitement to hatred, or any violence against any LGBT in Uganda, because the consequence of that might well be discrimination against all sorts of Africans, especially those who are identified from Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, and so on, by people in other countries. If 80% of Ugandans have a problem with homosexuality — what company would want to employ them in the UK or US? They could be a problem in the office, so not worth taking the risk. They really haven’t thought through the consequences. There are already people in this country who constantly ferment discord and are close to inciting hatred of people whose skin colour isn’t white, and especially those coming from other countries – it’s hard enough to keep those people in their place, on forums and comment pages, without Uganda making it more difficult by giving people doubts about defending them. I’ve worked with people from Nigeria and Uganda and they have been fine with me, nice people that I’d like to work with again. And if you shut down the conversation required to make your society more accepting and tolerant towards people happen to be gay, then that society can’t progress. They will get it eventually, but it will be very painful, very disturbing, and take a long time. They need to be having a full-on discussion in Uganda and Nigeria, talking about gay Africans, why it’s wrong to not have the same rights, what problems this causes, what life is life, and showing that it’s not fair. And they need to remember their own history, their own suffering as slaves, and why it was wrong, and why segregation in the US was wrong. The president is a big part of that problem – he’s too old, too set in anti-colonial bigoted religious thinking – he’ll have to go before they can really move along. He didn’t need to say those things – and it was very unwise for him to say them.

    • That There Other David

      There’s a large number of ambassadorial cars from African Commonwealth nations at St. James’s Palace today. Something being discussed perhaps?

      • Truth

        I sincerely hope they are being immediately expelled from The Commonwealth ….. ?

        • John

          No body is bothered about the commonwealth nowadays…

          • James Campbell

            If you travelled around the Commonwealth countries as I have, you would know that the Commonwealth is very important to many people around the world and contrary to some posting here, it has been a force for good as it links each commonwealth country together as no other organisation can. Pressure from the UN, Western governments plus other Commonwealth countries is just one factor in a united effort to ease tensions created by Ugandan politicians who are strangers to conscience and will do anything to win votes. Part of me wants to see Uganda kicked out of the Commonwealth, but that is tempered by the fear that things could get even worse if we did. I am involved in several health initiatives in Africa and the Commonwealth is an ally in areas such as premature birth care. The 53 countries in the Commonwealth are home to 2.2 billion citizens. Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma has voiced concern over recent developments in several Commonwealth member states affecting the rights of citizens based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

          • Truth

            In that case, it is a disgrace that the Head of The Commonwealth – The Queen of England – has remained resolutely silent on this issue. Surely she should be ‘advising’ them, at the very least, that their newly-introduced law is repugnant and backward …?

  • Kieran

    The fact that the swine signed this law is proof African values is an oxymoron. If these tools noticed that when they compare their country with likes of Scandinavian countries they would notice higher education rates, low poverty, and the least corruption, Scandinavia also has a very stable climate, but their god blesses them with widespread poverty high corruption an unstable climate and malaria. What does Scandinavia have same sex marriage, Uganda has no rights for its LGBT population. If there is a god Mr president Uganda must be his blind spot.

    • That There Other David

      Paraphrasing Richard Dawkings God is apparently the creator of all time and space, he can be everywhere, watch everyone and possesses the power to do anything he pleases. But what he really cares most about is where you put your penis.

      • Kieran

        Ironic that the flawless and perfect god would have such flawed followers

      • Truth

        I think you’ll find that, rather than their god, it is the homophobic individuals who obsess most about the subject. One really does have to question WHY homosexuality occupies so much of their time when the bible frets over so many other more important things ….

        • Geronimo

          like murder, misogyny, oppression, xenophobia, control, money, and power?

  • daveg

    What about the African values of peace, humility and justice espoused by Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu? Is he saying these giants of liberation and democracy are not African?

    is it not racist to say that this guy and his followers are a bunch of evil-minded fascists, egged on by weirdo far-right American evangelicals, they appeal to the lowest scapegoating instincts of a poor and under-educated populaiton, and are attacking the most vulnerable people in their society. Yoweri- Amin – Mugabe. they will end up in dustbin of history.

    • daveg

      It is not racist…! (mistype)

    • Truth

      They may well end up in the dustbin of history but not before the lives of thousands of LGBT citizens have been destroyed or lost. Personally, I don’t care WHY they are like they are or who is responsible for spreading this current wave of hatred. I just want the ignorant imbeciles to respect the OWN constitution which clearly sets out protections for ALL citizens and to be reminded of how disgustingly hypocritical it is to be persecuting ANYONE when, for centuries, black people suffered the same fate at the hands of white colonisers. Are they so blind to their own history ….?

    • Suzzette Crawford

      Maybe there should be a need of white European ruling Africa rather than these bunch of ignorant, black senseless arrogant political dogs ruling Africa!

  • Halou

    Yes, Americans should respect African societies, except for those Americans who are throwing around church money, they can interfere as much as they like. If they don’t agree with something, far from keeping quiet the evangelicals get a free pen and access to the law books.
    Blind and ignorant.

    If the evangelicals stopped going to Africa to spread their cult of hate and death then their governments wont have to follow them to try and undo the damage.

    • Suzzette Crawford

      Where is the so called “African Values” ? What about the young girls and young boys, including women that you Africans raped and murder, is that a part of the “AFRICAN VALUE”?

  • Ray

    Uganda must be suspended from the Un at the earliest opportunity. It has broken UN Human Rights declaration and its own laws.
    Whilst it’s a horrible prospect- Aid directly to the people of Uganda; not the government; must also be suspended for at least 6 months with options for extending, and people told why. If they want to protest then they must do so to Musevani and their Government.
    Similarly a strong line against the other African countires with anti-gay laws as with elsewhere.
    Time to stand up for what is right and for human rights. (and yes, I know that such actions as above may also be problematic eg: right to food etc…)

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      The man says in the interview something like, “If we are wrong, then let us learn . . . ”

      Well, learning is significantly assisted by TEACHING. And we need to TEACH the man by every method at our disposal.

      • Halou

        Learning also pretty much requires a person to be open to changing their position if/when they realize they are wrong.
        Uganda’s new ‘law’ goes in quite the opposite direction by making it strictly illegal to speak up for changing the law from what it is to something more respectful of human rights.

  • Narrow

    Homophobic scumbags like him are digusting and Africans should damn well respect our superior values of equality over their barbaric and filfthy values of punishing and violently abusing human beings that pose no threat to anything in the obvious attempt to “cleanse” the world of homosexuals, just like Russia they think Homosexuals are a different animal they can just rid the world of, well atleast I can take some solace but hardly enough in the fact religions have been trying to do this for litterly thousands of years and it hasn’t worked, we’re still here and we aren’t going anywhere.

    …I’m slightly suprised at my anger but this really makes my blood boil, this is a disgrace to humanity and how far we’ve come.

  • Frank Boulton

    Note that Museveni criticizes westerners for holding an opinion contrary to his own but tells us to “just keep quiet” unless we’re prepared to agree with him. It’s just another case of double standards.

  • LemmyC

    So what can we do now? I understand all the hate and revulsion for Uganda and the other African (and North African and Middle Eastern and Eurasian) countries that have (re)instated these hateful laws, but I would like to know how we can best organise, at a grass-roots level, to fight for the many thousands of our brothers and sisters who are now quite literally staring death in the face if they dare reveal themselves.

  • Barry Scarfe

    Tories and quite a few others in the 1950’s said Britain shouldn’t give independence to its colonies as Africans and Afro-Carribeans were not ready for it. Do we need any more proof they were right?

    • saintlaw

      We need no more proof that you’re a moron.

  • Jones

    He still thinks homosexuality is a choice.

    Why would anyone want to be homosexual in your country when you treat them like second class citizens and put them in jail? Oh yes, I’d choose that life over one where I’m considered ‘normal’.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    When the fool said, with obviously pretended shock, “I didn’t know what they were DOING!”, I laughed out loud! As if this goat has reached his age and never had an inkling what two males do when having sex! What’s he trying to prove? Why’s he trying to tell the world that up until recently he had NO IDEA what we “DO”? I’m not saying he’s been “DOING” it himself at some point. What I’m suggesting is that this man is clearly floating around in a fantasyland, that he’s unconnected with reality, that he believes that we will swallow the notion of him never having had the foggiest idea of what we “DO”!

    As for his “Respect African values!” (and allow us to get on with the persecution of the queers), that’s not dissimilar to another deluded fool having justified his horrendous persecution of millions by lauding Aryan values.

    • Truth

      Everything this man says reeks of, ‘Me Thinks The Lady Doth Protest Too Loudly”. Personally, I think he’s fantasised a little too much about gay sex and is now ‘disgusted’ at his own physiological reaction … if you get my drift …? It’s probably the same physiological reaction witnessed in experiments where rabidly homophobic men display much greater signs of physical arousal at being shown gay porn than do people who are non-homophobic – confirming the old adage: ‘The bigger the homophobe – the bigger the closet case”

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    The least we can do is keep signing the petition and get to a million signatures, so the UN and world leaders will feel more encouraged. Share with everyone you know and URGE them to sign.

  • Eugene

    This moron does not seem to realise he has just shown himself to be a racist. His use of the word “African” clearly refers to black people. Has it occurred to him that there are millions of people that are African that are not black?

    Also, who is he to define what is African and what is not? So, are Africans, including black Africans, who do not agree with him un-African? This would mean they should be expelled from Africa. He has no clue of how much hatred he has just endorsed – it is not just against gay people that he has endorsed hatred and promoted violence. Does he want to arrest people whose religions allow for same-sex relationships or does he believe in freedom of religion? It can only be one or the other.

    I also came across an article claiming that parts of the document containing so-called scientific findings about gay people were falsified. I refer to Who is looking increasingly like a moron before the entire world?

    • Halou

      The term “African” makes about as much sense as the term “Western”. Neither are unified mono-cultures with a single legal system or a single all-encompassing government structure.
      He accuses “The West” of being imperialist, as though the likes of Slovenia ever had an empire, and at the same time assumes Ugandan values (see christian dominionism imported from the USA) are somehow also the values of an entire continent, almost as if he thinks his country has precedent in the affairs of other African nations because their not being Ugandan means they are equally not truly African, or that people in other African countries would be better served under Ugandan rule than that of their own governments.
      Though, reading the 2009 terms of the bill it makes sense, with provisions that allow for the law’s application outside of Uganda’s territorial boundaries and without regard for international treaties or the terms of conflicting foreign legislation.

  • Robert Anthony

    So I guess Hitler’s “values” should have been respected and left alone. He too, decided to eliminate an undesirable minority from his midst, based upon the same kind of logic. Turn back Uganda. History will remember your cruelty and ignorance.

  • Cal

    Funny, I remember a time not so long ago that, all over the world, Black people were considered so “disgusting” that they were given separate drinking fountains. Or simply hunted down and killed by Southern States White savages. Seems this moronic Nazi has no sense of history. Or right and wrong. A typical African leader. Despite all the help they are getting from the developed world, they are taking their continent right down the toilet.

    • Suzzette Crawford

      Black African Leaders do not make good Political leaders! They’re a bag of garbage full of stinking dead worms! They need to be expelled and cast down with DEVIL!

  • Suzzette Crawford

    What “African values” is he talking about? there is no such thing! they promote violence against women and children! and indeed promote their military men to raped underage boys and girls, then murdering them and buried them in mass graves.

  • James Campbell

    Part of my work involves treating people who present with varying forms of paranoia, hallucinations, delusions and an inability to distinguish between reality and myth. I am thinking of moving to Uganda as their government appears to be full of very sick people indeed.

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