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Video: What life could be like if Russia abolished it’s anti-gay laws

  • Alan O’Flynn

    A stereotypical microscopic view of a subsection of the gay scene, maybe not the best example of how life could be. It’s not the example of a better life that I would first think of.
    Why not depict the thousands of ordinary gay folk who could lead safe ordinary day-to-day lives without risk of assault and death, and without the sky falling in?

    • Fr Mark

      I really agree. This will not advance public perceptions of gay people in Russia.

      • Carl

        I agree – this kind of display is what most Russians have been enculturated to hate about LGBT people. So this video would actually exacerbate those negative feelings.
        Don’t get me wrong: there should be freedom to do this if you want to(which not all gay people do), without the fear of been attacked.

  • Sasha

    OK, I’m 100% against Putin and his loathsome regime. But that video… Gah! Frankly, I find that a compelling argument to keep the ruddy laws!

  • Rich Noordijk

    When I viewed the video, I thought it was made by ppl AGAINST the LGBT community!!! I am gay and living in Canada near Toronto and I NEVER take part in such a situation as the one depicted…[to each their own but this video is NOT a balanced representation of the gay community and does more harm than good towards a healthy understanding of what we are about, IMO]

  • TomSatsuma

    Clearly this will do more harm than good – was this produced by the other side?

  • LemmyC

    My first reaction when I saw that video? Why would anyone want life to be like that, in Russia or anywhere else??? And I love a good party as much as the next gay guy… Ugh!!!

  • Mark Y

    Stupid video. Never really enjoyed hen night ‘drag queen’ cabaret – which doesn’t represent the gay community at all. So for me, it was like watching a nightmare. Thankfully I don’t have any gay friends like any of the people in the video.

  • Jones

    It would be MUCH better and safer. But this video does not highlight that. For gay Russians having a pride festival is not a priority. To stop being assaulted and hunted down in the streets is.

  • Read


  • Colin

    As part of a balanced education programe….then great. Each to their own and live and let live….BALANCE as well please.

  • Rumbelow

    Yuck! that was a mistake.

  • Daniel

    A video once again pushing out the stereotype that the LGBT community is about Pride parades, partying, loud music, public displays of affection and gaudy “Mardi-Gras-esque” costumes.
    How about acknowledging that many in the LGBT enjoy life without the need for the above? Personally I don’t think the video helps their cause at all.

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