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UK confirms no aid will go to Ugandan Government in wake of anti-gay law

  • Mark Y

    So bascially, UK aid goes to the ugandan people who support a homophobic regime and have called for the regime to enact these bigoted laws, rather than the homophobic regime.

    Not good enough. ALL aid must be stopped from being given to countries with homophobic laws.

    • VP

      No. Bigoted many of these people may be, but they are also in need. They are also suffering. We do not deny people vital aid simply because we disagree with them – the fundamental necessities of life are a human right.

      Also, the Ugandan people include the oppressed and hounded LGBT people of Uganda. Who need our aid more than ever. It would be shockingly inhumane to deny them aid simply to punish their less enlightened fellow citizens.

      • Jesus_Mohammed

        No, VP, sorry, nice kind thoughts, but it’s too soft. We’ve been soft before and then watched as horrors erupted. You go in hard against such an outrage as this.

      • Truth

        Their President says persecuting gay people is ‘African values’. I think Hitler probably said something similar regarding Jews. With the benefit of history, would you have defended supporting Germans ….? Hitting people in the pocket is often the ONLY effective way to focus minds.

      • Would you feel comfortable giving aid to individuals who we know are assaulting, torturing and murdering other people?

        At the very least we should be picking and choosing very carefully who we fund. Medical facilities for the young should not be touched, but funding for the idiot masses should stop.

        It’s all rather pointless while the religious are continuing their brainwashing in the country anyway. Nothing will improve there until we stop letting the religious nutters control education and health.

      • Mike Dalgarno

        I have to agree with Mark Y on this (behind gritted teeth), because there is a small number of innocent people

        What should be acknowledged is that a large proportion of Ugandans have the same belief that the government have (whether to the extremity is another question).

        Additionally, the Uganda government know that they will lose aid to them directly, but understand that some countries will re-direct to specific charities/areas…and they rely on this and know that there will still be support/aid of some sort.

        Personally, I would be more inclined to redirect the aid towards the LGBT community…as they are the ones that would need the support the most…at the moment.

      • Mark Y

        VP, if the aid money were being given solely to the LGBT organisations I would have no issue. But it isn’t. In the majority its helping bigots who want to kill gay men. And I don’t want my tax money being spent on helping homophobic bigots. It would be like a Jew not having an issue with their tax being sent to help germany in 1936, which would have been very stupid.

        Do you seriously think that LGBT people will see one penny of any UK aid sent into that hell hole?

      • David Greensmith

        Bigoted but in need. Tough. There are non-bigoted people out there in need as well and they just jumped ahead in the queue.

      • Joanna Meier

        This simply isn’t true though – this isn’t a view held by some people in their country, NINETY SIX PERCENT hold this opinion. That’s mind boggling. You may contribute to Ugandan charities if you wish, I have no interest whatsoever in having my taxes sent to people who want my family and friends hanged.

      • Eduard

        Why not simply give aid ony to LGBT orgainsations?

    • doug

      I agree, but you read about people being so poor in countries like Uganda and Zimbabwe they are reduced to eating grass.

      Stopping government aid will at least prevent them from spending it on fleets of Mercedes and shopping trips to Paris.

    • sisquo

      I agree , but it`s a good start.

  • Holly

    Hold on, so you’re telling me that “Following the introduction of a Ugandan law” the government managed to go back in time and “end … all budget support payments to the Ugandan government LAST YEAR”.

    So in reality, the UK government has done NOTHING new, and somehow this is important news?

    • GulliverUK

      Important to re-affirm this, in case there was doubt, but as I pointed out yesterday direct bilateral support to the Ugandan government was cut due to fraud/misuse in 2013 – which is what you pointed out also yesterday.

      Now the crunch. AID money goes for very worthy programmes via NGOs. Some of that money, to fight HIV for example, can not, now, benefit LGBT in Uganda because disclosing that you have sex with someone of the same gender is, now, against the law, and they would have to report you to the police, to be locked up. And so, ironically, HIV, one of Uganda’s biggest problems, with 1.5m people affected, and largely run by NGOs, .. well, those NGOs are now going to have to discriminate against LGBT — so in fact, can NGOs live with that? Can we live with NGOs discriminating? $450m comes from the US, and that is very likely going to be cut, so the Ugandan government will have to cut elsewhere in order to maintain HIV budgets.

      All of this is down to Scott Lively and other Evangelical Christians from the US. Did they intend to kill LGBT Ugandans? They’ll be killing lots of black Africans along the way, but being from the White Evangelical Christian movement – I don’t think they will lose a lot of sleep over that. How did they manage to hide their racist credentials, … and just to give that a little authority, even Bishop John Shelby Spong said the Fundamentalist Evangelical Christians were full of white racists, and many other with authority have said this. The South Baptists were racists until recently. The Mormon church was racists until recently. The US had segregation, they had a civil war over slavery, with half the country wanting to keep it. Religious power in the US has always appeared, to me, to be out-of-control. Just look what they did with DOMA and what’s going on with #sb1062 in Arizona. And I’m very pro the US, and I tend to think that most Americans are reasonable people, but a small minority of religious nutters are causing havoc in the US, and abroad, and it’s got to stop. If that means clamping down on religious freedoms, I can live with that. Like murder, the law is largely irrelevant to 99% of the population, because we don’t want to murder anyone. And if only 1% of the US population are involved in these harmful practices of spreading hate, then a law forbidding incitement to hatred which covers these people, would be the right thing. Such a law would not affect any other religious people, just those propagating hate, Brian Brown, Scott Lively, … that sort.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    We also cut off diplomatic ties many years ago.

  • Daveygod

    It’s good to see people on Christian Voice celebrating the fact that people in Uganda can be sent to prison for loving somebody. These loving christians warm your heart.

    • That’s why, whenever I hear a Christian claiming to “love the sinner and hate the sin” I call them a fu*king liar.

      • Ken

        The only good christian is a dead christian

        • black and gay

          And you Ken are no better then any homophobic person ever.

          • Eduard

            It doesn’t mean they deserve to die. Just that they are never good.
            Gay movement needs some radicalism, IMO.

    • Mike Dalgarno

      Isn’t Christian Voice run by Stephen Green?

      Wasn’t he accused of being an abuser to his wife and kids, some leading to hospital treatment?


  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Watch this video! It shows how Ugandans have been warned by white American religious nutters that our ambition is TO WIPE OUT THE HUMAN RACE! (Wow! We ARE evil, aren’t we!) And towards the end of the video, just look at the juvenile glee of Ugandan politicians as the bill proceeded.

    • This is the level of ignorance we’re dealing with when it comes to the religious insanity of many of these backward countries.

      If anyone doubts it, religion is a mental illness. It’s the very definition of mental illness, believing in something unproven and completely illogical while refusing reality. The rejection of reality is mental illness, these people are suffering from exactly that.

      • Lennard

        I’m totally with you in the sense that I too consider religion a mental illness, but that makes Ugandans victims of their own blindness in a way, doesn’t it? I see a lot of similarities between Ugandan people shouting out anti-homosexual slurs and avid Hitler followers in the 1930’s.
        While I think cutting aid to Uganda is pretty much the only thing the West can do at this point, I can’t help but feel it’s a bit hypocrite as well. If you look at Uganda’s history it becomes fairly clear homophobia is imported (first by the British when Uganda was still a protectorate, later by US missionairies).
        I’m all for cutting aid to Uganda, until we find a cure for people’s gullibility, which I think millions of Ugandans have fallen victim to.

  • John

    All foreign aid should be stopped ….all these countries are taking the P… out of

    Great Britain…..look after our own nation first….

  • Scoutdubna

    So we are happy with the moves towards banning aid to Uganda. A country of which I am very fond as I worked there for 4 years. BUT I do agree we should cut the aid. But are we not just a little hypocrytical when we speak to the USA with all its anti gay laws?

    America, practice what you preach and get your own house in order.

    Gay marriage not allowed in many states, refusal to serve a gay a coffee allowed.

    A friend of mine was recently beaten up in the USA for being Asian and Muslim.

    In fact he is a very good member of the British Army having received several awards and worked alongside Yanks in Afghanistan. He is a hero.

    But you yanks are twats.

    • Mark Y

      If you think its as bad being gay in the USA than it is in uganda, you need to have a serious rethink. So don’t be a twat and generalise all americans as being twats, because that would make you a twat.

      btw, muslims get beaten up all over the world, so do christians, and muslims decapitate british soldiers as they walk down the street and blow people up with suicide bombs. But the people who get treated worse than anyone, anywhere in the world are gay men and women – especially by muslims.

    • MJ

      Where and when did this assault on your “Muslim” “Asian” friend take place ?

  • Jones

    I thought no aid means exactly that. Once again showing how this government has double standards.

  • David Greensmith

    Not good enough. The government passed this law because the homophobic people of Uganda wanted it. All aid needs to cease immediately.

  • Josh

    Peace, justice, respect, and freedom usually flourish in countries where people are educated, safe, and financially secure. We must continue to support human development wherever we can, whenever we can. Millions could benefit if we do—including LGBT people.

  • Colin Tanqueray Irwin

    The people of this nation are every bit as morally bankrupt, if not more so, than their government one only has to witness the appalling images of gay men being lynched or burnt alive on the streets. Let them all starve I say, NO aid whatsoever in my name!!

  • Katerega Asuman

    The only pink ship in the family is to suffer , my country so homophobic !

  • sisquo

    Hurray for that !!!

  • Daniel

    As much as I strongly believe that aid should continue to go to those in need, the only way of sending a powerful and resolute message is to cease ALL aid. If the will of the people in Uganda is to support such abhorrent legislation, then all form of aid should cease.

  • David

    Cut the savages off!

  • Colin Cass

    Uganda must be made to be responsible for its homophobic actions,Stop All Aid now & Ban All imports of Ugandan goods &Services! treat the Ugandan Government as the evil bigots that they are,if thier people support them ,they deserve the medicine ,if they don’t support thier Government on this law ,Throw them Out of power! The same should apply to All the other countries in the World creating homophobic laws & abusing thier gay Citizens.One would have thought that having endured years of abuse & hatred because of thier colour, the people of these african & Carribean countries would have been the ones to have empathy with the group of people now replacing THEM as the group the less intelligent people want to blame for All ills!

  • Paul

    Ok its one thing stopping aid to the government but I cant help feel that the continuation of aid to NGOs (a lot of these are not entirely non-government affiliated anyway and frequently staffed by people more than close to Museveni’s regime) just does the what the corrupt bastards in government should be doing anyway….providing services and care to their citizens. If no aid went for a while the people of Uganda might realise that their government doesnt care about them and is attacking gay people in order to garner support from the ignorant impoverished classes. It would shake up the country and the buffoons who support this nazi law would quickly realise that their hate has got to stop.

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