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Several countries cut aid to Uganda over anti-gay law


    It’s nice to see governments taking actual action, but then again this aid money should NEVER be going to a corrupt and despotic government anyway!

    We’re all looking at the corrupt lavish lifestyles of the ousted psychopaths in Ukraine right now and it’s clear that these men were being given billions in under-the-table deals from Russia and other nations, and look what they did with it – gold taps, unicorn statues and freakin’ fake GALLEONS in their back yards, while their national debt spiraled and their people struggled to make a living.

    I applaud the nations making these decisions, but it’s not enough. People will likely be surprised to learn that so much money was regularly being handed over to this government without guarantees, and that should force a lot of people to ask why.

    “Here’s £6m in “aid”, no questions asked, now let our corporations use your lax banking system to avoid taxes…”

  • rapture

    good, cut aid to all these primitive countries that debase humans/LGBT. Maybe there will be a peoples revolution against these governments to overthrow them when hunger kicks in.

    • Rehan

      Sadly it seems not to work that way – look at Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. it’s even more unlikely given that Museveni, apparently penniless in the mid-1980s, is now the 12th-richest man in Africa.

      • rapture

        Well since over 90%of Ugandans support this , let them suffer, and I know you will say what about lgbt, they are doomed in these African cesspits anyhow, unless they can escape. Also, I believe all aid should be cut to countries where the populace overwhelmingly support LGBT persecution and instead spent at home or for countries in an evolving/progressing state.

    • Nankabirwa

      I am Ugandan and I do not believe in the persecution of anyone. I think the most disturbing thing about this whole campaign is the hypocritical, neo colonial attitudes I did not know whites had towards African states. I have seen all sorts of comments calling us primitive, backwards and all, all of us as a country. I have a problem with that and moving forward may be your aid is not good for us if you have the ability to pass such generalized comments.
      But as you withdraw your aid, withdraw your private companies too.

      • Randy Bill

        Don’t mind about the whites. They are jealous, selfish and greedy. What you’re witnessing is like “grabbing meat from a dog”. Homosexuality is the west’s latest tool to bring down Africa’s cultural values because they have lost theirs.They are desperate to see their efforts failing. Remember, No nation can stand against God and survive. Watch the space.

        • Rehan

          “Africa’s cultural values” including belief in a god introduced by … oh, wait! Those same “jealous, selfish and greedy” whites, and not even 200 years ago.

          Are you really comfortable advertising your ignorance to widely? Are you even aware that two-thirds of the world population doesn’t believe in the god of Israel you apparently worship?

          • Randy Bill

            Rehan, you’re so hilarious! Come over to Uganda for a cup of tea!!

            During Noah’s time more than 90% didn’t believe in God, you know what happened to them! So, you believe that God doesn’t exist?

          • Rehan

            If you seriously believe in the Flood and that you’re a descendant of Noah, I’m afraid you’re too dimwitted to engage with. What a shame you have the ability to read and write and still can’t think for yourself or observe the beauties of the natural world without believing in an obvious myth.

          • Randy Bill

            LOL..your Agenda to De-Chritianise and De-populate Africa will never work! Africa of today is more alert than before. We’re tired of your trickery. To hell with your aid

          • Rehan

            Yes, after all God will provide, won’t He? As he always has so well.

          • Randy Bill

            You don’t believe God exists?

          • Rehan

            Which? Elohim, Jehovah, Allah, Ahura-Mazda, Brahman, Satnam or Zeus? No, I don’t believe in any of them.

          • Dimebong

            To hell with aid? Fair enough, i suppose someone who isn’t poor and being neglected by their government could say that with confidence.

            But wait for the trade sanctions lol. You country is only going to go backwards.

        • Dimebong

          In all my years, have never met a white man that is jealous of Africans. When people think of africa they think animals, poverty, and piracy. That’s pretty much it. The only African content that plays here is a charity commercial asking for donations.

      • Rehan

        Do you seriously think bringing in a law in 2014 that makes it a crime not to inform on a neighbour’s sexuality is a mark of a developed or advanced society? I mean, get a sense of perspective here!

        • Andrea

          You get a sense of perspective. Your arguments are illogical and absurd.

          • Rehan

            Bless you. sweetie. Look up ‘absurd’ in the dictionary, you might learn something. Then again, you probably won’t.

          • Andrea

            I am gay and I have lived in Africa, I hate homophobic sentiments but I see no difference between a homophobic person like Museveni and a person like you with racist sentiments. You fail us.

            I am sure you can make your point without questioning the ability of Africans to manage their own resources.

          • Rehan

            I am disturbed by your imputation that my post was racist. I always try to avoid generalisations (which are indeed often racist) and was speaking specifically of the new laws in Uganda only, not of all African nations or African people.

  • D.McCabe

    I am glad that those countries are now leading the way in the cutting of aid.

    How long, if it all, will the UK Government follow suit?

    • Robert W. Pierce

      We did last year.

  • Rehan

    Norway, Denmark and The Netherlands, impressively if predictably the first off the mark to take a principled stance on the issue. Come on UK, let’s not lag too far behind – screw the Commonwealth ties.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      I believe we’ve also cut off diplomatic ties too some years ago.

    • Nankabirwa

      Statistics show that for every dollar that is given to Africa in Aid, seven dollars leaves.

      Does the cutting of ties also mean that you will recall your British/Dutch,Norwegian… etc citizens and companies engaged in the extractive industries, coffee, banks, telecom etc or are you just going to withdraw the short hand that gives and keep the long hidden hand that takes?

      • Rehan

        I can’t answer that since we don’t live in a dictatorship and therefore our citizens and private enterprises are free to do as they please (with advice). You in Uganda might prefer to crack down on the ‘extractive industries’ yourselves and see how long your society lasts – I suspect Museveni, who didn’t become the 12th richest man in Africa avoiding dealings with foreigners, might not be too keen on the idea though.

        • Nankabirwa

          Are you saying that the Ugandan society can not last without your enterprises? Is that to say that Ugandans are unable to manage their own natural resources?

          Are you saying that your extractive industries are responsible for creating Museveni’s wealth? Can you mention one or two of those companies? Are those industries representative of a corrupt society in Europe that exploits Africa’s resources by enriching its leaders?

          I am not for the new bill and so many Ugandans do not agree with the bill but you forget that Ugandans across the board gay or not are disgusted with your colonial mindset that thinks Africa can not exist without the west.

          Of course you have the sophisticate arms and in one sitting over cups of nice Ugandan coffee can decide to drop bombs on Uganda as you have done in other countries just to get rid of a “dictatorship”.
          Good luck with that.

          I hope your government recalls its high commissioner together with all its citizens who are clearly hear to make sure we stay alive and all other governments follow, lets test that theory that this society will not survive after that.

          • Randy Bill

            Correction: over 90% of Ugandans support the law. Even if M7 goes, the anti-homosexuality law will stay. In fact Uganda should add a clause to hang stubborn homosexuals like Rehan! It’s now the best opportunity for Uganda to shine and show the world that we can survive without sympathizers of homosexuality. For God and My Country!

          • Rehan

            Thereby giving civilised people all the justification needed in labelling people like you “savages.” Well done.

            Verily I say unto you, there are no more stupid people on this planet (or, as you may prefer, flat earth) than those who bleat “For God”.

          • Randy Bill

            Lol..Rehan, let’s be frank: Homosexuality stinks! You know it very well, except if you’re one of them..

          • Rehan

            Riiiiiight. That of course explains why you’re taking the trouble to comment on a gay news website.

            Stick with the delusions, my poor friend, you’re probably more comfortable that way. Being able to think for yourself requires some intelligence.

          • Tanisha Angelia Strømsvik

            You are not serving God by judging and condemning others, hypocrite. As pointed out in Ezekiel, the wicked who becomes righteous will be forgiven – so by killing people you take away their chance to redeem themselves. Also read the part where Jesus prevented the stoning of a woman. You should also know that the majority of the new testament keeps pointing out the seriousness of judging and condemning others – that if you do that you yourself will be judged equally harshly by God.

            You are not God, so don’t shame yourself by elevating yourself to his position by judging, condemning, subjecting, rejecting and hurting others in his name.

            Don’t be like a Nicolaitan, one that through his religion become a worse human being by cherry picking the parts of your religion that you naively believe supports your hate and intolerance instead of love and acceptance.

          • Rehan

            Where do you think Museveni’s wealth comes from – service to the nation? And if Ugandans are able to manage their own natural resources, why don’t you do so? It will be interesting to observe, since most developed nations rely on trade and international cooperation.

          • Andrea

            Rehan, you have taken a wrong turn. If you say Museveni’s wealth comes from corrupt dealings with western based enterprises, that says a lot about the kind of companies we are generating and what we as a people are doing to the African continent. If we lack such kind of ethics, how can we demand respect? Many countries are in Africa to exploit resources not to help them manage them. Africa has the fast growing economies and I think they have the ability to do so much more than we expect of them, If they can find a way to trade amongst themselves, they will never need to trade with the rest of the world. No one is happy about the law, if you read between the lines, Ugandans are more repulsed by your kind of thinking that is despising and regrettable.

      • Anne

        Unfortunately the anti-gay bill will mitigate against foreign direct investment. Large corporation do not want to do business with states who may criminalize or imprison some of their staff.
        Also, homosexuality was first criminalized by Christian European colonial powers in Africa in the 19th century (the British in Uganda) and is now being promoted by right wing American evangelical churches it has little to do with a pan African anti-gay culture! It is sad to see this happening in your state.

        My Chinese hairdresser who is gay says the worst homophobic abuse he ever experienced was from a Nigerian Christian taxi driver. It will be interesting to see how Chinese businesses respond to the situation when their staff are arrested under these draconian laws.

  • Paul s

    Why do people not read articles properly? The UK has all ready cut direct government aid and give it directly to Human Right Groups. Norway and Denmark are now following this policy.

    • Robert W. Pierce

      I believe the UK began cutting aid in October 2013. So we in fact were the first to start the ball rolling, not that I think it will do much good. We even cut off diplomatic ties as far back as 1976. Little good that it has done. There has to be another way to hurt the regime than this.

      • Rehan

        We even cut off diplomatic ties as far back as 1976

        Was that in Idi Amin’s time? There’s certainly a High Commission in London these days.

        • Robert W. Pierce


  • Truth

    How can we keep this momentum going …? Will the BBC be reporting this ending of aid on the 10 o’clock news? How can we shame OTHER nations into taking similar action …?

  • Halou

    Guess where the 2022 Winter Olympics will be hosted.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    PinkNews, the following is not a sentence. It makes no sense. Do we have to guess what is you mean to say? That’s dodgy journalism.

    “This is the same policy which the British Department for International
    Development, which provides aid directly to organisations such as the
    UN, World Bank and Amnesty International.”

    • Marc Webster

      Take a leaf out of your own book then as your last question doesnt make much sense…

  • Dennis Velco

    Money talks… learned dogmatic beliefs walk… let’s hope.

    Thanks for this article and your reporting. What you do is appreciated.

    I posted it to the largest LGBT Group on LinkedIn with over 24,900+ global members to spur members to read your article and to make comment. I also scooped it at Scoop.It on my LGBT Times news mashup.

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    It’s core value is – Visibility can lead to awareness which can lead to equality. Come stand with us and increase our visibility on the globe’s largest professional networking site. Be a professional who just happens to be LGBT – or a welcomed community ally.

  • Randy Bill

    LOL…All African countries are going to adopt the same law to ban homosexuality and your Agenda to bring down African culture and values will fail. If you love homosexuals so much, airlift them and grant them citizenship in your countries. Why are you quiet about Russia and other non-African countries?

    • Dimebong

      I hear about russian homophobia everyday on the news, you’re a tad ignorant lol.

      The difference between Russia and African country’s is that Russia is powerful and independent.

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    Rehan is an intelligent and bright commentatoron on PinkNews. No doubt about that !
    ( Norway )

  • Helge Vladimir Tiller

    Sorry, COMMENTATOR ON—- !

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