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Republican wants to ban openly gay NFL players because of showering situation

  • One of the benefits…

    And where does he thing we are showering now??

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Maybe its something he wishes to try himself since it’s obviously bothering him.

  • Mike Dalgarno

    Because showering with a gay man is so different showering with a straight man.

    If it is really an issue for a player, then maybe the club should offer some individual shower cubicles? Banning is just pathetic bigoted discrimation

  • Pet

    Oh My! I’m REALLY fed up of these guys obsessed with the showers, dressing rooms, anal sex, SEX, SEX, SEX, but apparently the obsessed are more than just a few. Anyway, religions have always been obsessed with sex.

  • Jones

    Players are not ‘forced’ to shower with gay players at all. If they want to think that gay people are obsessed with them then they can be bigots and choose not to shower.

  • Truth

    What is it with these ‘straight’ people? Why do they imagine EVERY gay man wants to have sex with EVERY straight man? Would he want to have sex with EVERY woman he meets? This is classic ‘projection’ … accusing others of that which you really want to do yourself. “Me thinks the lady doth protest too loudly”. Anyway, I’ve seen ‘hazing’ videos. Those ‘straight’ college guys sure seem more than comfortable indulging in ‘gay play’ if you ask me …!

  • Rumbelow

    Imagine your son being forced to shower with an openly gay man!!!!
    However if he is showering with a closeted gay man?… Exactly the same situation but it is all just peachy-keen. Bonkers.

    • Rehan

      Precisely! This idiot clearly is incapable of joined-up thinking.

  • That There Other David

    Firstly, he believes he speaks for every mother in America. Where does he get that idea from? Secondly, I’ll repeat what I’ve posted before. If any straight man genuinely thinks a gay guy cannot be trusted around other men then I would warn all women to stay well away from him and most certainly never let themselves be alone with him. There are dark thoughts going through a mind that projects such ideas.

  • Thomas

    This stupid ignorant man is in the same league as those idiot presidents of Nigeria, Uganda etc – pig-swill for brains.

  • Narrow

    When will it finally be drilled into these peoples heads that most gay men are not obsessed with sex and other men bodies.

    Theres something a little more offensive to this little stereotype that has bloomed over the years in my view though I’m most likely wrong and i’m looking too deep into this, but it seems to me they think just because we are attracted to men that we can’t control ourselves if we do get a bit flustered in the moment and then suddenly we’ll be like a dog on a leg, we do have self control you know just like how straight people have self control over women they find attractive.

    This is why its so hard to move forward with these Non-issues, because of the stereotypes, its all about sex sex sex with these people, why don’t you focus more on the love part?

    • Truth

      Quote: ” …. its all about sex sex sex with these people, why don’t you focus more on the love part? Because it’s the sex sex sex that THEY are focussed on. I don’t know why more people can’t understand the mechanics of homophobia. It’s driven by suppressed same-sex desire. They are afraid their hidden, suppressed ‘gayness’ is showing. So, they displace those inner-feelings by attacking those who represent that which they fear most within themselves: gay people. They think it puts us off the scent whereas someone displaying homophobia is the biggest give-away of all ….!

  • Jordy

    This idiot thinks the straight men in the shower are going to have to hide the soap.What a fool.

  • Cal

    He’s cute but often that’s just not enough. This guy has a Gay brother!? OMG, what a vindictive ignoramus. But how kind of him to be so protective of other men’s winkies that he’s worried about “a Gay” taking a peek in the shower?
    “Every mother’s nightmare” LOL.

    • Truth

      For ‘every mother’s nightmare’ …. replace ‘in my most erotic dreams’ .. and his obsession with the subject starts to make sense ….

  • Dermot Mac Flannchaidh

    He also admitted that he doesn’t expect this to become law. But he said it was a way to force moderate Republicans to make votes against it that would anger social conservatives in Republican primary elections and get them defeated by far-right challengers. This man is a snake.

  • Mihangel apYrs

    Brother A (gay) giving to the community as an anaesthetist
    Brother B – a parasite, talking for a livingl

    Who don’t we need?

  • Lew

    and here we go again with the “think of the children!” rhetoric.

  • Daniel

    It’s very curious that men like this constantly proselytise about the sexual habits of homosexual men. In any other circumstance it would be deemed a sexual fantasy, and indicate underlying sexual frustration and wants.
    I would be more concerned with his sexual obsession than his comments. I assume that he is not able to be in the same room/vicinity as women in that he would be unable to control his rabid sexual urges.

    • Truth

      Exactly! Well said! What these homophobes don’t realise for a single second is that their comments say so much more about their OWN desires than they do about the gay men they are maligning. How can he possibly KNOW the mind of a gay man unless he has, himself, experienced some same-sex desire? It is classic ‘projection’. “You fancy me, don’t you?” – when really the opposite is true ……

      • Barry Scarfe

        Spot-on! In about 90% of cases, homophobes are self-loathing homosexual or bisexual men/women! Show me a homophobe/biphobe and I will show you a closet case!

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    Jack Burkman is so demeaning, so insulting. How dare he imply that no homosexual citizen can take a communal shower without initiating sexual activity with those around him. How dare he imply that a homosexual person cannot take a shower in order to simply wash himself or herself.

    Again we are being demeaned as sexually craven, wanton individuals, as revolting creatures that only have sex, and that can only initiate sex at every possibility. According to Jack Burkman we are therefore sub-human. We have no human breadth to our personalities at all. Apparently it is impossible for us to take a shower and focus while we’re showering upon the work to be done, the shopping to be bought, the house to be cleaned, etc.

  • Rehan

    That’s a horrifying prospect for every mom in the country.

    Is the implication then that fathers will be less concerned? Rather odd really, since one might’ve thought it’d be the other way round …

  • Christopher in Canada

    Str8 men are afraid of being raped – that’s al this is. Now, how many gay men have YOU ever heard about that raped anyone? Not many. Now, how many str8 men have we heard about that have? Tell me when you stop counting.

  • Riondo

    My experience of a commericial gym 25+ years ago:
    The gay guys (whom I knew to be such) kept quiet, did their exercises, showered quickly and disappeared.
    The (apparently) straight guys who wittered on about wives and girlfriends strutted nude in front of each other, told each other how wonderful they looked, and primped in front of the mirrors.
    This guy is talking simplistic and poisonous guff.

  • Rob

    A homophobic republican – need I say any more…..

  • Charles

    This is smoking gun proof of the high prejudice against us in NFL football.

  • Thom Prentice

    So what? Old meme.

  • Deroin89

    what an IDIOT!!! I mean , really??????? lol greetings from the Philippines.. CONGRATULATIONS to Scotland…. #marriageequality

  • Leigh_Oats

    Says this story: “A Republican lobbyist is in favour of banning openly gay players from America’s National Football League. ‘We are losing our decency as a nation,’ Jack Burkman said [. . .]. ‘Imagine your son being forced to shower with a gay man.’ ”

    Thus the unwitting joker implies “with an openly gay man”, as if a closet gay man would somehow pose no “risk”.

  • Daniel

    The irony being that it would apparently be okay for a closeted gay man, their sexuality unknown to their teammates, to be showering with them.

    Especially hilarious when you consider that anyone who has ever showered at any kind of public gym has almost certainly showered in the presence of a gay man.

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