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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer: ‘I will do the right thing’ on gay discrimination bill

  • Truth

    ‘The Right Thing …’ for whom? Religious believers or gay people who would suffer prejudice and discrimination?

  • Jones

    ‘I will do the right thing’. Throw it in a fire then.

  • allancsn

    The right thing for business – so if minority groups aren’t economically important they can be persecuted as much as you like. Throw it out because it’s wrong and dangerous you ******** – suppose your son or daughter were gay and turned away from a business would you be a proud Arizonian then. Suppose the medic attending your gay son or daughter said that their religion didn’t allow them to treat gays and they bleed to death. Suppose the cab driver dumped your gay son or daughter on the side of the road would you be a proud mother and Arizonian then. Hey they don’t have even to be gay the loons can always say they thought they were or is the next stage pink triangles over again.

  • rapture

    How long does it take to do the right thing? if she had any decency, the bill would have been rejected , immediately.

  • Cal

    Sounds like pragmatism might just lead her to the right decision. The macho Christian crowd can then shrug their shoulders, happy in the knowledge that, though they failed, they did their very best for Jesus to spread hate.

  • shaneG

    COMPLETE n UTTER BOLLOX such lies” i will do the right thing” wtf is that supposta mean! its all jus to be liked! such lies u all lie!

  • Li Thotomist

    So if someone’s religion was a KKK-Christian hybrid, could they refuse service to blacks? or is it ok to hate gays but not allowed to hate on the basis of race? Because surely, there’s a hypocrisy in that? How about strict Moslems, will they be allowed to refuse service to unaccompanied women, or women with their faces not covered? or would that be a step too far?
    In other words, how do they justify bigotry towards gays but not towards every other group? This stinks to high heaven, what a vile bunch the Republicans have become.

  • JackAlison

    She’ll need qualified experts like the president of Uganda to help her see what is right so she can strike a balance between ” prejudice Lite” or out n out prejudice. Ummmm she must be really smart and thoughtful to still be questioning about what “the right thing” is 2 do.

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