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Apple, American Airlines and Marriott urge Arizona to veto bill to legalise anti-gay discrimination

  • Truth

    … and can we rely on businesses such as these to cease all trade with places like Uganda and Nigeria ….?

    • Jones

      Certainly. Although this bill is extremely sad, Uganda’s law is far more evil and severe.

  • Ah, the same Marriott that has hosted hate preachers and homophobic religious fanatical conferences more than once?
    Funny to see that, perhaps the previously mentioned boycott of their chain by LGBT people has had some impact and they need to do some damage control?

    Personally, I think Marriott can fu*k right off. They’re happy to support religious lunatics and homophobic groups when it makes them some money, so seeing them joining this argument is more than a little cynical.

    The bill will not pass, it would do immeasurable damage to Arizona’s tourism and economy, a boycott of the state would see them losing out on potentially billions in revenue every year. The political fanatics who supported this bill should all be fired, not just because they’re homophobic religious bigots, but because they are acting against the best interests of their public and actively trying to damage the state.

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