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White House reiterates commitment to push Uganda to repeal ‘abhorrent’ anti-gay law

  • Dave

    Then do something about American missionaries who are funding and campaigning in Africa to get these laws enacted in the first place!

  • Truth

    America came into the Second World War (albeit a bit late) because Hitler introduced a similarly disgusting discriminatory law against Jewish people. I hope this is not going to be a case of double standards ……? After all, much of the current anti-gay situation in Africa is attributable to white American evangelical missionaries.

  • Mark Y

    The best thing the USA could do is to stop supporting homophobic regimes with $500m a year pocket money. Instead of the blah, blah, blah, empty words. They could also impose sanctions against those countries, stop their leaders from travelling into their country and stop them using American banks.

    The ugandans and other homophobic regimes around the World are no better than islamic terrorists. Why do they not get the same treatment?

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