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MEPs call for end of political agreement with Uganda over ‘extremely dangerous’ anti-gay law

  • Jones

    It shouldn’t be called for. It must be done. Now.

  • Mark Y

    I hope this works out. I hope that ugandans are shown by the international community that it is wrong to do what they have done.

    But when you think how much everyone has just let the homophobic bigots in russia get on with business as usual during the olympics (including that stupid sellout lesbian TV presenter clare balding), and how much the bigoted islamic regimes in the middle east are allowed to carry on as usual, I haven’t got much hope left for the international community when it comes to human rights

    • immorals live short lives

      Who says it is wrong and to which higher authority can they refer? Uganda is a sovereign nation and is not bound by European subjective morality, which changes like the weather.
      Many people feel this law is right, including the majority of Ugandans so if the people and the law support it, you have no basis on which to say it is wrong

      • Cockteu

        Go f/ck yourself

      • Tim Hanafin

        That is utter rubbish. Uganda is bound by international treaties which guarantee human rights and as this flouts the most basic of rights then clearly it is wrong.
        BTW your handle is bullsh*t. Typical of moralising religionists. Instead of trolling on here go shove you head up your ass.

      • Maris

        We had this idea some time ago as well: the majority of my country accepted that those people from Africa are less human, so we treated them like sh*t. Slavery was allowed in our laws, was supported by majority of people…

      • Truth

        What short, selective memories the people of Africa seem to have. How on earth can you justify persecuting people simply for being who they are? If white nations bring back laws to discriminate against black people, I presume you’re going to be okay with that? Why do the persecuted always seem to become persecutors when they achieve their own freedoms …..? It is also completely against Uganda’s Constitution which guarantees equality for all. Backward, ignorant, and imbecilic.

        • poop stabbers karma

          Perhaps we should allow paedophiles to be who they are also since they were also born that way?

          • Truth

            CONSENTING ADULTS – you sad, self-loathing imbecile.

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            I wouldn’t expect someone with the name “poo stabbers Karma” to be remotely intelligent… Oh and look, you proved me right with that cretinous post. Well done on failing at any form of intelligence

          • You conveniently ignore the fact that there is a victim in that example, and therefore it is rightly illegal.
            Gay relationships between adults HAVE NO VICTIM.

            Were you educated to be this simple? Or did your mother drop you on your head as a baby?

          • Chris S

            Err paedophilia is not illegal because some people think it’s gross or because of religion or history. It is illegal because it’s ABUSIVE and ruins the lives of people not physically or mentally mature enough to cope with such trauma. (and THAT is why most people agree that it’s gross and repugnant!)

      • Mark Y

        The majority of germans thought what the nazis were doing was right. The majority of americans thought slavery was right. The majority of south africans thought apartheid was right. The majority of any country doing wrong to a minority think they are doing right. That’s the basis on which I say it is wrong you stupid lowlife fckwit.

        • Eugene

          The majority of South Africans did not think Apartheid was right. The majority was the target of terrible discrimination.

          • Mark Y

            The majority of white South Africans. Obviously.

        • Immorals live shorter lives

          I asked you on which authority you can state what is right or wrong and you have avoided answering? Which manual or person reveals these matters to you so that you may establish them (what is right and wrong) on here?

          • I’ve answered this for you above, but just in case you try to ignore it…

            No one has the right to subject other free and consenting adults to their own brand of moralism when their lives have absolutely no bearing on their own rights and freedoms.

            No one is harmed by two men loving each other, therefore, preventing that from happening based on your own mental illness is unacceptable.

            This is no different to to a brown-eyed majority attacking anyone with blue eyes. It MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO YOU what other adults do, who they love, how they live or who they are. They are not harming anyone else and you have no right at all to presume that YOUR opinions allow you an arrogant right to dictate and control the lives of other.

            There you go, you got that now? Do I need to spell it out for you or perhaps draw some childish pictures to help you to understand this very basic principle?

            Human Rights are universal, you do not have authority over anyone, especially not based on nothing but your religious delusions.

          • Immoral filth

            You clearly misunderstand the question. I asked Mark Y on who’s authority he can state that something is right or wrong as he did in his first post.
            You reply on his behalf by citing ‘human rights’
            Imbecilic fool!
            Human rights are different all over the world, There is not one constitution nor convention under which all humans subscribe. To illustrate the problem you face try answering whether abortion is right or wrong and then state which human right you refer to.
            Ps. Uganda has the right to make it’s own laws and is not in breach of any international agreement.

          • No, you are choosing to ignore the answer, the rational, sensible answer that leaders all over the world subscribe to, that the UN is built on, that Human Rights accords and agreements all CLEARLY STATE.

            Abortion is nothing like this fiasco. Why? Because it can be argued that there is a victim. It’s an entirely different debate with genuine conflicts of scientific information. In the case of two consenting adults loving each other THERE IS NO VICTIM, no one else is harmed by their relationship or what they do together.

            You wanted an answer to your stupidly simplistic question, and now that you have one you try to pretend that it’s not the “right answer”. There is only one answer, the acts of others are none of your concern when those acts have absolutely no bearing on your life.

            No one else is affected by two men or two women loving each other. No one is harmed when two men have sex. No one is damaged or affected in any way when two people of the same sex choose to live together as consenting adults.

            This is the fundamental principle of Human Rights. You, as a religious despot with an incredible desperation to assert your will and control onto others, believe that you have a mythical “right” based on your own moralistic nonsense to attack and control the lives of free people.

            Once again, just to try to drum this into your thick skull, two men or two women loving each other IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. You do not get to choose who can be free and who cannot based on your own beliefs. You do not get to dictate to others how they live their lives.

            If you believe that you do, you are despicable excuse for a Human and you do not deserve to live in a free democratic country. I have a feeling you don’t anyway.

        • Chris S

          I agree with your point but would just like to point out that the majority of South Africans most definitely did NOT support apartheid. That was a case of a minority brutally ruling over a majority.
          I do agree that consensus amongst a group of people holding power does and should not automatically validate a moral stand point. This has been demonstrated by countless dark, shameful chapters in history, of which this law is the latest.

      • Mark

        “Immorals Live Short Lives” – how right you are, and here’s the science to prove it!

      • Rumbelow

        Homophobes die on average two years earlier than people who are not homophobic according to a long-term research study.

      • Simple – attacking others based on your own notions of morality is not acceptable. Believe in whatever mythical sky wizard you want to believe in, but the moment you attack the freedoms of consenting adults to live their lives as they wish you are a despot, a dictator, a bully and a psychopath.

        It is NOT self-determination to remove the rights of entire groups of citizens based on your own religious insanity.

    • Jean – Paul

      I have to agree, Mark. The international community has it’s priorities straight, and I truly hope financial aid to Uganda will be frozen, but it’s only when Islamic countries are educated to respect the science of human sexuality that it can consider itself a job well done.

    • Rumbelow

      Recent results of a long term study suggest homophobic people die earlier than non-homophobic people, on average they die two years earlier than non-homophobic people.

  • Sparkyu1

    I hope they do – but I doubt it. When brutal oppression and even genocide of gay people happens we tend to get a lot of rhetoric and not much else

  • Cal

    They will have to work fast if any action is to be a disincentive to other African countries, most of which are eager to strengthen their own murderous homophobic laws.

  • kane

    uk citizens returning home from war zones like syria face the possibility of arrest, america should do the same with those returning from the third world countries spreading the ‘good deeds’ of christianity

  • wildseas

    Unfortunetly it is a rather big hear, hear to that. Stop all trading with Ugandian with immediate effect and that includes oil with immediate effect.

  • Truth

    As Desmond Tutu has said… this Ugandan law is similar to the anti-Semitism introduced by Hitler. Do we learn nothing from history? The EU must act… swiftly and harshly …. as an example of the consequences to other backward and ignorant African regimes who otherwise may be tempted to introduce similar anti-gay measures.

  • MrPeterCat

    They should be calling for this sort of action against ALL countries with anti-gay laws.

    • Jean – Paul

      notably Muslim countries, but yes, ALL countries directed to enter the 21st century.

  • innocent

    i strongly support my dear president for having done the right thing and pray that may the good Lord forgive all of you who seem to be against our great achievement in this century. GOD BLESS THE PEARL OF AFRICA AND ALL UGANDANS. Hey i wanna remind you that this not for Uganda alone but for Africa as a whole thank you, GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!!

    • Dtnorth

      P!ss off. Kiss goodbye to your aid.

    • Guest
    • Rehan

      Poor deluded fool. Is that the god of Israel you’re referring to?

    • Lee W Dalgleish

      Maybe we should ask God to send another flood…. Hope you know how to swim

  • innocent


    • Guest
    • Lee W Dalgleish

      Hmmm. You don’t seem very mentally sound. You claim to thank Jesus yet would happily tell gay people to kill themselves. I believe that if there is a hell, you will be on the fast track there. What a vile piece of excrement you really are.

      • innocent

        Am very sure that God himself destroyed Sodom and Gomora not because he was mentally sick but because those guys had turned away from his purpose which was to fill and subdue the world through a man and a woman contrally to what you guys preach and want us to be as stubborn as you are. I promise Uganda will never fall put of your evil plan!!!

        • Lee W Dalgleish

          Love isn’t evil… Condoning imprisonment and death on the other hand IS evil. People like you make me sick. There is nothing godly about you. You are just an ignorant, uneducated person who is persecuting others… See you in Hell

      • innocent

        I strongly follow a God who said that the wages of seen is death and possible you better erase your selves than wait for his judgement which will be more tougher. He said that Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord and Uganda is one of the few Nations in that category. I promise you that this great decision is gonna see us inherit the world you are living in where you think that you are super powers and therefore got to influence each and every decision that we make, i bet this is not gonna last for long!!

        • Lee W Dalgleish

          If God was so great why does he allow such poverty & violence in many African countries? Clearly he doesn’t care about any of you otherwise you’d be nicer to each other and live in better conditions

          • innocent

            Hey do know why we are poor, we are what we are because of guys who frustrate us with your so called aid with strings attached. Hope you know that we even have billionaires who have natively made it here. Am also concerned when you fool yourself thinking that its in Africa alone where there is poverty, i petty you cause even in the USA there people who sleep on streets and also beggars. By the way why dont you first make it a point that each and every state in the USA believes in your philosophy of life especially in Arizona. Honestly you are continuing to make me more sick than before!!!

          • Lee W Dalgleish

            Most of Africa is classed as 3rd world. You don’t get that status without a lot of poverty. I am aware there are poor people globally. I didn’t say there wasn’t. I’m not American I’m English but even I know that the Arizona law has been scrapped! At least in Arizona gay people aren’t being imprisoned or killed. THAT should be making you feel sick

          • innocent


          • Lee W Dalgleish

            Just when I thought you couldn’t get more stupid… You do! Being gay doesn’t mean I can’t have kids and being gay doesn’t mean I am going to die. Now try and educate yourself because so far you just look moronic… As I said, if God was so great he wouldn’t leave you living in squalor and he wouldn’t be letting you rape women or burn people to death. Oh and just so you know, if you’re using a computer, a gay man created that. So maybe have a think before you set your mouth off

          • innocent

            Hey friend i think we should now Barry the hatched and live like elites, though we have had a lot of contravacy amidst us that has made us spit fire towards each other, we don’t need to carry it on!! By faith i truly believe God created all of us to live as brothers and sisters on this wonderful planet but not in corrosion like we have been in the last couple of days. I very much realized that as human beings from different back grounds, we have differences and on this i will admit that am against one of your strongest beliefs which isn’t right for me to make judgement but God himself. AM SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCES CAUSED, PLEASE FORGIVE ME AND READY TO BE A GOOD FRIEND IRRESPECTIVE OF OUR DIFFERENCES. Hope you are ready for reconciliation. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

          • innocent

            KI EKIGANYE NAYE GWE!!!

          • Rumbelow

            God help any gay grand children you Ugandans have, you’ll be murdering the poor kids.
            Religion can make otherwise good people do evil things, just as it has in Uganda by turning Christians into homophobic bigots who vilify and spread lies about gays.

  • innocent


  • kenthomes

    There needs to be a way to keep these assholes from commenting on Pink News. We have enough hate to deal with int he outside world, without these jerks attacking us on a gay site,

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