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Gay NFL star dies after battle with pneumonia

  • Animal morals

    Looks like a cause of cause and effect. Live a debauched life hetero or homo, and you will live a shorter life. The information is out there but hedonistic immorals have a live for today attitude. Homosexualist males live much shorter lives than their normal counterparts.

    • Christopher in Canada

      Who are you to judge? My dog drinks out of the toilet and he’s 17. You are but an idiot, and deserve to be called out as such. Shame on you. Your mother and teachers raised you to be smarter and better than that. If they haven’t, THEY deserve to be punished.
      My symapthies to his family and friends.

    • Li Thotomist

      Apart from asking why you spend so much time on this site, and what you’re struggling with….. Are you aware that being an NFL player shortens life expectancy. Yes, it’s that macho, sporting life of exercise and good manly activity that kills ’em. Don’t believe me? Ask the CBS Sports network:
      And now back to you and your vile bigotry, ignorance and homophobia. Your sad word “homosexualist” says more about your inability to cope with your own life than our ability to just get on with things. You probably need a non-religious therapist to help you through what you’re repressing and going through, but what we don’t need is you acting it out here and being offensive.

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