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EU foreign policy chief slams Ugandan President for signing ‘draconian’ anti-gay law

  • Dtnorth

    “… is not the time to be implementing harmful legislation”

    And pray tell just when is a GOOD time to implement harmful legislation.

  • Cal

    Well, EU? What measures are you going to take to discourage this terrifying new anti-GLBT surge in countries benefitting from our aid and charity?

    • Robert W. Pierce

      UK cut off aid October 2013 I believe, not that it’s done much good.

      • Cal

        There is lots of aid still going into Uganda. It’s just being channelled through charities rather than the corrupt regime. The west is paying for all their social work, health, education etc.

  • Truth

    Yes – the law is obscene …. so DO something about it. Start by withdrawing all travel rights for Ugandan politicians.

  • Jones

    In coordination with the United States, suspend diplomatic ties, aid, imports/exports and virtually isolate the country.

  • kane

    ‘…The EU deplores discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation…’

    ugand is already beyond this point, now we talk about criminalisation on the grounds of sexual orientation

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