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UK: Government benefits cuts leave thousands of HIV patients struggling to afford basic nutrition

  • PaulHalsall

    LGBT people who voted Tory should feel ashamed of themselves.

  • Liam

    Oh ffs. Let’s get these sociopaths out at the next election. The ‘opposition’ these days isn’t much better, but anything is preferable to the tories.

  • vversatile

    It would help if the THT did anything about it. Instead they turn away HIV positive people who go to them for help overturning benefits decisions.

    • …westie…

      THT have a National online advice service where a qualified benefits adviser can help with completing benefit forms, explaining the next steps and putting together case work via a series of online appointments.

      Whilst this is not an ideal situation for those who are unable to access internet services it does provide appropriate help and support for those like yourself who can access online services.

      It is not only THT that do not have the capacity to help all benefit claimants, Citizen Advice around the UK have had their funding slashed and the introduction of the Independent Case Review system means it is much more difficult to get benefit decisions over-turned.

      When I was in receipt of benefits because of a mental health condition I had to rely heavily on friends and unpaid advocates to help me make sense of the benefit system – it is not easy but we have to take some personal responsibility as many organisations simply do not have the resources to do everything for us.

  • Jones

    “Recent welfare reforms by the UK’s Coalition government have left thousands of HIV patients unable to afford the basic food they need.”

    Just cut out “HIV” and you’ve got this government summed up.

    • Andrew Button

      Or swap “HIV patients” for “anyone sanctioned”
      I didn’t realise that it had gotten so bad for people who are ill and dealing with that
      I hope things will be better soon

  • fred

    Contact Your local MP and kick off , would suggest TNT or another organisation using to get this debated in parliament, In the long if people get sick it will cost more money treatment them .

    • Andrew Button

      My local MP is a homophobic Tory unfortunately

  • To raise the awareness of the public may be better.

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