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Sir Ian McKellen: ‘I’ve never met a gay person who came out and regretted it’

  • Iverson

    While I admire Mr Mckellen and his work for the Gay movement
    if we were all to follow his example we would stay in the closet till late
    middle age when our careers and finances are at such a stage that it is no matter
    if we are rejected by family, friends or employers. I feel that perhaps talking
    to some of the homeless youth 40% of whom it seems are GLBT, it may not have
    been such a good idea for them. Personally
    I came out at aged 15 in 1972 when a little help from the likes of Mr McKellen
    would have been more than welcome.

    • Mark Y

      I think that’s a bit unfair. No one is perfect. You were braver than he was in 1972, for whatever reason. But he’s trying to help people now come to terms with who they are.

      • Iverson

        I was simply trying to point out the slight hypocracy of
        someone saying do as I say and not as I did and also for the very young fans of Gandalf and X Men that perhaps coming out very young isn’t such a good idea, not if you are going to be unable to get an education or have a roof over your head. My Advice for what it’s worth is make sure you are in a position (as was he) where if there is any doubt about the reaction of family, get an education, somewhere to live and then tell them, being disowned when you have a job and roof over your head is I feel preferable to living on the streets.

        • Ivan

          You should watch the video with his full interview. He said that during the 60s/70s he was somewhat in a bubble – being out to his friends/family, being an actor. It was only when certain UK laws were proposed that he realized that he needed to be more public about being gay.

    • Ant

      So the fact that he came out later means that he can’t give people advice now? That’s a ridiculous attitude! He’s not telling people to follow his example of coming out later in life, just that if you are in the closet (whatever age), that you should come out.
      If his advice can help the younger generation or even older, then surely that can only be a good thing!

  • Jean – Paul

    I can think of a few guys who dearly regretted coming out and who moved to another city.

    But on the whole, when a guy comes out and becomes part of a gay community, the results are astounding and very positive.

    • sJames6621

      aa gay 25 uyear old- I asked him if he was suicidal. He ans re when he came out to his catholic parents – I wouldnt give them the pleasure of seeing me dead NO kidding

  • Traveller_23

    His comments go to show how narrow his network of people must be. There are, unfortunately, a lot of societies around the world that are still not accepting of non–heterosexuality. When people come out in these societies, it can often make life worse for them….think family, employers whatever.

  • Lee

    Then you need to get out more and meet more people love – sorry but you move in very selective circles Ian. Let not forget you only came out recently.

  • Daniel

    LOL. I knew I could rely on you guys to attack one of our biggest heroes and advocates. Iverson, I would have liked to have seen you come out to THE WHOLE WORLD. Us gay people are our worst enemy. Thanks for what you do for us Ian.

  • sJames6621

    I guess he’s lucky. 3 examples I know

    A gay friend came out to his parents. Before it was all over theysent him to fix school run by Focus on the family – the “charitable under tax law group of the utterly vile family research council

    he was driven to alcholism and drugs. Being seen as vulnerable he was raped by a str8 classmate who got him drunk. He flunked out of college. He had many attempts at sucide, and at one time his heart stooped and only a quick thinking medic saved him
    He also self mutilaed his hands – a cry for help and an expressiion of self hatred hard to immagin

    Focus on the family btw is right near our air force academy and about 6 years ago evangelical anti -christs began to hassle students using rank to force them to attend evangelical services

    These nut jobs btw are the same ones – evangelicals with some exceptions is simily a new name for the southern baptist of slavery and segregaation here and their history is a spin off from the old dutch church of apartheid in south africa.

    we do need a devils island for the minority of them who are truely dangerous

  • James!

    Justin Fashanu

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