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US: Washington bill would class ‘gay cure’ therapy as unprofessional conduct for therapists

  • Truth

    PLEASE …. either pass this bill or introduce one which would promote ‘religious cure’ therapies. The evidence is clear. Being gay does not cause wars, division and misery. Religion does. So, which is the more destructive and therefore in greater need of ‘curing’?

  • Rumbelow

    Gay cure therapy is a fraud, it’s no more than professionalised homophobia .

  • ktah10

    I always have to laugh when I hear the “Adam and Eve” argument from religious conservatives and advocates of this “ex-gay conversion therapy”. They might as well be referring to Prince Charming and Cinderella. Actually the story of Cinderella is a good example of how this so-called conversion therapy doesn’t work, because it goes to show that no matter how much you try to change through magic or supernatural powers, you will always end up being your true self again. Even the bible at Matthew 19:12 has Jesus stating it as a simple fact of life that some men by their nature are not meant to be in heterosexual unions because they are “born that way”. The advocates of this “gay cure” seem to keep overlooking that part of the bible.

  • Lord Haw Haw

    I never ever considered this for me. Others though are clearly unhappy and
    have a problem. Who here would tell them no it’s bad for them, like drinking
    more than 4 units a day. It’s called freedom to choose.

    • Rumbelow

      For adults who are dim-witted enough to be taken in by the anti-gay propaganda and volunteer themselves as victims to homophobic “therapy” well, it’s just very sad … they’ll waste their time and be taken for a humiliating ride, but for teenagers who are forced by their parents to be undergo “therapy” to be groomed into the straight world, then it can be devastating and destructive as well as morally indefensible.

      Conversion “therapy” needs to be banned as there is no medical or scientific evidence to show it has ever been successful nor exactly what the so-called therapy even entails, it’s quack medicine.
      People should be protected under the law from fraudulent therapists who take their money under false pretences equally as much as they should be protected from cowboy builders who leave clients houses in an unsafe or unfinished condition.

      • Lord Haw Haw

        Be very careful what you ban. There has to be cast iron reasons for it. If anyone I meet is interested in this therapy, I’ll send them to you for a character assessment.

        • Truth

          … but if there was no ‘stigma’ about being gay, presumably people would just accept their ‘god-given’ sexuality for what it is … like having blue eyes instead of brown – or long legs instead of short. Shouldn’t we do more to change opinions about sexuality instead of attempting pointless and damaging changes to sexuality? If religion didn’t teach homophobia people with ‘issues’ about their sexuality wouldn’t need to seek ‘cures’, would they?

          • Lord Haw Haw

            I feel very very uneasy about bans. I find I can’t explain it better, but anyone with a free spirit should understand. Education is the way. Be informed to the full.

    • People afflicted with body dismorpia may demand extensive and inappropriate cosmetic surgeries. The appropriate response is not to give them that surgery. If you do, you expose them to a risk of harm while achieving nothing – the underlying problem will remain.

      So it is with sexuality. The appropriate response is not to give somebody inappropriate treatment simply because they ask for it. If you o you will almost certainly fail, and have a good chance of doing harm in the process.

  • kane

    ‘…Religious opponents to the bill however said that it interferes with churches, and church teachings against homosexuality…’

    religious teachings are hardly reliable source of knowledge when it comes to human sexuality and science

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