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Gay kiss billboard deemed unfit to be displayed in public

  • Nicolas Chinardet

    Shame, it’s a lovely remake of the famous kiss between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in From Here to Eternity

    • Rumbelow

      I’m glad they find a gay kiss so very hot, romantic and exciting that they banned it while the ancient kiss featured in From Here to Eternity which is almost identical is considered pretty tame today.

  • Chocoholic Girl

    What is so offensive or threatening about this poster? I can’t see anything wrong with it. It reminds me of that scene between Deborah Kerr & Burt Lancaster in “From Here to Eternity”, as I’m sure was the intention. I’m always baffled by anti-homosexual outrage. How does someone else’s sexuality affect other people? It’s intolerant nonsense and it makes me angry.

    • Not in my area please

      “How does someone else’s sexuality affect other people”

      You could say the same about consensual male adult incest or polygamy yet these things are illegal, or would you like to see them legalized too?
      Decent people do not want to live surrounded by moral decay just as littering hurts nobody but is unpleasant to be around.
      Nobody wants to live next door to a non offending paedeophile regardless of whether that paedo keeps herself/himself to herself.
      It is the same with right minded moral ones not wanting to be in the midst of sick perversion.
      Did you know that almost all the paedophile abuse in the church is homosexual in nature. Men buggering youngg boys, acts ofhomosexual paedophilia

      • Sally

        Okay…. Why is a simple kiss between two adults a ‘sick perversion’? It’s ok if they have different genitalia but is suddenly heinous if they don’t? I’m sure you were brought up to believe this, but think about it rationally, why is the gender of the kisser/kissee so important?

        And, why are you on this site? To annoy yourself?

      • http://www.facebook.com/george.forth George Forth

        TRIP TRAP, TRIP TRAP, went the bridge…

  • johnflondon

    Maybe its for Health and Safety reasons. If I was driving along and saw these two hotties kissing I might easily be distracted and drive off the road!!

    • Mike Dalgarno

      Similar to Eva Herzigova and the infamous Wonderbra advert had for straight men?

  • Jean – Paul

    Let’s face it, homosexuality remains a controversial issue, even when portrayed in such a healthy, romantic way.

    • Truth

      Only to those with same-sex ‘issues’. People who are comfortable with their sexuality are never homophobic. It’s only those who have experienced same-sex attraction and have then buried those feelings deep inside who get hot under the collar at the thought of homosexuality. “Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case”

      • floridahank

        Too many homosexuals confuse homophobe with anti-homosexuality — a world of difference if you would give it thought to the deeper meaning of the difference or words.

        • Jean – Paul

          good grief, are you still haunting the comment pages of PinkNews ?

          Done anything to make the world a better place lately?

          • floridahank

            This is one of the reasons for having the internet — it let’s me see what you guys are doing and saying. No harm in that — I read 20-30 different sites daily. Have I done anything to make the world a better place — yes,I pray for sinners daily.

          • Jean – Paul

            mmmm… still delusional too.

          • Rumbelow

            By “you guys” I suppose you mean overtly gay people like us as opposed to covertly gay people like you, no?
            Patently gay like most of us here rather than latently gay like you.

          • floridahank

            Hey Rum, you guys seem to think anybody who is anti-homosexual is a closet gay. That’s paranoid thinking mixed with rationalization trying to compensate your own delusions about human sexuality. Homosexuals comprise perhaps 3%, while the 97% prefer partners of the opposite sex — maybe there are some closet gays pretending to be hetero, but it’s not at all like you think. It’s difficult to comprehend a guy preferring Michael Douglas over his wife Catherine Zetta Jones — no thank you, I am solid with loving women, sorry for you.

  • JackAlison

    really nice poster.
    But you have to understand Queensland is Australia’s Deep South(Deep Norf). Really backward state government that suspended the uper house of review.

  • Lord Haw Haw

    A bunch of lads walking down the street, and see that billboard. They talk
    about beating up a gay man after the pub. With homophobic violence reaching the
    levels last seen in the late 1960s, that’s a good idea is it. It’s a red rag to
    bulls. To advertise a film?

    • Rehan

      So all depictions of women in swimsuits or underwear should be restricted because of rape statistics, should they?

      Where did you find the statistics for homophobic violence in the late 1960s?

      • Lord Haw Haw

        I was a schoolboy in 1967 when the law changed. I remember seeing a man kicked to the floor in a newsagent. I heard of more then, and I’ve never heard of that kind of thing again until the last few years. But we didn’t have Muslims then.

        • Rehan

          Ah, so all homophobic violence today is down to Muslims, is it?

          Have you never understood the dangers of extrapolating social trends from personal experience?

          • Lord Haw Haw

            I didn’t say that. I implied they are just a contributing factor. You are on a
            hair trigger. Why?

          • cw

            Your namesake was a
            reviled Nazi. No coincidence.

          • Lord Haw Haw

            Coincidence. I worked in PR years ago. If you want to be noticed, be different. ‘cw’ in small case doesn’t really cut it when it comes to being noticed. I nearly missed you :)

          • Rehan

            Read what you wrote and you might be able to work it out for yourself.

        • Mike Dalgarno

          No offence, but I would like to think we have improved slightly from 1967.

          Just because something happened back then shouldn’t mean we should not do it now. How does society progress if all we want to do is suppress?

          • Lord Haw Haw

            You are right. The man responsible for the assault would probably have got off with a police warning in 1967. But progress comes slowly.

          • Mike Dalgarno

            I think progress has come on a lot more than you wish to accept.

            Society, generally, is a lot more supportive of the LGBT community now, than ever before.

            Yes, there is still problems, but I think it’s been highlighted more because of law change meaning we are recognising hate crime for what it is. And to the fact that LGBT issues are at the forefront of a lot of political campaigns…so in the press more.

          • Lord Haw Haw

            I don’t like the idea of ‘supportive’. You support someone on crutches. Ever hear of standalone? But it does mean for acceptance, you have to strike out much that is on the wish list.

          • Mike Dalgarno

            I don’t like the term “supportive”, but we have to be honest with ourselves, that’s the best we have got at the moment. And it’s a lot better than than ‘tolerate’, which was where we were a decade or so back.

            We still live in a society, where ‘coming out’ is still an issue, where having to fight equal rights is still happening and anti-gay comments/attacks still happen. However, the majority of society (in UK and similar countries) generally show their support. And I’d rather have that.

            Maybe in decades to come we can drop ‘supportive’ and just be treated as equals…but until then ‘supportive’ it is.

        • Jean – Paul

          There’s no denying that criminal acts against gays have increased since the arrival in the West of mindless religious nutters from the Middle East and North Africa, notably followers of Islam.

          It would be interesting to see statistics, but as usual not all victims report to the police, I suppose. And we rarely hear from those living in fear in their own neighborhoods.

          I wonder if the politically correct attitude of respecting the sensibilities of minority religious groups is alive and well in that part of Australia.

  • Ivan

    There are many who will do anything to stop positive gay images being presented. If they can’t paint us all as deviant, oversexed, perverts; the general public may start to question their anti-gay views.

  • Michael

    Organizations issuing such posters should not respond to such comments and, homophobic censorship. Such matters should end in the courts, and homophobic officials should bear severe consequences. (sorry for my poor English)

  • Mumbo Jumbo

    “……may be seen by many as too confronting,”

    Some people need to be confronted.

  • http://www.broadjam.com/khayx khayx

    that’s very sad and sad!

  • That There Other David

    Ironically, by banning the billboard they’ve advertised the film festival all across the world. It’ll probably be a sellout.

  • Rehan

    Yes, depictions of affection or passion are so “inappropriate”, aren’t they? Funny how it doesn’t stop [hetero]sex being used to sell everything from cars to disinfectant.

    Some Australian societies can be so prim.

    • Sandgroper

      Especially Queensland.

  • http://www.derekwilliams.net Derek Williams

    Hypocrites! This scene wasn’t too ‘indecent’ when it was in the iconic movie “From Here to Eternity” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Burt_Lancaster_and_Deborah_Kerr_in_From_Here_to_Eternity_trailer.jpg

    • Guest

      One of those films that made a lasting impression. An all-star cast too.

    • Jean – Paul

      It was one of those Hollywood films from 1953 that made a lasting impression. An all-star cast too. —

  • https://www.facebook.com/people/Ar-U-Gaetü/100006483932228 Ar U. Gaetu

    Some fellow Gays believe we should cower in the dark and not cause waves. I’ve spent way too much of my life fighting to be out of the hetero-imposed closet; to be proud of myself. The only purpose of a closet is to make bigots comfortable. If they can’t handle the truth, that is THEIR issue, not mine.

    To scrub a society clean of positive Gay imagery is to deny our rights to exist and be part of that society. I’d much rather have teens see two men in love kissing, rather than hetero rock stars dry-humping each other on stage at a concert.

    “Life’s not worth a damn ’til you shout, ” Hey world, I am what I am!’”
    [From "La Cage aux Folles"]

    • Lord Haw Haw

      I never wanted to be a figure of ridicule. I never have been. It feels good.

      • Rumbelow

        What a ridiculous person you are.
        Sorry to have to disappoint you .

        • Lord Haw Haw

          Your opinion does count for more than you think it does.

          • Rumbelow

            How very dare you assume what I think.

      • Jean – Paul

        Am not sure of your meaning …

        • Lord Haw Haw

          Martin Luther King said he hoped that one day a man would not be judged on the
          colour of his skin. I agree. Until that day comes about, you keep the colour of
          your skin to yourself. Now do you understand.

          • Jean – Paul

            sounds like a riddle. I’ll let it sink in… lol

          • kane

            you two talking, its like watching an episode of family guy

          • Jean – Paul

            mmmm… and how do you feel about that?

          • kane

            you want me lay down on the couch before we start the session?

          • Mark Y

            So deep and meaningful, I feel as if we have a philosophical guru in our midst who we should all sit and listen to. Maybe not.

          • Lord Haw Haw

            Are you all seated comfortable, too square on your botty ?
            Then I’ll begin

          • Jean – Paul

            Do you mean it feels good never to have been ridiculed because you have always been discrete about your sexual orientation?

          • Lord Haw Haw

            Yes. To not be known for your orientation. Is that too much to want.

          • Jean – Paul

            I don’t really know.

            It would make for an interesting debate though.

            What I do know is that ‘Life begins when you’re in Love’, like Charlie Kunz used to sing … lol :D

            Here’s how Billie Holiday did the number in 1936…

          • Lord Haw Haw

            You know of Charlie Kunz! That is good. Billie Holiday is a favourite. The
            finest of them all.

          • Jean – Paul

            i have ALL of Charlie Kunz’ recordings… love ‘im ! In fact, he does this number in a much better way, simply playing his Grand Piano.

          • Lord Haw Haw

            Then deep respect to you. I love that time. I spent the early evening listening to Fats Waller. What a character he was!

          • Jean – Paul

            yea… I have a few of his piano rolls…he, he… a perfectly developed artist. eyes wide open and boundless energy…

          • Rumbelow

            “Who, dear? Me, dear? Gay, dear? No, dear.”

          • Lord Haw Haw

            Go ahead, be part of the stereotype. Enjoy

          • Rumbelow

            Sort of like the film “White Chicks”


        • Rumbelow

          I think he means he is in the closet.

  • Truth

    But a heterosexual image would be fine? Of course … because we don’t want to go turning any of those hot-blooded, ultra-macho Auzzie men on, now do we ….? How pathetic … and blatantly homophobic. Sounds like somebody has same-sex attraction issues ….. “Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case”.

    • floridahank

      Hey Truth, you said, ” “Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case”.
      Could you please show me the site that proves your statement.

  • Thomas

    Well I hope the Brisbane officials are proud that they have beamed the message round the world that their state is a beacon for small-minded, regressive ignorance! They must have the political awareness of a woodlouse!

  • Mark Y

    I want to be on that beach, kissing both those guys. Just saying.

    • Jean – Paul

      …and being kissed…sigh

  • p

    Does nowt for me………………. :P
    I don’t get what people are getting at, its just two blokes having a snog – nothing offensive here move on

    • Andy Millan

      I think that is the whole point of the article.

  • Clive S

    Put this billboard up all over Uganda,that`ll get all the bigots seething!

  • Bill Nedra Bill

    Why is it okay for a billboard to display a man and a woman kissing, but for it to show two men or two women kissing is a problem? When will these retards accept the REALITY that some people are homosexuals? I am so sick of the double standard…it is this nasty one-sided view of sexual orientation why so many children grow up rebellious, because society shuts them out; everybody likes to see themselves reflected in the wider society…We have got much of our rights as gays, yet we are still being stifled by conservative ignoramuses who think to be gay is a threat to society…If gay kiss can’t be shown, then heterosexual kiss should also be banned!

  • RW

    Of course Rehan and Sangroper are right in that banning this poster is ridiculous because it is offensive. Most Australians (including me) would agree with you. But like most things there’s a two-way street.
    Back in 2006 Britain banned an Australian tv ad on their screens for Australian tourism because a girl in a bikini blurted out “Where the bloody hell are you?” It seems the words “bloody hell” were too much for the British public and the plug was pulled. Just saying both countries can make silly decisions.

    • kane

      you cannot compare the two. no parent wants their children to be exposed to swearing and while most parents dont mind two adults kissing, there are some bigoted ones that still do mind if the two adults kissing are of the same sex

  • kane

    its brisbane in australia, right? not some similarly named place in russia or iran?

  • wickedeggs

    And yet we face a day to day life with nauseating heterosexual stuff shoved down our throats at every turn..but omg, two men kissing. Ah, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi…

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    I posted a comment, under this new Disqus system, just a moment ago but was met with an “Awaiting Moderation” message! Why? Because I used an adjective pertaining to the behaviour of a prostitute, and/or because I used the commonly-used word for a woman’s two breasts. This is ridiculous! Who exactly is in charge of the list of “words that may not be used” on the PinkNews threads? Who is the censor of the language we may use? How dare he/she/they censor our expression!

  • Christopher in Canada

    I’d rather look at the Diesel jeans ad featuring Bob Paris and Rod Jackson, myself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.forth George Forth

    I find the chairman of the city’s Lifestyle Committee, Krista Adams to be too confronting and offensive. Maybe they shoujld take her down instead?

  • Oliver216

    Looks quite tasteful to me. A wave is even splashing up to provide increased modesty.

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