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Video shows shocking homophobic abuse in the heart of London’s gay scene

  • SamB

    I wonder to which religion he belongs or in which religion he was raised… Yes, I went there because all know it’s true!

    • Daniel

      He needs to be educated about equality, not interrogated about his faith.

      • MJ

        Educated about equality? Educated….how ?

    • Jamie

      Helpful – address one kind of oppressive ignorance with recourse to another.

    • Chris S

      Oh the irony!!

    • It doesn’t matter which religion, all religions are dangerous and their followers mentally ill. It makes no difference to me what he believes in or which cult he is a part of. Although I am adamantly anti-religion, he has the right to believe what he wants to believe, the problem occurs when he uses those beliefs to attack other people. That is not a part of this case, because his actions regardless of religion are criminal.

      • MJ

        Not all religions are equally dangerous. ook around the world.

        • The big three are most certainly dangerous. Islam, Christianity and Catholicism regularly cause murder and chaos all around the world. They harm millions of people in almost every single country, whether that is through direct violent attacks on others, lobbying to force their will on the majority, or through control of education and law.

          Like I said before, people can believe in what they want to believe in, I don’t care. I DO care when those same religious nutters then try to force other people to live their lives according to which fantasy story they personally follow or what cult they belong to.

          It’s no different to left-handed people creating laws and controlling society to force all within that society to be left-handed. It’s lunacy, and we have to stop it no matter the group.

          • MJ

            None of the Christian (Catholic, Protestant) nor Jewish friends or neighbors I know want to hang me. I know there are some real kooks in every religion, but let’s be real here too. Muslims are the worst and most violent religious nuts today.

          • I don’t live in a country where any religious person could hang me, but I DO live in a country where the religious fight to remove our rights, believe they are superior to others and lobby government and businesses to force their will and continue doing damage to other people.

            Christians and Catholics have more power in this country than any Muslim group. They are the ones directly attacking us in government, education, media… I will fight back against anyone (religious or not) who tries to be a bully and inflict their demands on the masses, but the only ones I actually see doing that in this country are Christians and Catholics.

            Perfect example is the current debate about ex-gay “therapy”. It’s not the Islamic nutters doing this, it’s radical CHRISTIAN extremists.

            Likewise, it’s not Islamist preachers writing bullsh*t articles in the gutter press of this country, attacking LGBT people, spreading propaganda and hate based on religious insanity. Again, it’s the radical bigoted Christians doing this on an almost daily basis.

            Finally, it’s not a radical Muslim that’s invited onto the BBC every time the subject of gay marriage comes up, it’s Christians and Catholics being given the air time to preach their specific brand of bullsh*t.

            When Muslim maniacs replace all these Christian and Catholic nutters, then I will switch my attention. Priorities dictate that Islam is not my problem for the most part, and not the problem for the majority of British LGBT people. I know you (and others) want to create this “crusade” against Islam specifically, with the nonsense about immigration and terrorism etc, but that’s is not the society we live in and the majority of that nonsense is exactly that, unfounded nonsense by right wing tabloid loons.

          • Steven Wells

            IF people want to be bad people, they can use religion or any other reason they want. being religions doesn’t make a difference. the ones u refer to are extremist. You can have a none religious extremist as well.

            MY church says love all, ALL

          • I speak from over thirty years of experience having encountered numerous Christians, Catholics, Muslims and other religious denominations, and while all the Muslims I have ever worked with have been tolerant and kept their beliefs and religious opinions to themselves, the same cannot be said of Christians.

            I’ve worked closely with three Muslim colleagues, socialized with them, celebrated with them, enjoyed their company and never had any problems at all with regard to my sexuality. In contrast, I have known Jehovah’s Witnesses who would shun people, I’ve lost a Christian friend who smiled and said “you’re still a sinner, but I forgive you”, and had to keep my distance from Christian colleagues who will say one thing to your face, but take every opportunity to stab you in the back solely because they think they have a right to attack other people.

            So, from my own experience, although all religious cults are a massive problem, Muslims are the least of my worries when it comes to religious opinions being inflicted on others in this country.

            Your church might say love all, but many followers of such religions rarely uphold that principle. If they did, we would not still be fighting for equality against these religious groups.

          • Steven Wells

            in that case the christians in whichever country you live in are misguided. i have been to hong kong, UK, USA, so so far european christians are the most open, hong kong, well half half. and usa… well stay away from extreme right wing churches in tiny towns away from cities.

          • bob

            You needed your church to tell you that?

          • Steven Wells

            to tell me what?
            if you mean the ways of life, everyone as a kid gets taught, by parents, schools and/ or church, etc

            what is important is to hear the teaching and then think about it then decide if you think it’s right or wrong and not blindly listen to everything

          • This is where the problems start. Blaming the Muslims again. Have you not read about the Michelle Bachmanns of this world the Tony Perkins the Pat Robertson’s that give money to Africa so they can write anti gay laws. These are all Christians.

          • kostas.lacon

            Yes indeed … the muslims are so gay friendly people !…
            Nigeria ,Sudan ,Saudi Arabia, Iran ,Pakistan ,Egypt etc…

          • …and gay people are so tolerant!

          • kostas.lacon

            Of course we are every where in Europe ! The problem is that we are so tolerant with the racists …NO RIGHTS FOR RACISTS !

          • Point.

          • kostas.lacon

            Peace ,equality and tolerance.

          • As the author wrote about this incident, on his Facebook page it delved really quickly into something that rivaled Fox Nation.As a black gay man I know all about how hypocritical the gay world can be. The man in the video is a dick head. We have no idea what his religion is neither should it matter.

          • As a black gay man I am all too aware of the hypocrisy in the gay world. Secondly we have no idea what this mans religion is!

          • kostas.lacon

            The hypocrisy is not a gay exclusivity…
            Yes we don’t know but we can imagine…As you can imagine that me I am not from UK…

          • rapture

            As a white man who has been a victim of racism from “ethnic minorities” ,the hypocrisy white victims of racism from “ethnic minorities” I can equate with that. My ex used to get called coconut for having a white boyfriend from his other gay same race peers.

          • Therefore you should understand the rushing to judgement as to his origins and or religion based upon a video.

          • Steed

            Sorry, but you have not said anything logical or fact based in any of your statements. Muslims are the most homophobic religious group, the evidence is overwhelming. I can list quite a lot if you would like?

          • ” Muslims are the most homophobic religious group”. Right because Christians have been so tolerant/ inclusive.

          • Steed

            Did I say they were? Does not detract from the fact that every way you look at it, there is no group more intolerant of gay people (save right wing fascists).

          • There you go I put them all into the same box. A right wing fascists that is a Judge is just as destructive as a rabid religious nut, usually they are the same. Should I mention Arizona?

          • Lamia

            In which country do gay people imprison or kill people for being straight, or pass laws discriminating against them, or persecute religious believers and demand they be killed, idiot?

          • Your rhetoric is enlightening!

          • Lamia

            Your ability to argue logically and support your argument with evidence is non-existent.

            Try again: where is this country that you have implied exists (but cannot name), where gay people persecute, imprison and kill people for being straight or religious believers?

          • Oh, esteemed one!

          • Lamia

            So you don’t have ana ergument to support your smear of gay people. Fancy that. Trot off then, liar.

          • Makes more sense to have a discussion with a cat than with one that is faceless.

          • Lamia

            Evidently you still can’t or won’t address the point. Back under your bridge, troll.

          • I am clutching your fake pearls.

          • Graham

            Catholicism is (the original) Christianity.

          • Andy

            The religious zealots are in the minority and you should be more thoughtful and careful with your sweeping statements as most religious groups try and mostly in vain to distance themselves from the dangerous few but my friend you seem to miss the point here an individual took it upon himself to use someone’s sexuality as a means to abuse that individual(s) that is a criminal offence and hopefully he will be punished and have his licence removed as he is unfit to serve the public

          • kostas.lacon

            In Christianity homosexuals are sinners and only God can judge and punish them in the other world… In Islam and Judaism the punishment is death on Earth !
            I think there is a big difference…

          • Liam

            Explain this then: ’20:13 If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.’

          • kostas.lacon

            My dear explain what? I am not Jew.
            20:13 is not christian but hebrew from Levitikon of the Old Testament .
            Only the New Testament is christian.
            Jesus Christ never said a word against the homosexuals although he knew everything about homosexuality because he was from Galilee where the famous greek Decapolis {ten greek cities } …

          • Frank Boulton

            The Hebrew text of this verse (Lev 20:13) is so corrupted that it is impossible to extract any rational meaning from it. Would you have people put to death on the basis of a couple of lines of gibberish?

    • MJ


    • Paul

      You cannot label all religious people as bigots! This is stereotyping! Of all people gays should understand the implications of this. You cannot put everyone of a certain group under one umbrella. Just like not all gays are camp and effeminate. Just because the media stereotype it doesn’t mean it’s the “norm”. I don’t agree with the idiot in the video and his homophobic remarsk but this has more to do with him as a person not the religion he follows.

      • Raymond Weaver

        While it is true that not all religious people are bigots, the bigots are informed and validated by their religions- at least the Abrahamic ones- so yes, I can point out that their religion is the source of bigotry towards gays, women, and anything that doesn’t ascribe to their beliefs.

        • Paul

          No it’s not. It is the misinterpretation of their religion. There are Religious people who deny that there is anything in their religion that is against homosexuality.

          You cannot blame the religion for peoples misunderstandings.

  • Tony Capo

    LGBT = Leprosy, Gonorrhea, Bacteria, and Tuberculosis.

    • Do you even know the causes of the things you just listed and who they affect? You are clearly an uneducated moron.

      • James!

        If a dog bites you do you bite it back? Ignore them please they come here for scraps like vermin

      • Tony Capo

        another hateful f@ggot heard from.

        • I love it when freaks like you call other people “hateful”, it’s such a laugh!

          How is that padded cell working out for you?

      • Tony Capo

        filthy diseased ridden f@gs.

        • saintlaw

          Didn’t you just cum?

          • Tony Capo

            filthy f#gs. vermin need to be exterminated.

    • D.McCabe

      Grow up or f*** off you moron!

    • Bikerman

      What are doing hanging around the gay press Tony Capo? Looking for tips on where you can meet men to have sex with? Soho is a bit of a poser’s paradise. I would stick to the toilets of truckstops where you’ll find horny truckers looking for a BJ.

      • Tony Capo

        You admit that toilets are where the filthy perverts hang out. Thank you. That is where they prey on little boys. LGBT = Leprosy, Gonorrhea, Bacteria and Tuberculosis!.

        • You need to seek psychiatric help, you’re clearly disturbed.

          • Tony Capo

            When cutting off your member and going thru life masquerading as a woman is accepted by society as”normal. then call me crazy. Ill gladly take that. Destruction is not far off.

        • saintlaw

          You conflate your own thwarted urges with those of self-respecting gay men.

          • Tony Capo

            bwaaaaah self respecing f*g thats a good one.

  • I was violently attacked by a gang of men several years ago, not based on my sexuality, but just their pack mentality.
    Thankfully they were arrested within minutes, and the police actually helped me to identify them to secure a case. Looking through a book of a thousand mugshots to identify those who attacked you is not easy when you have two swollen eyes and the location of the assault was so dark.

    The men were detained, bailed, and then appeared in court. I got a pay out several months later.

    The reason I mention this is because this is what happens. Victims are never kept informed, and the legal process is nothing but a clearing system where money is gathered from criminals and given to their victims. or the criminal is locked up. This is not specific to the type of case, and there are very few circumstances where criminals are put on any course to better understand the law or their criminality.

    I admire the sentiment and the determination to change things, and people with these kinds of attitudes should be educated rather than simply released into the public again without their views being challenged at all. But, the cost of this could be prohibitive.

    I would suggest looking into the statistics of how many people re-offend, and how much that costs the tax payer. If it can be proven that men like these will re-offend, and you can put a price tag on that that either matches or comes in higher than the cost of education and counseling etc, it would be easier to convince the legal system to invest more in such prevention.

    If these people are statistically more likely to face legal action in the future, will the cost of that legal action be higher or lower than the cost of courses in equality? If this is what is focused on, there is a good chance of creating a system to have these people educated as well as punished.

    • Chris S

      Hear hear!

    • Tim Craven

      I agree. I expect this man has himself been subjected to abuse as, sadly, he is in some of these comments. I agree a diversity course would be good as it would not only educate him but it should also be designed to give him a chance to tell his story and improve his self esteem and stand up for his human rights and recognise he is being oppressed just as we are. And some of us clearly need to make that recognition also.

      • Lamia

        Don’t be ridiculous, he’s not being ‘oppressed’. He chose to come to Britain, where he has started abusing and threatening people minding their own business. He doesn’t need a diversity course, he needs to be kicked out of the country.

        “improve his self esteem”

        His self-esteem is evidently far too high already. That’s why he feels entitled to abuse people as he did there.

        “stand up for his human rights”

        Which of his human rights were being abused there? Are you on drugs?

        Are we supposed to provide counselling and education for any old bigot in the world who turns up here? Why? Why should it be our responsibility, why should British people pay for the failings of that man and his own culture?

      • rapture

        Your concern is with the oppressor , you are a vile , disturbing individual

  • Ian Tom Bower

    Whenever I have traveled to a foreign country I have tried to respect their customs and culture.
    How dare this man come to this country and act in the manner he did. For that matter, how could he act like this anywhere – but in Soho, London of all places!
    There are few safe spaces for any person who chooses to dress ‘differently’.
    There is a long history of Drag in this country and this Drag Artist should feel safe.
    #hate #homophobia #safespaces

    • MJ

      They come to YOUR country and then you’re supposed to abide by THEIR laws and rules and culture (that same set of rules that screwed up the dumpy country they fled from). Don’t you get that yet ? And when there’s enough of them and they outnumber you they’ll make sure you obey. Or else. And if you bring this up to the average UK leftist (or gay) he’ll scream at you, “Dappy diversity!! Dappy diversity!! It’s a good thing” thinking he’ll make it true if he shouts loud enough.

  • Harry

    I do hope this has been reported to the police.

    • MrPeterCat

      It’s in the article.

  • SamB

    Person 1: “Nazis are homophobic!”
    Person 2: “OMG, you’re like, you know, so Naziophobic. You can’t stereotype Nazis”.

    An analogy of what happens when someone points out homophobia among Muslims. it’s like what that Irish cross-dresser said recently – gays are no longer the victims of homophobia. Homophobes are the victims of homophobia. It’s all truly Orwellian.

    • MKMXM

      But not all Muslims are homophobic. Including the vast majority of Muslims I went to Sixth Form with, one of my friends from local politics and several other friends of mine. It is not ‘making victims of homophobes’, it’s defending a wide number of innocent people from being tarred as homophobes.

      • MJ

        A lot of us might think that’s a fluke on your part, or that you’re lying. We see too much evidence to the contrary. Do you undertstand that ?

        • MKMXM

          I understand that Islam and homosexuality is a very controversial topic and that it is generally not accepted amongst most scholars to have homosexual relations within Islam.

          But that does not mean that the Muslim majority within the UK seeks to discriminate against the LGBT community, nor that we should retaliate against a whole religion for a few outspoken bigots like Anjem Choudhary and his merry crew.

          I have no reason to lie and the reason I’m putting my experiences forward on this is that I’ve had the support of one of my Muslim friends Jason in putting together LGBT stalls for the Lib Dems in the past; and good friends from Sixth Form who helped me when I was coming out and whilst some were less liberal than others were nonetheless supportive.

          • Steed

            I think you will find that many Muslims in the UK do not have quite a liberal a view as your friend sadly. For example, a 2008 report by the Policy Exchange found that 71% of young Muslims in the UK believe homosexuality should be re-criminalised (source: – P47), 61% of all ages. A year later a poll of UK Muslim men found that not one of the 2000 polled would agree that a homosexual lifestyle is a moral one.

            If I’d substituted the word “Muslim” for “BNP Supporters” you wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

            You will also find that between 30-40% of Muslims in the UK want Sharia Law, and where this is in force in it’s strictest form gay people are hung or stoned to death.

            While it’s of course wrong to tar every Muslim as homophobic, there is a serious problem here – and in the same way gay people didn’t shy away from pointing out that there was massive homophobia in the Christian community years ago, we should now do the same for the Muslim community.

          • MKMXM

            Shying away from it would be a terrible idea and my main point in posting was to defend those Muslims who are not homophobic (nigh on a third in the survey you showed) from being tarred with that brush. In fact, I’d go as far to say that a lot of the mistrust, the misunderstanding, the hate that some people spread is because of being culturally isolated and not pushing these issues into open discussion. I’m quite open to it.

            As someone who has converted a few BNP supporters by engaging in political discussion and who had a best friend with BNP supporting family members, I don’t like the idea that they’re all the same either. Please refrain from putting that on me.

            If the 30-40% figure you’re quoting is from the Daily Mail/Telegraph/Centre for Social Cohesion (which wasn’t registered with the Charities Commission and was dissolved) then here are the official questions asked and a breakdown of said survey:


          • Elizabeth Veldon

            a later study by the same people (i’ll dig it out tater) found over 50% where accepting of queer people.

          • Steed

            I’d like to see that. However, one could state that as “almost 50% rejected gay people” which shows huge levels of homophobia when compared to the general population where acceptance rates are about 77%.

  • David Reid

    Miss Cairo you are a star!

  • Truth

    Well, he shouldn’t be too hard to identify. I trust the police are investigating ….?

  • Lamia

    People in London abused by… homophobic bearded foreigner. What are the chances, eh? How wonderfully multiculturally vibrant and diverse.

    That scumbag should be kicked out of the country and sent back to whichever shithole he crawled out of.

    • rose maryawn

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    • kostas.lacon

      I think that this bearded man is from Caucasus from an islamic state of this area .

      • Lamia

        And he should be sacked and kicked out of the country by the immigration authorities. Preferably with a few broken bones to teach the arrogant bigot a lesson.

        • kane

          responding to ‘guess the race game’ by kostas with incitement to violence, well done lamia

          • kostas.lacon

            Me also I am of Caucasian race …why do you think that I can be … racist against my own race ?

    • Ninap8

      There are lots of shitholes inside and outside anycountry you may be referring to that scumbags like this crawl out of. Take a walk in what is affectionately called the heart of Essex for example. You cannot fight ignorance and hate with a double dose of ignorance and hate. Or if you do you no one has anything to gain by it least of all the beliefs you are trying to defend.

      • Lamia

        Whataboutery. There is nothing we can do about bigots born and raised in Essex, dimwit. We don’t need to import any more. After years of slowly declining, homophobia is rising in ours cities again, in large part due to people from more socially conservative cultures coming here and telling people how to live in their own country.

        the beliefs you are trying to defend.

        Get lost, smearmongerer. I want to defend the right of people in Britain not to be threatened by homophobes. One aspect of that is not needlessly importing more and more of them. The thug should be thrown out of the country.

    • FMLuder

      Gay old Soho will be among the biggest casualties of the government’s plans to turn London into a sterile, gentrified, beige, corporate dystopia populated only by boring suits and their ignorant migrant serfs like this guy.

  • Mark

    Let’s see what the police actually do about this. This moron is obviously in the area on a regular basis. Why wait until the weekend, why not make an arrest now. The police want the public to trust them again, prove that you are worth our trust.

  • Raymond Weaver

    While it is true that not all religious people are bigots, the bigots are informed and validated by their religions- at least the Abrahamic ones- so yes, I can point out that their religion is the source of bigotry towards gays, women, and anything that doesn’t ascribe to their beliefs.

  • Ninap8

    I have taught people like the assailant for the last six years and i have battled against homophobia of all possible kinds for quite a few years. It is also part of my job to challenge these attitudes and create debate. It is worse than it appears in this video but I do tire of hearing the same inane comments like”in the bible it says Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” and suchlike. Needless to say I have got nowhere however many lessons i design and deliver to tackle ignorance. The issues are too many and I don’t see many engaging in a debate to tackle ignorance of this kind. The issue is not about being gay the issue is about being ignorant and proud of it.

    I do feel like getting the bus to soho and sitting down the guy to a torturous lesson on discrimination and its meaning, to the point that he’d be tearing his hair out in desperation asking me to stop asking questions that make him think and challenge his precious values, but that still wouldn’t solve the problem. Until all of us in society (inside and outside Soho) agree on, enact and promote the inherent values that guide anti discrimination we will continue to feel or be assaulted (all of my sensibilities felt attacked when I saw the clip) by ignorance and and dangerous thoughtlessness of this kind. For the time being I am only hoping and continuing to design lessons to instil some sort of understanding for people who believe they dont need to understand they “just know”.

    • Lamia

      It is also part of my job to challenge these attitudes and create debate.

      We don’t need to have a ‘debate’ with such bigots poking their noses and fists into our lives. We just need them to stop or be stopped.

      And before you crassly equate me with that thug, I don’t go round shouting abuse at and behaving aggressively towards strangers for their appearance or lifestyle, which is what that man was doing. LGBT people’s antipathy towards homophobes is not itself a form of bigotry, any more than Jews are ‘bigoted’ if they don’t like Nazis. They and we have good reason.

      • rapture

        Thank you so much for speaking up with sense and commenting against hateful bigotry being perpetrated against LGBT . Some of the self loathing, apologists for homophobia on here are grotesque and must live in an absolute bubble.

    • Frank Boulton

      Ninap8, I can understand how you can feel that teaching people about tolerance and acceptance of LGBTI people and others is a struggle that you are failing with. We still have a long way to go. However, your efforts and those of many others have achieved a great deal over the past 50 years or so. When I was a teenager in the UK, the word “homosexual” could not be found in most dictionaries and homophobic violence was sanctioned by the state. In many western countries, those in favour of same-sex marriage are now in the majority. We’re winning this battle for equality inch by inch but in western democracies we are surely winning it and your efforts will certainly be contributing to these positive changes.

  • Luke

    This is what I think…

    This guy is a homophobe and needs to be educated not just about tolerance, tolerance isn’t enough. He needs to know that being gay is not a choice. We are born gay, just like people are born black or white or with ginger hair etc.

    Religion, on the other hand, is a choice, therefore it can warrant criticism. If this guy is a Muslim, I’d be pretty confident this so called religion peace has contributed to his disgusting and bigoted actions. We can therefore criticise his religion, he chose to be a Muslim therefore should face the consequences when he spews his homophobic bile. There is no racism involved in it at all. Anyone who confuses religion with race needs to go on a diversity course too.

    • Lamia

      His bigotry as likely to be due to his being an Eastern European as his being a Muslim. But either way, we are entitled to criticise him for it and it is perfectly reasonable – unless you are some PC clown with your fingers in your ears, who would like to pretend that identical levels of homophobia pertain throughout the world and that no culture or ideology is more homophobic than any other – to associate his bigotry with his cultural or religious background.

      • kane

        ‘…unless you are some PC clown with your fingers in your ears…’

        an invitation to discussion or closing statement to rather bland monologue? do tell

    • Frank Boulton

      Let’s take the homophobia and the religion out of this. Whoever the bearded man is and whoever his victims are, this is harassment and intimidation. If he touched the two victims, then it’s assault as well. He’s just a common criminal and should be dealt with as such. He might be entitled to his opinion about homosexuals, no matter how odious that opinion might be, but he’s crossed the line from merely expressing an opinion into criminal behaviour.

    • kane

      ‘…There is no racism involved in it at all. Anyone who confuses religion with race needs to go on a diversity course too…’

      really? how about anti-semitism, that slightly confusing 2in1 concept of race and religion? what’s so special about it?

  • soapbubble

    Now I wonder which religion he practises hmmm? If they don’t like living in the UK and being tolerant, then they should all p8ss off back to the deserts of the Middle East. That may not sound tolerant, but it cuts both ways. I’m sick to f8cking death of these fanatical arseholes, of any creed.

    • Elizabeth Veldon

      he’s not from the middle east you bigoted fool

    • kane

      yea, he is brown enough to be muslim.

      a prime example of how it is justifiable to call the author of this post a racist bigot.

  • lee

    trouble is if this scum is from within the eu you can’t kick him out -the police should be contacted. Ive asked LBC the London radio stain to publicise this video in the hope someone will call crimestoppers and name this scumbag

    • kostas.lacon

      He is not from EU , he is from East Caucasus .

      • Rehan

        And your proof for that assertion is …?

        • kostas.lacon

          In Greece we have many people from this area , I recognize their characteristics and their pronunciation. Also they are very homophobic,misogyne and violent.

          • Rehan

            I said proof. Failing which, it’s always best not to speculate on ethnicity (and, for that matter, religion), don’t you think?

          • kostas.lacon

            This man is not a mushroom … he has an ethnic and religious origin. Proof what ? I don’t think that he is British or French…

          • Rehan

            I repeat, I said proof. If you don’t know what it means, look it up. He will indeed have an ethnic origin, or maybe a mixture; he doesn’t have a ‘religious origin’ because there’s no such thing, but he may follow a religion – or he may not. But until you know for sure, it’s best not to guess.

          • kostas.lacon

            It’s a free country… so I can think and guess about…
            My opinion perhaps is not politically correct but is not a crime .

          • Rehan

            Indeed you can think whatever you like; however, if you make assertions based on nothing more than guesswork you are exposing your prejudice (προκατάληψη). As a gay person you should know that prejudice is best avoided.

      • kane

        yea, his bit too brown to be from eu, init?

        • kostas.lacon

          The Caucasians are not too brown , they seem like the Greeks.

  • lee

    ALWAYS CALL THE POLICE 999 when you feel you are being threaten

    • Lamia

      The police are mostly useless, spineless and have for years dragged their heels over investigating homophobia in our cities, especially when the background of the assailants makes it culturally ‘sensitive’. To this end, they have even misled the public about responsibility – e.g. putting it about that the Gay free Zoe posters were an EDL false flag op (and thus implying it was not ‘real’ homophobia, just a sort of Islamophobic bluff) – when they had caught one of the people responsible red-handed (and let him go). With a few decent exceptions, they are a shameful lot and not worth the money.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    I am full of admiration for the woman who stood her ground in both those videos. Wow! To be able to do that! That’s guts. Well done her! I think I would have been rendered speechless once things had escalated and the crowd had gathered and he had shown the possibility of physical violence.

  • rapture

    My partner got bottled and scarred on his face after a gay pride event in soho, this type of homophobia is widespread in London ,mostly perpetrated by immigrant communities , most LGBT I know just tolerate it, as part of living in great big diverse London.

    • Steed

      We should not tolerate anything of the sort. Sorry to hear about what happened to your partner.

  • A most unpleasant experience for both victims, lucky it did not become physically violent. I hope you are both recovered and not too traumatised, A very high percentage of comments here, won’t help anyone and are tangentially unrelated.xxxx

  • Ukstopgaybully Lgbt Stopgaybul

    We are Disgusted at this Hate Incident and had hoped the Metropolitan Police actually investigated this coward and the heterosexual led judicial system actually properly enforces the Hate crime and Hate incident Laws , but alas they did what they usually do TOTALLY IGNORE Our community and give the most lenient of penalties they possibly can! ;o(

    We are Disgusted in this Magistrates Court which proved once again that the LGBT community are NOT safe in their jurisdiction !!

    We Say again YOU Owe NOTHING to a City and Country that treats you like a second class citizen !! ;o(

    We hope both Miss Cairo, and friend Rubyyy Jones are well and recovered from these Vile abuse as best they can and send All Our Love and Support ! ! X

  • jack

    This guy is pure scum

  • JackAlison

    its kinda a caricature.Heavy accent and threatening menace.In nederlands and Canada immigrants undergo sensitivity training asking them if they are willing to embrace an inclusive dutch or canadian family with films and brouchures incl. gay ppl.. With recent reports of the appalling line of questioning 4 gay prospective immigrants to the UK u can see this piece of human trash is exhibit A of why UK borders needs a complete overhaul.

  • Lord Haw Haw

    In my day, drag artists used to put it on and take it off in the dressing room.
    Made sense!

  • Ian M.

    I found this difficult to watch because I couldn’t help feeling its a bit of a set up, maybe be not the situation The guy is a drunken moron! But the “reaction” of the “drag queens” is so controlled and worded so PC. If they were that afraid how come there first thoughts was to film it – publicity? propaganda? and Pink News to class this as SHOCKING when there are people actually been killed over sexuality smacks of over dramatic sensationalism.

  • lee

    when theres been a white person abusing a black person on the train and bus the video is given so much media coverage – sheers the coverage from the news organisations for this abuse

  • James

    Londoners and the paper are delusional. I feel much safer holding hands in places like Liverpool and Newcastle. London is full of people from backward places who stone homosexuals to death. London is not some paradise for gays like you all seem to believe.

    • Steed

      That is because London has a huge community of people who aren’t British – they make up as much as 40% of the population in some boroughs. Many of these immigrants come from countries that do not tolerate gay people, and as a result they bring these attitudes with them. When you have such a huge influx on the scale we have had in the past 15 years we as a society cannot absorb the newcomers and now we see homophobia on the rise.

      Thank the Labour party for that little gift.

  • Bang Bang

    I actually hope that the police do their job and take this seriously…

    was a case here in Ireland where this one random drunk guy decided to
    harass a fair amount of people outside a gay bar while they were
    smoking, the idiot was shouting derogatory comments to everyone there
    and then he took it to another level when he decided to throw a bottle
    at the crowd. The Guards (Police) were there and they arrested him and
    charged him with a hate crime, exactly what he deserved and what this
    guy shown in the video deserves and anyone else who decides to hide
    behind a keyboard and make derogatory comments about anyone be it race,
    sex, or sexuality.

    It is cowardly and its amazing how many
    homophobes I’ve met actually get frightened when you stand up to them
    because they think “oh your a gay/fag/queer/poof you must be weak
    prey”.. Totally the opposite when you’ve lived a life full of bullies
    who are really just overgrown cowards, you learn to grow a pair and
    stand up for yourself regardless of the situation.

  • Steve

    this happened to me too one night in soho and we called the police where I was threatened with being arrested.

  • kane

    whats shocking about this video is how the victims decided to escalate the incident by shoving a camera phone in someone’s face. obviously the behaviour of that guys was unacceptable but to engender the public safety by escalating the incident is even more irresponsible. just walk away and report the incident to the police, let the professionals do the job.

    • Steed

      I disagree – stand up for yourself and shame these bigots. It takes courage, but wasn’t the gay movement built on courage?

  • Brett Gibson

    I’ll take a wild guess and say he’s muslim.

    Very hateful religion.

  • G

    “This guy is a homophobe and needs to be educated not just about tolerance, tolerance isn’t enough. He needs to know that being gay is not a choice. We are born gay, just like people are born black or white or with ginger hair etc.”

    As someone who is primarily attracted to minors (I must stress that I have never acted on this attraction in any way shape or form), I often have to listen to arguments like the above being applied very selectively. Nobody chooses their sexual orientation or attraction, and surely we should be judged on our actions alone, but the sad truth is that people blindly judge others. I suspect that some of the responses to this post will serve to exemplify that.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    I want to know that that guy has been taken in by the police and somehow dealt with. Does anybody know? Isn’t there an LGBT unit in the Met Police? This is something they ought to be dealing with. Does anybody know if they are? Please tell.

  • Sam

    That’s disgusting! Seriously it’s 2014, why can’t people just become more accepting gay people???
    I’ve been visiting London since May last year with me ex, luckily we never got anything like this, just a few people staring and that was it. Living in London now, with my new boyfriend, we still haven’t had any sort of abuse thrown at us yet.

    It is unbelievable though that it happened in Soho… out of all places…

  • Parkesb

    I also find it disturbing that gay clubs find it acceptable to play songs with homophobic lyrics therby extending the insult within an environment in which we are supposed to feel safe and included.

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