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US psychologist says British opponents of ‘gay cure’ therapy have no scientific backing

  • Jones

    I agree I don’t have ‘scientific backing’ but I do have the backing in that I know people should have the free choice to be who they are, and that gay cure therapy is demeaning and doesn’t work.

  • Mike Dalgarno

    But there is scientific backing that shows ‘gay therapy’ doesn’t work. And in fact in the end causes more detrimental damage to the recipient ..hence the ban in the UK, and other countries.

    • Gareth

      Citation needed

      • TampaZeke

        The American Psychological Association, The American Psychiatric Association, The American Association of Mental Health Counselors, among others. I’m American so those are the sources that I am aware of.

        • sJames6621

          Amemrcan academy of pediatrics, American medical association, and many others

          be careful there is a pediatric group that says it works . they have 200 members, the real aaoP has about 60,000 members

      • Mike Dalgarno

        As TampaZeke numbers a few citations, there is plenty more else where…mainly medical associations who you’d think where quite up on this.

        I’ve also found that the majority of the “scientific” results for pro-gay cure have been either done or funded by religious organisations

  • dtnorth

    Lo and behold:

    The website for the “International Federation of Therapeutic Choice.”‎

    Surprise Surpise.

    No agenda there then!

  • Ben King

    It should be noted that the “International Federation for Therapeutic Choice” is an off-shoot of the “National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality”, one of the proponents of gay-conversion therapy.

    Sutton isn’t moved by a genuine need to highlight a “faulty study”, he has a vested interest in attempting to discredit legitimate criticism of the quack industry he’s a participant of.

    • Rehan

      That’s good to know, thanks for that.

      • Ben King

        Just wish I’d spotted sooner that dtnorth had already posted the discovery below… but you’re welcome. :)

    • sJames6621

      BTW Narth was founded by a George Rekers who also founded the utter hate group FRC

      You cant fix gays. What they do is drive them into a closet so deep and self hate filled that they become pathological liars

      the hate has to come out else where – maybe just wwith a question to wha I had to do with one – a year of monthly dinner meetings frustrating him at every turn

      eventually I asked him about the nut jobs of the westboro baptist church here in the USA

      he said ?gays supportt them because it brings them sympathy

      He also said “Matthew shepards parents should have fixed him” Blaming the parents for their sons horrific murder

      This is all bull crap from a movement all but destroyed, licensed therapists in many states here can lose theirr licenses.

      The problem is churches do this sort of thing and btw its a way to make a fortune and use it on a political agenda of anti gay

      Rekers is a “Queer”

      BTW re two groups of young kids who went to fix gays therapy 5 out of 12 committed suicide within a year here in the states.

      • tom_beauchamparnold

        I knew the FRC or some allied group would pop up sooner or later.

  • Guglielmo Marinaro

    You can’t prove that “gay cure therapy” NEVER works. You can’t prove that Christian Science healing, spirit healing, bee-sting therapy or the Bates System (“better sight without glasses”) never works either. But the point is that the evidence for the efficacy of “gay cure therapy” is no better than for the efficacy of those other forms of charlatanry – if as good as that. Furthermore, it’s a “therapy” for a non-illness.

    And even if no other direct harm is done, the time – sometimes years or even decades – stolen out of people’s lives in pursuit of this wild-goose chase is sufficient condemnation.

    • sJames6621

      all they do is push their victims into a closet of self hatred so deep that they become pathological liars

      I’ve taken apart the heads of 3 of these victims of this BS. Common example -“matthew shepards parents should have fixed him” and “gays upport the westboro baptists because it brings them sympathy”

      Reliigous assholes never give up crapping until they die. Then they stink worse

  • Wim in Holland

    What scientific proof do you need, when the great institute Exodus International closed its doors, because they in reality did not heal people and have admitted this. Look and listen the YouTube short films : “Exodus Head Alan Chambers’ Full Apology to the LGBT Community – Our America – OWN”. And the other small films that popped up like : ” Former ex-gay leaders apologize”.

    • sJames6621

      Ps about 2007 Michael Bussey the founder of Exodus left with his boyfriend – another Exo employee and they marred in massachusetts

  • Janet Wall

    Does the opposite work. Can a straight person undergo therapy to become gay?

  • TampaZeke

    How OUTRAGEOUS and unacceptable that Pink News would claim that this man is a “leading psychologist” in the US! He most certainly is NOT a leading psychologist. He is a shill for NARTH and nothing more. I am an American psychologist and I’ve never heard of this man.

    • Michael Anthony

      You are absolutely correct. He has no standing in the US and for Pink News to call him “leading” gives him more power than he has or deserves.

  • kg

    Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling & Psychotherapy
    18 September 2012
    The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) is dedicated to
    social diversity, equality and inclusivity of treatment without discrimination of any kind.
    BACP opposes any psychological treatment such as ‘reparative’ or ‘conversion’
    therapy which is based upon the assumption that homosexuality is a mental disorder,
    or based on the premise that the client/patient should change his/her sexuality.
    BACP recognises the PAHO/WHO (2012) recent position statement that practices
    such as conversion or reparative therapies ‘have no medical indication and represent
    a severe threat to the health and human rights of the affected persons’.
    BACP recognises that the diversity of human sexualities is compatible with
    normal mental health and social adjustment (Royal College of Psychiatrists). A
    recent research review (King, et al 2007) showed that those who do not identify
    as heterosexual may be misunderstood by some therapists, who see the client/
    patient’s sexuality as the root cause of their presenting issue. The ability to appreciate
    differences between people, to commit to equality of opportunity, and to avoid
    discrimination against people or groups contrary to their legitimate personal or
    social circumstances, is central to ethical and professional practice (BACP 2010,
    Ethical Framework).
    BACP believes that socially inclusive, non-judgemental attitudes to people who
    identify across the diverse range of human sexualities will have positive consequences
    for those individuals, as well as for the wider society in which they live. There is no
    scientific, rational or ethical reason to treat people who identify within a range of human sexualities any differently from those who identify solely as heterosexual

    • Truth

      Go tell that to the pope …. or Putin …. or……. etc

  • Truth

    I think opponents of ‘gay-cure-therapy’ are attacking it from the wrong angle. WHY would anyone want to be ‘cured’ of something which is perfectly normal human behaviour? So, if you remove the ‘stigma’, you remove the need for a ‘cure’. Ah. But from whence does the stigma stem? Religion, of course! So, the answer is simple. Get rid of hate-filled, stigmatising religion – and you make ‘cures’ redundant.

  • Previn Karian

    Painfully they are still quoting Lisa Diamond’s study on sexual fluidity which she has publicly decried as a gross misrepresentation of her work – posted by Wayne Besen on his Truth Wins Out (TWO) website. In other news, they have dropped attempts to misrepresent Allan Schore after he was alerted to Nicolosi’s twisting of his studies to claim scientific authority behind gay cure. The not so clever rebranding of gay cure into SOCE and diminished claims of what can be achieved in their therapy whilst beating the freedom of choice drum extremely loudly don’t change the reality of the failures and their consequences that all their clients will undergo. And yes, more research is needed to deliver the facts to shut these guys up once and for all – it is a travesty that no significant research has been undertaken in this area to allow indecision and misinformation to rule.

    • sJames6621

      just recently saw comments about fluidity – anohter last gasp of what here in the USa is widly recognized as child abuse

      there also have been some manhood groups – another name. In RSA a boy was starved tortured etc and died n an atttempt fo fix his “manhood”

  • Maryland Kid

    It’s kind of insulting to Americans for this guy to be referred to as a “leading US psychologist”. Apparently he’s on the faculty of the Franciscan University of Steubenville. If you haven’t heard of that school, it’s because nobody has. Just like nobody has heard of this guy before. There are a lot of brilliant academics on the cutting edge of psychology at some of the leading US research universities. Do they really deserve to be smeared with the same brushstroke as this guy?

  • Leading US Commenter Daniel P.

    PinkNews, this guy is not a leading US psychologist. If you want to make a claim like that, you have to support it with factual reporting. For example, you could report that this person holds a prestigious chair at a university, published one or more influential works in his field, or pioneered some practice or therapeutic model in psychology that is now accepted in the profession. As far as I can tell, there is nothing about this obscure individual that would warrant the description “leading psychologist.” In fact, I follow this subject closely, and I had never heard of him before today.

    Either support the claim or edit the article and post an apology.

  • Raisinhead

    This is not a ‘published academic paper by a leading psychologist’. This is a self published pamphlet with pretty colours to make it easy on the eye. It’s easy on the brain too. No rigour or discussion of theoretical frameworks or literature review or results or research if any kind. Just the same whining complaints about being shut down.

    I just love Mike Davidson complaining that ‘reparative’ is used as a perjorative. It’s YOUR word! NARTH!

    Why doesn’t Mike and this unleasding US psychologist address the ethical issues of surrounding the suggestion to patients that they may have been abused?

    • Previn Karian

      All true – but this paper is being submitted to MPs in Parliament for discussion according to the report.

  • All you need to do is read the summary paragraph of this “study” to understand that it is nothing more than propaganda.

    And I have to join the chorus of protests at the designation of Sutton as a “leading US psychologist.” He’s a quack.

  • Read between the lines:
    Profits from hate, intolerance, bigotry and the subversion of spirituality are way down.

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