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UK: Set back for gay rights as tribunal rules pension schemes can discriminate against gay couples

  • Maryland Kid

    How does this even work? Isn’t the entire point of a domestic partnership that it provides the same benefits of marriage?

    • TampaZeke

      That’s been the lie that we’ve been sold for years. Even gay people argued that CP’s were the same as marriage. I can’t count the wasted hours I’ve spent trying to convince people that they weren’t equal and never could be.

      • dtnorth

        I said a swear word and this plagiarizing rag removed my post. I said the word sh!t.

        How shocking.

  • dtnorth

    May I possibly withhold a portion of the tax I am forced to pay until such time as I’m am granted FULL rights as a citizen of the bl00dy country.

  • Mike Dalgarno

    Surely this is something that the Equality Law should be able to tackle head-on.

  • esxste

    Profits before people. That’s how we roll in Rip-Off Britain.

  • Jock S.Trap

    “But the government resisted the demand and the Department for Work and
    Pensions (DWP) warned that the cost of equalising pensions would be £18

    Mmmm, I would think that £18m is a small price considering the millions of pounds in aid to homophobic countries. Perhaps diverting and putting to better use like stopping pension discrimination would be more justified.

    It is just not good enough to allow such discrimination… end of.

    • rose maryawn

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  • Jesus_Mohammed

    This is something that we need to campaign on, from now, in the style of 38Degrees/AllOut/, and so forth!

  • TampaZeke

    If their concern is really about saving money then they should drop pensions for heterosexual married couples. They would save a hell of a lot more than 18M. It would be in the BILLIONS! Of course they would never do that because that would affect GOOD people, valuable people, people that people give a damn about!

  • Ian Chaplin

    The Government spends (centrally) some £600 billion per annum. £18 million is therefore the equivalent of someone on the average wage of £26,000 spending 78p annually.

    • Lib_Dem_Graham

      The £18 million figure is often quoted but if you look at the original Government documentation much higher figures, potentially running into billions, particularly in relation to public sector pensions are also mentioned. The reality is that no one really knows the real potential cost, but by the same token all calculations of pension liability are subject to wide margins of error. This issue should ultimately be a matter of equality rather than cost.

  • Mihangel apYrs

    and yet gay people have to pay in exactly the same amount to “survivor” pots as the straights.

    It’s called fraud, but supported by the “law”

  • Gerry

    What’s will the situation in Scotland be?

  • Gerry

    Whoops – should have said: ‘What will the situation in Scotland be?’

  • James Campbell

    And as if this wasn’t enough, the so-called ‘Equalities Act 2010 does not cover intersex people at all as they are not considered one of the ‘priority areas’.

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