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Reports: Yoweri Museveni has signed Uganda’s ‘jail the gays’ bill into law

  • Jones

    He’s also just signed himself in the history books next to the likes of Hitler and Stalin.

  • Erica Cook

    What the statement means is they don’t consider us people.

  • John Boyle

    United States give this country over $400 million dollars a year. There leaders says they can get along without this SMALL amount of money given there country. So why give them anything if they don’t need it. Also, Evangelicals are behind this and they are trying to get other countries to do the same. They are working hard in backward African countries. Evangelicals played a part in Russia’s hard crack on gays. Evangelicals are the most dangerous cult in American history and maybe the world since Hitler and Russian Communism. They were founded on hate and cannot stop spreading their hate. They once had nothing against birth control. Now they are against it. Their plan is to make all Americans Evangelicals. If this happens they plan to murder everyone who refuses to join them. After they take over America their plan is to take over the world by using the United States military. They are trying to take over the Air Force but have been stopped for now. They are trying to get an Evangelical President and Congress through the Tea Party. Most Evangelicals do not know about this grand scheme but are led by the nose by their hateful evil preachers. The same plan that Hitler had for Germany. Germany recently passed a law against gay adoption. A few Evangelical preachers say they will destroy and burn down all Catholic Churches. I hope none of this happens and they will go down in history as fools and an evil cult. They have no problem lying. I get what I say from listening to their preaching and reading Evangelical literature and other open ended public media sources.

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