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Poll: 76% of people in Ireland support equal marriage

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  • John

    They don’t really they are just giving the Catholic church a kicking….as an irishman from Sligo….my father is the most bigoted man…when it comes to gay people…and has never accepted my life style…..or ever will…..its been hard…..

    • Graham

      Hi John. It’s a poll, a represenation of a cross-section of society. This is not really about your poor Dad.

      • Paul

        Its about Ireland….and the thinking will never change for generations the church still has the power….the POLL wont change a thing….

        • Graham

          Correct, the poll was taken in Ireland. My original point stands.

        • sJames6621

          the church is all but dead. Not only the cloyne report on molesters but the Magdalene laundrys where women who were thought to be unchaste were sent there and used as slaves

          Also the Christian brothers who took in truants and orphans and used them as slaves also

          BTW the constitutional convention 79% of about a housand members support marriage

    • That There Other David

      Hey, so he’s one of the 24%. Nobody said every Irish person supported equality, but that’s a very clear majority in favour.

  • Truth

    I don’t think the poll can possibly have included the people of NORTHERN Ireland ….

    • Gary

      Why would it?

    • sJames6621

      iit did not. people think that with Ireland almost certainly with SSM in 015, NO I will have to do the same within a few years

      In the last year – I track all these good things, the number went from 73% to 76%. What happens is there are 2 closets – gay people and supporters afraid to come out.

  • gingerlycolors

    Will this be reflected in the proposed referendum on gay marriage in Ireland? As this is a human rights issue it should not be going to a popular vote of the people but should be decided by the Dáil.

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