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A graveyard? A shopping trolley? Elephant trekking? The strangest places British gay guys have had sex

  • Oliver

    I had sexual relations with a girl in the Glasgow Necropolis back in 2010 and I made out with a drunk boy (whose name I didn’t even know!) in a cell in the Old Town Jail (which is adjacent to a cemetery) in Stirling about two years ago! Not things I’m proud of, but amusing nonetheless!

  • If the same question was put to straight people the diversification of locale would be similar. Why is it any different when it’s a gay person having sex in a strange place?

    This seems like another example of how we sometimes actively TRY to make ourselves “different” from straight people, when we’re not.

    We can’t have it both ways, either we want to be treated the same or we don’t. This is an example of how we damage ourselves with such nonsense, when the subject is relevant to all sexually active people and NOT JUST GAY MEN.

  • VP

    I don’t really get this. Surely having sex in weird or awkward places is less enjoyable than having it in a place where you’re comfortable and prepared and feel at ease?

    • speedgeek

      Sometimes circumstances overtake events…….my first time was 150 miles from home, couldn’t take the guy back to college (40+ years ago, even girls were not allowed back), his home was out of the question. Ended up behind the local Minster…..surprised I wasn’t struck down……

  • Dazzer

    There’s nothing unusual about having it away on the back of an elephant. I’ve done it twice (with a human being, not an elephant). I can’t recommend it as a regular occurrence, but it’s an interesting experience..

  • Riondo

    I once had sex with a guy in an empty bedroom at a party and didn’t realize it was being used as a cloakroom until people threw coats on top of us. At another party I was having sex in a dark and apparently empty kitchen and someone turned on the light. There were in fact three other couples at it in there, including on the draining board, and all oddly quiet. Nothing very daring, but quite amusing!

  • My first few times of “experimentation” were in a garage. That could be why it continues to be an erotic location to this day. It’s not so much the greasy, dirty, muscled, 20-something mechanic as it is a perfect place to suspend him, helpless, from the rafters with chains, with a wide assortment of tools nearby.

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