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UK: Equalities Minister criticised for suggesting women take up ‘feminine’ sports

  • Rehan

    It does look as though what Grant said has been taken out of context, but – good grief, is cheerleading considered a ‘sport’ now?!

    • D.McCabe

      Yes, they have massive cheerleading competitions in the US.

      Though I am not quite sure I would class ballet as a sport

      • Rehan


  • Matt Harrison

    I think the criticism is very unfair because if you look at everything she said instead of just summarising it as “women should do feminine sports”, what she is actually doing is saying that for women who don’t want to do mainstream sports like hockey, netball etc. because they believe them to be unfeminine, then instead of criticising for that, here’s a bunch of other sports which you can feel more comfortable doing and still get the benefit of doing a sport.

  • ChasInNJ

    Mrs Grant carries the same mentality and morality as the Prime Minister. In plain English, she is a neo-Thatcherite.

    • jayess

      Pillock ! Basically she is saying do a sport, ANY sport. Would there be this same mysogynstic outburst if she were suggesting doing darts, snooker or bowls ? No, I think not !

  • Mike Dalgarno

    When I was at school, the only sport I was mainly interested in was gymnastics but I was told that this was “a girls sport” and I wasn’t allowed to do it. Instead I was being forced to play football and rugby. I liked tennis, athletics and badminton but they only available a couple of weeks a year.

    In the end, I never took my gym kit to school for nearly the whole 5 years.

    This stereotyping of feminine and masculine sports in schools in wrong…because outside of school they mainly open to both sexes.

    Instead of telling students what sports they are to play, why don’t they allow the kids to chose won’t of a selection. Those with the majority can play in that sport…regardless of sex.

    • speedgeek

      When I was at school the only option was football, which I hated, and cross-country, which I hated even more, when it was too wet for football. Then a pioneering Head of PE introduced the options of hockey and rugby. I grew to love hockey……..That was over 40 years ago.
      There was still only one boy allowed to swap woodwork / metalwork for cookery, though! He had to fight for his choice.

  • speedgeek

    I was going to ask if she was aware of Judo, until I read with astonishment that she was an under 16 Judo champion. As a fellow (ex-) judoka, she must surely realise that many women, not burly PE teachers, but very feminine young mothers, take part in and enjoy the sport. How on earth did this woman get the job in Equalities and Sport, when it is clear she has only a limited knowledge of either?

  • Connor Larkin

    More African-evangelical, African-Anglican, Islamic subcultures imported to UK.

  • Char

    It’s funny how she thinks roller skating is a feminine sport. She clearly has never seen Roller Derby then!

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