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US: Gay heart attack patient says Catholic priest refused to give him last rites

  • Truth

    Such love, such compassion. Thank god I’m an agnostic …. (pun intended).

  • atalanta

    Catholicism: Rape children and confess it, no problem; out and proudly gay, then you cannot achieve a “state of grace”.
    LGBT Catholics need to understand that their church believes we are “intrinsically disordered”. And if you reject that doctrine, you are considered an unrepentant sinner and so cannot receive the sacrament. Keep complaining about your church’s vile beliefs, but stop being so surprised that their hatred includes you.

    • Harry

      Indeed. I despair of the intellectual capacity of gay Catholics; any sane one would have left the sect a long time ago.

  • doug

    He probably went straight to a gay bar afterwards.

    • JackAlison

      lol…very good…..right on the mark!!!!!

  • Colin

    I was brought up in the sect. I despise all that it stands for.

    However I find it shocking and repugnant that this poor man at near death is given the “final” insult from another human being. It had to be a priest.

    No comfort, no empathy, no compassion. Dogma over everything. I ‘m sorry but I hope that priest feels as alone and desperate on his death bed.

  • Cal

    I’m no expert in these matters but the priest may have been between a rock and a hard place. The purpose of Last Rites (or Extreme Unction) is to aid the dying to repent of their sins. Though often they are given to non-responisve patients. With the church believing that homosexuality is a sin, it makes it hard to give these rights to someone who says I don’t repent. It is a fantastically silly process with blessed oil being daubed on the forehead. They used to daub it on other parts of the body including the “loins”. Thats cock and balls to you and me.

    • Maryland Kid

      Yes and No. Technically, that’s precisely what the Last Rites are. Realistically, it’s become more of a catch-all religious procedure for the dying. If they administer them to the criminally insane or prisoners on Death Row, I’m confident that they shouldn’t have a problem with gays and lesbians. Not to mention that if people actually had to be absolved of every sin they’ve committed by the strict definitions outlined by Leviticus, we’d have to start Last Rites about a week in advance of them actually dying.

    • Harry

      My criticism is not so much with the priest – he was being intellectually entirely consistent with his religion and beliefs (ghastly as such are). It was the patient who intellectually was trying to have his cake and eat it.

    • JackAlison

      yah I could think of better uses 4 that oil.Like greasing the priests ass up and shoven a fisted dildo up there hissn n2 his ear “hate the sin luv the sinner”

  • Jean – Paul

    “The fact that conditions existed for a priest to make this call is upsetting,” said Dignity USA President Marianne Duddy-Burke. “There should be very clear standards. You minister to the person in need without judgment and without conditions,” she said. “It is not the role of the priest to cause the person in distress additional hardship.”

    —– Washington Blade, Feb 17, 2014

    What does it say about American Catholics when a man like Ronald Pishka, 63 years old and a life-long practitioner, believes that Popa Frankie accepts gays?

    The day that the words ‘extrinsically evil’ are deleted from the Catholic catechism is the day the RCC will have self-criticized itself in view of scientific knowledge of human sexuality. Then, and only then, will the RCC have officially accepted the legitimacy of homosexuality.

    But it will take more than a smile and a tap on the shoulder from one self-serving pope or another to pull that off.

  • Steve_R

    The Hypocrisy! “Never trust a person who can clear their conscience of any immoral act by asking for forgiveness from their imaginary friend” and then has the audacity to
    deny some one last rights!

  • Maryland Kid

    I’m not in the least surprised, or expect anything to come of this. Part of the problem is that Washington MedStar is such a poorly run hospital. Not intended as a slight on the quality of their Medical Care, which is actually quite good, if not on the same level as the ones up in Baltimore. However, a lot of the bureaucratic and non-medical responsibilities of a hospital are poorly met there. I’ve had a lot of headaches dealing with even the simple stuff. You just don’t see this kind of stuff happening at a truly world-class hospital like Johns Hopkins or Shock/Trauma.

  • Bikerman

    Don’t you just love ’em. Systematic sexual exploitation of children all over the world (including me at school) and they can’t give some poor sick guy the comfort of the last rites. It is a sick disgusting organisation that sadly too many people hang their lives on.

  • JackAlison

    its really awful that u could be so heartless as to take ur bigotry to some1z bedside like that. But hey gotta say thats the strength of hatred NOT LOVE.
    obviously that chaplain needs to be suspended with a full inquiry working in a hospital and behaving like that. “what would jesus do?” ….pushed him(the priest?!) outta window an whipped his ass.

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