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Uganda offers ‘reassurance’ to international gay community of ‘continued commitment to the law’

  • Cal

    The stupidity of these African leaders if pitiful. What comfort are we to take from some 1995 statement when he is about to sign a brand new law that specifically targets GLBT people with harsh prison sentences.

  • Eugene

    Article 21(2) states “Without prejudice to clause (1) of this article, a person shall not be discriminated against on the grounds of sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, tribe, birth, creed or religion, social or economic standing, political opinion or disability.”
    So, discrimination based on sexual orientation is okay then? If someone’s religion allows same-sex couples to marry, will they be protected from discrimination on religious grounds? I am not holding my breath.

    • Qovie

      This is actually a political power play by Museveni.
      He is using the issue on LGBT to bolster the Ugandans public waning support for him, while using it to conveniently overshadow the real challenges ordinary Ugandans face, like corruption, poverty, unemployment and poor governance.

      This law will be struck down by the Uganda Judicial system which is for the most part independent, because it is unconstitutional (based on the 1995 Constitution). This way the president comes out looking like he was siding with the peoples wishes to push the law but was let down by the ”independent’ courts, thus pushing public fury towards the judges, with this he then appeases foreign entities like the USA, and benefits from the issue politically. The major down side though is that this whole discussion has inflamed previously mostly non existent homophobia.

      Similar breaking rulings have been when the government was ordered to release and compensate, many high level political prisoners personally hunted by the president, and it (government has complied), as well as the presidents main political rival Dr. Besigye who nearly had the elections nullified by the Supreme Court (by 4 to 3 Judges, of the 7 judges on the bench), when they recognized the irregularities in the election, but ruled that it was in the best interest of the country to let the results stand (to avoid a conflict breaking out).

      The government has also lost several other high profile cases in court, in regards to land, business deals and what not.

  • Jones

    Do they even know what reassurance means?

    “I offer reassurance to the gay community that I shall sign the bill into law. You may give us all the aid back.”

  • Steve_R

    “No person shall be prosecuted outside the provisions of the law”
    (the fact their changing the law to accommodate prosecution is lost on them!)

  • Kieran

    It seems Uganda is less than hospitable to the principles of good governance

  • Clive S

    visit “officeofthe” and fill out the form to let them know your thoughts on this!!

  • Truth

    WTF …? It appears these people couldn’t manage a f*rt after a tin of baked beans let alone a country. We should pull the diplomatic and overseas aid plug and watch these idiots sink into oblivion until they are less Neanderthal ….

  • Rumbelow

    Museveni declared a war on the homosexual lobby at the meeting he held when signing-in the bill. Museveni’s Uganda is at war with all gay people.
    What is Museveni going to about the man he is married to who goes by the name Janet×211.png

  • Maryland Kid

    The Global LGBT Community isn’t upset because they think Uganda isn’t sufficiently committed to upholding the law. We are upset because the laws that they are committed to upholding are reprehensible.

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