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Lord Tebbit: Would you feel safe flying with a transsexual Muslim airline pilot?

  • Ivan Kirby

    Safer than I would flying with Lord Tebbit.

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  • Karen

    I shall say this as politely as I can: What an ass!!!

  • Scousebadger

    Happy Birthday to you!
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    • soapbubblequeen


  • Sparkyu1

    Far safer than with a bitter, twisted bigot like Tebbit

  • Tim Hanafin

    The death rattles of yesterday’s man

  • Paula Thomas

    Umm… yes!

  • Rehan

    Far, far be it from me to say anything that could be mistaken for praise of that fool Tebbit, but: PN, I think you are being a little mischievous by misquoting him on your headline. As we see in the body of the article, that’s not quite what he said.

    “I did not support Margaret Thatcher because she was a woman any more than I support Savid Javid or Priti Patel because of their ethnicity.”

    As for the above, I have to say I have no problem with it.

  • Lucy Brown

    In fairness to him, he was basically saying that he would rather people were chosen on merit than on quota systems. I know that he’s a very crusty, conservative individual but, on that point, I agree with him.

    • Mike Dalgarno

      But they would be. To offer someone a job purely on their race, sex or sexuality is against the law.

      • Lucy Brown

        How do all-women political shortlists fit into this then? Genuinely interested.

        • speedgeek

          That is positive discrimination, and would be illegal under the Equality Act for most purposes. There are exceptions, though whether political shortlists are one, I am not sure.

  • Mike Dalgarno

    For someone who works in parliament you’d think he would understand the laws a little better.

    You can’t just employ someone into a position just to meet a certain quota. The person who has been employed still has to be the best for the job. Otherwise, the company could be breaking the law.

    In an instance where the company have two people who are best for the job, and one comes from a minority group, then they can legally offer the job to the minority individual if their “quota” is low. And this includes women within a management position.

    So to answer Tebbit’s questions…Yes, I would feel comfortable, because that person will have been fully qualified and the best (or one of the best) for the role.

  • That There Other David

    I’d feel a lot safer with that than if the pilot announced they thought Tebbit worthy of listening to.

  • Robert W. Pierce

    So it’s just not UKIP that has its fair share of demented loons and freaks. Though I don’t believe in quota systems and agree with him on that, his comment is rather bizarre but so were many during the equal marriage debate, the slippery slope nonsense. He’s such an embarrassment to himself.

    • Jesus_Mohammed

      Yes, Tebbit has an extraordinary ability to imagine the very worst, the most absurd situation, doesn’t he, and to then hastily suggest that his worst imagining could actually be a reality. Now that is the basic symptom of paranoia. And paranoia is a mental illness. So Tebbit is possibly mentally ill.

  • No I would have no issue with a transsexual Muslim airline pilot, because those qualities don’t affect ones ability to pilot large aircraft. That being the case, one has to ask why there aren’t trans Muslim pilots.

    However, the headline is somewhat misleading. I broadly agreed with NT’s sentiment that “I did not support Margaret Thatcher because she was a woman any more than I support Savid Javid or Priti Patel because of their ethnicity” which is as it should be.

  • Jesus_Mohammed

    What this ancient and bigoted artefact has failed to consider is that the transsexual Muslim captain would not be approved to pilot any aircraft if that transsexual Muslim captain were not totally competent to do so!

    • nixiotemba

      of cours in his day any idiot could fly a plane

      • Catherine Hopkins

        Actually, not. He never made captain. He left BOAC as a co-pilot to enter politics.

        • nixiotemba

          co-pilots fly planes also, not?

          • Catherine Hopkins

            Under supervision, yes. Tebbit never qualified to take command of an airliner.

    • Staircase2

      Much as I despise Norman bloody Tebbit, that was actually kinda his own point.

      Once again, Pink News has gone for the tabloid headline which isn’t actually what the article’s about…

      There’s plenty to complain about re what Norman Tebbit has to say for himself. Sadly we’re all now having a discussion about something else because of a bad choice of/misleading headline

  • Ray

    Frankly… yes.
    It would be far safer than with Tebbit at the the controls (of anything)

  • Sasha

    Yes. Yes, I would. Totally. Possibly I feel this way because I’m not a racist, transphobic, panicky throwback from the Dark Ages, Norman.

    • Davey

      So true

    • Oliver

      Nothing racialist about despising and fearing the grotesque ‘religion of peace.’ Racialism means to dislike or discriminate against someone because of their ethnic origin (just for the record, I have mixed-race family members and my ex is Polish). I loathe and fear Anglo-Saxon Muslims just as much as I loathe and fear Punjabi or Arab Muslims.

      • Septet

        Not like the Christian religion of peace. Truly, they are the kindest and most gentle people in the world. *cough*crusades*cough*inquisitions*cough*witchburnings*cough*

        • Oliver

          How many battles did Jesus fight in? Did he have sex with children? How many innocents did he and his apostles slaughter? The Gospel doesn’t contain nearly us much nasty stuff as the Qur’an. Haven’t you ever heard of the beatitudes? BTW, I’m not a believing Christian, (I think all religion is bull5hit) but I am a proud cultural Christian.

          • kane

            the question should be, how many where killed in his name and dont u start me on child sex scandals.

            ‘…The Gospel doesn’t contain nearly us much nasty stuff as the Qur’an…’


      • kane

        ‘…I loathe and fear Anglo-Saxon Muslims just as much as I loathe and fear Punjabi or Arab Muslims…

        let me help you with the terminology; you are simply an islamophobe, which is just another form of bigotry (bigotry is the state of mind of a bigot: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats or views other people with fear, distrust, hatred, contempt, or intolerance on the basis of that person’s, in this case, religious identity). hope everything is clear now. no need to thank

        • Oliver

          I’m not prejudged against Muslims. I just think their views are incompatible with a liberal democracy like Britain. They’re a dangerous lot who are out-reproducing the British in our own country.
          Is it bigoted to find the BNP repellent, as I do? Political ideologies should always be open to criticism. I should be allowed to challenge or condemn any ideology, belief or worldview, whether it be libertarianism, Marxism, Christianity, capitalism, atheism, socialism or Islam without fearing the repercussions.

          • kane

            in uk you are allowed to challenge any belief and ideology without fearing repercussions, who says you cant? but if you your aim is just to cause offence or to degrade opponents then don’t be surprise if people will react.
            as to your claim of ‘out-reproducing’, in 1961 there was 0.1% of muslims in uk, over 50 years later, mainly due to imigration, that figure stands at about 5% of uk population

  • Truth

    It would depend on whether or not they voted Tory ….

  • Joe McDougall

    I’d feel safer than being on a plane with you!

  • Wingby

    Good ol’ Norman. More entertaining than Jim Davidson!

  • nixiotemba

    hope he dies on his birthday

  • Darijen Zornaen

    ……what a silly imaginary heap of twaddle! What’s wrong with him? Why has he got to make things up–I really expected more coming from a LORD…..but there again…..

  • Frank Boulton

    Surely I can’t be the only person to notice how Tebbit is subtly skewing the means by which discrimination is prevented by homing in on an unlikely hypothetical case. Many countries and organisations use quota systems as a check that certain minority groups are not being discriminated against in the provision of employment, education, medical treatment, housing,etc. Quota systems are not there for the purpose of selecting members of minority groups to meet quotas by giving them rights above those of everyone else. Quotas are there to provide a check to test if minority groups might be being unfairly denied opportunities on the basis of their belonging to a minority group, despite being best qualified to file the vacancy.

    • Paula Thomas

      Well it may seem unlikely to you but the answer is still – ‘a lot safer than I would feel with Lord Tebbit as pilot and no less safe than with any other qualified pilot’

  • lee

    I hope the good lord takes this vile man soon -his disgusting.

  • Eugene

    Huh? What does someone’s sex, gender or religion have to do with their ability to fly a plane? I know I would not feel safe with a moron in the cockpit.
    In terms of a Muslim pilot, I have had many. In terms of a transexual pilot, I am not sure if I have had one but it would not matter anyway. I have had transgendered and transsexual flight attendants before and, guess what – they did their jobs.

  • Andy Anderson

    ” I support them for their qualities as politicians.” ….. but sod the qualities of a transsexual Muslim airline pilot when it is in conflict with his pet hates. Typical double standard of the geriatric fool who’s well past his ‘Use By’ date!!!

  • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

    As a gay pilot, I would happily show Lord Tebbit the door

    • Mike Dalgarno

      While flying 12,000 feet in the air?

      • █ █ █ €ώąɲ█ █ █

        Nah 30,000

  • Hue-Man

    The day is not far enough when my driver’s permit renewal will be allowed only if I pass a medical test. Based on the stupidity of his statement, it seems adviseable to have a similar test for his ilk without which he will have the right to remain silent! This isn’t an issue of age – there are many thirtysomething’s who make idiotic statements that should be subject to the same competency test.

  • ESCG

    Frankly, I’m surprised he even referred to his theoretical pilot as a woman, given his vehement opposition to the legislation that allows trans people to change their legal gender.

  • Jessie

    Oh my word! Is that skeletal old fool still burbling nonsense?

  • kane

    hope he doesnt plan to fly with national air carrier of iran IranAir. there is a good chance of being on the plane flown by transsexual muslim woman captain, after all islamic iran is well known for supporting and acceptance of sex change

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