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London: Church parish to protest at ‘harmful’ gay blessing ban

  • Robert W. Pierce

    Supportive clergy, gay or straight should band together and start a movement for full inclusion allowing individual clergy the freedom of conscience to participate in official blessings and marriages just like its N. American branch, The Episcopalians do. The CofE is going to pay a very high price for its stubborn refusal to do the right thing. It can still maintain it’s doctrine but clergy should be free to do as they wish. At play here is the church in Africa where it is growing and Canterbury’s transparent kow-towing to appease bigoted bishops.

  • Brian Sallis

    How can the bishops call themselves Christian with a closed mind ,, you are there to serve and help anyone no matter who or what they are ,,,in the bible EVERYONE IS EQUAL ,,, or does that only count if your straight ??

    • Funkylover

      The thing about organized religion is, it doesn’t really work unless it has someone to victimize and bully. Without having in place the means to say your going to heaven if you behave a certain way and believe what we say there would be no point. Hundreds of years ago and to be honest maybe not even that far back it was women who where the victims along gay/lesbians but if religious organizations where to try an mention let alone enforce what it says about women in the bible there would be uproar. Why? because it’s wrong. Imagine what would happen if the church came out and said yes it’s ok to sell you daughter into slavery or a woman must be purified for at least a week when she has a baby, double that if it’s a girl. God is love, God doesn’t discriminate. Remember the bible and other religious text’s are not the word of God, they are the words of men written by men and man is most certainly fallible. I’m pretty sure I’m borrowing this from somewhere but God did not sit down and write any books nor did he send a fax to give to people on earth.

  • Truth

    Nice gesture … but, personally, I don’t give a monkey’s if you do or don’t ‘bless’ same-sex unions. I thought the UK government played a blinder by expressly banning the CofE from conducting marriages. Within days of that proposal, several church leaders starting umm-ing, ahh-ing and hand-wringing about them being further marginalised as a result. My message to anti-equality religions would be … ‘join the 21st century or become terminally irrelevant’.

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