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Study finds that homophobic people die younger

  • Steve_R

    Hm! obviously not shorting life quickly enough for some people!

  • Ian Tom Bower

    ‘admits that he is a homosexual’ Admits – How I detest this use of the word. So prejudicial.

  • Jake28

    Now, if we could only get them to stop reproducing….

  • Alba

    too bad Fred Phelps is almost 85 and still alive…

    • Halou

      And Pat Robertson is at least ten times older than that.

    • Ra

      Walking around breathing and being nasty is poor proof a person is actually alive. We have many zombies on this planet, who just go around being misfits and making the world horrible for themselves and others. Being anti-productive and anti-creative is not being alive.

    • Charles

      I tell you the day will come when some men of the cloth will be cast down and some of those that they had condemn will be allowed up. In this comes the phrase, “judge not lest ye be judged.” For what you judge it will be pressed down hard in similar form against you.

      • Alba

        LOL are you talking about heaven and hell? You’re not scaring me with that thought…. There’re no such things, please stop pretending that those silly stories are real.

  • Paula Thomas

    Now if there were a God that might be seen as a message from Him not to be homophobic don’t yo think?

  • Jones

    Just shows that there’s no point in holding homophobic views.

  • RedDevil9

    Sounds like an early April Fools, seeing as it’s the right-wing religious bigots who say that about gay people.

  • Truth

    Suppressing ones inner-feelings has a proven detrimental effect on ones health. Could it be that homophobes are simply self-haters struggling with suppressed homosexuality….?

    • Charles

      You are describing the perfect definition of psychological projection.

  • Charles

    Of coarse bitter and angry people die younger. Anger and hatred are toxic for the soul. It’s like a house thats beautiful on the outside yet inside the beams are ravenous termites quietly doing their damage invisible behind the layer of paint. Eventually unchecked, the whole house will come to ruin.

  • Rumbelow

    So sad for them, I hope medical science can find an effective cure to save those suffering from the disease of homophobia.

  • Mike

    This study is probably as reliable and insightful as the professor who thinks gay marriage will leed to straight guys demanding anal sex

  • Chris B

    So hopefully Bernie Ecclestone is going to die soon, yes?

  • David H

    Is this any real surprise? Anyone who gets so stressed over other people’s lives is surely a heartattack waiting to happen.

  • Maryland Kid

    They merely have enough evidence to establish correlation, not causation. It’s entirely possible that the types of behavioral attributes that lead to homophobia also increase stress and have a negative impact on health. However, it’s also true that there exists a differential standard of Health Care between the liberal and conservative American States. If your factoring states like West Virginia, Mississippi and Alabama into this study, wouldn’t any health problems caused by homophobia be overshadowed statistically by their chronic obesity, poor nutrition, inadequate medical care and near third world levels of poverty?

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